high school sports booster fundraisers

Looking for ideas for booster club fundrasing? How about selling fireworks for this July 4th celebration? That is what this booster is doing in Clark County, Las Vegas Valley.

Nonprofits are ready for a busy week of fundraising inside Phantom Fireworks booths throughout the city with the commencement of fireworks sales in Clark County.

All lawful sales and use of fireworks in Clark County are permitted up until 12:01 a.m. on July 5; after that time, they are prohibited until the New Year’s holiday.

One booth is raising money for the nonprofit JAM, a booster club organization under Parent Booster USA that aids in funding students’ extracurricular activities. It is situated on the corner of Craig Road and Tenaya Way.

The group has been working with Phantom Fireworks for 12 years to generate money, and during its most successful years, it was able to raise about $20,000 to assist students with the expenditures of their extracurricular activities. – Source


McDonough air conditioner contractor says to use the 20 degree rule

Have you ever heard the 20-degree rule for ac units?

JSC Enterprises is a contractor that does air conditioning repair in McDonough Ga.

Most air conditioning systems are intended to withstand a temperature difference of up to 20 degrees between the outside and interior air while maintaining a humidity level of roughly 55 percent.

That implies that when it’s 80 degrees outside, your air conditioner can easily keep your house at 70 degrees inside. Even if the temperature outside is 90 degrees, your air conditioner should easily reach 70 degrees.

According JSC Enterprises, if it’s 95 degrees outside, it’ll be nearly hard to get 65 degrees inside without the air conditioner working overtime and generating problems like high humidity. If your air conditioner is set at a large differential, you’ll probably run it all day and still not reach your intended temps. You’ll also be saddled with a massive energy bill. — Source


JSC Enterprises has been helping the residents of Henry county with the air conditioner units for the past 20 years. if you would like to talk to a ac tech for free contact them at the form below.


JSC Enterprises
1110 Post Oak Ridge, Mcdonough, GA


PTA Fundraisers during Covid raises $30 thousand dollars

Great pandemic Fundraisers ideas for any PTA Organization OR Big Brother Big Sister Organization

Looking for some new ideas to raise money for your PTA during Covid? This case study can help your parents and teachers find ways to raise the funds they need for school. It will help generate some PTA fundraisers ideas to help your Parents and Teachers Association find the funds they need for your students.

In this story we discuss the Wanda Gray Elementary PTA in Springfield. Annually it sponsors a fundraiser to help the school purchase new supplies. Sometimes, it’s little issues they raise money for.

This year, though, the PTA club decided to take on a huge project. Imagine replacing the playground’s kickball field with a fake grass field.

And why is that?

Listen to what the kids say…

“It was usually muddy and unclean and difficult to play on,” says Silas Williams, a fourth-grader at Wanda Gray Elementary.

However, there was a minor stumbling block. Where would they get the  $30,000 to pay for it?

A local PTA campaign saves the day

The amazing thing is the school didn’t pay a dime of it.

“It was really the Wanda Gray families that knocked it out of the park,” Drennan says. “We prolonged our campaign for a week longer, and they just keep giving.” Only from families, we were able to raise a total of $25,000. The remaining five were provided by local businesses.”

York adds, “We even had kids donating.” “I recall one kid giving 67 cents and a thank-you card.”

Those 4th graders who were kicking it in the dirt now have a new and improved location to play every day thanks to the community’s help. According to Drennan, the field should survive well over a decade.

“It’ll be fantastic to be able to play on it,” adds Harrison Auge, a fourth-grader.

The lesson for your parent teachers association?

Here are some tips from this case study.

  • Get your community involved.
  • Get everyone excited about making a difference.
  • Every donation counts. remember one student donated .67 cents!
  • Have a ribbon cutting ceremony (or something similar) to acknowledge your donors, volunteers and supporters.

These ideas can be applied to any fundraiser your PTA sponsors. Works great for after school programs, music classes and school teams.

Additional online fundraising ideas for PTA’s

Think of popular items people in your community like to buy. Joe Wolpin, Of Fundraisingzone.com offers PTA fundraising ideas for Parents and Teachers Groups all over the country. Joe tells us that these are very popular because your friends and family are buying these things anyway.

  • Cookie dough
  • Candles
  • Popcorn
  • Gift wrap
  • Gourmet coffee

Did you know their are pta fundraising companies like Fundraisingzone.com have virtual programs that you can do by text, phone, email or zoom? Schools get free brochures that feature the fundraising merchandise. The volunteers simply show the items in the catalogs and let their friends and family pick the items they like. Most items are under $20 and the school PTA or PTO earns up to 50% profit. The parents and teachers do not have to pay any money to get started,

This is a great way to do fundraising during Covid. We hope it helps your school raise the funds it needs for your boys and girls at school.



Artis Stevens Celebrates Two Years as President and CEO of BBBSA

Top 10 Tips for Christian Teen Parenting

How can I help my Kids now they’re getting a little older? Well here are some great tips to keep in mind. 10 Top ideas to put into practice with your teens.

Solutions For Inappropriate Behavior In Autism Teens In Puberty

How to approach the problem of sexuality with teens on the autism spectrum no matter what their processing ability, sensory level, or IQ. Correcting the behavior and frustration that puberty brings to your child/teen on the autism spectrum.

How to Get Children Limit the TV Time

What do your kids do in their leisure time? Settle on the couch and switch on the TV. Right? TV has become an integral part of our existence. But try switching off the TV for a day and see the huge amount of time you have on your hands. “But what would the kids do then?” Here are some options for spending a TV free day.

Kids Camps for Experiential Education

The camp experience doesn’t just provide kids with something to do while on vacation from school; it can leave them with meaningful skills, new friends, and exposure to potential new interests. Moreover, there are various types of camp experiences that can be found to suit your child’s particular needs.

Factors to Consider While Hiring Babysitters

Working parents, who are too busy to take care of their kids because of their full-time jobs, generally hire babysitters to look after their children in their absence. Since, unfortunately, not everyone can find a family member or a near or dear one who could look after their baby.

How Extracurricular Activities Can Help Children Develop Key Skills

Children that are involved in extracurricular activities can develop key skills to help them in the future. These skills can help them in relationships and make them more valuable to the career world.

Things to Do With the Kids in Bodmin, Cornwall

The summer holidays are upon us which means that excitable kids are desperate for things to do and places to go. With plenty of sunshine and scorching temperatures across the UK over recent weeks, Cornwall is the perfect place to visit with children of all ages. The concern for many parents however is dealing with huge crowds of likeminded people and spending all day queuing rather than being out there having fun.

American Students Need to Have Their Self-Esteem Lowered

These pupils are self-absorbed individuals with little to no need to prove themselves to peers or authority figures. Entitlement mentality sums up the way they view their future.

Food for Kids Parties

People always remember the birthday parties they had as a kid. This is why Mums strive to make their kids parties really special.

Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

Does your child stutter or mispronounce words? While cute at first, speech development problems are enough to cause many parents concern. Here is a comprehensive guide to speech development in children that will hopefully help you make decisions about whether your child needs additional testing to recommend speech therapy.

BBBS highlighted during CBS News special “The Gift”

How Summer Camp Builds Self-Confidence

Overnight summer camp gives kids amazing opportunities to try new activities, make decisions on their own, meet new friends and learn to work together. And as they mount a horse for the first time, negotiate who will play which part in a skit or take responsibility for cabin chores, they’ll be taking big strides in building the self confidence that will help them all through their lives.Accomplishments build self-confidence. Whether scaling a rock climbing wall, learning how to maneuver a sailboat or conquering the challenges of a high ropes course, sleepaway camp gives kids the chance to learn new skills and find success in areas they’d never dreamed of.

How Group Movement Activities With A Stretchy Band Can Help Improve Kids

Letting kids play in the outdoors can help them improve their abilities and skills. Not to mention, they can also discover essential things that can make their future better. So, it best to opt for group movement activities that use moving props.

How Wonderful Toys Attract Your Children A Great Deal

Toys are a great source of inspiration for your children; they keep your children busy and you can perform your household jobs very easily. Since the past time, toys have been used as a major source of attraction for the children. You may check out the tracks of history from where you will get to know that the toys are always considered as a great source of inspiration for the children.

The Foundation for Learning Begins With An International Kindergarten Learning Center

Parents often wonder why playschool education matters and are playschools going to provide their child with the necessary skills for development and growth. What parents aren’t aware of is the fact that these international kindergarten schools help a child learn age appropriate skills and behavior when they’re getting an interesting and innovative design platform. A preschool is the foundation steps for primary schooling and basic proficiency academically.

The Top Five Benefits of Summer Day Camp

Across the country, thousands of happy kids flock to summer day camp to spend sunny hours swimming, boating, playing games and concocting colorful arts and crafts. By creating a carefree, light-hearted atmosphere where everybody is included in the fun, day camps benefit kids in so many ways.

Tie Dye Tee Shirts and Jumpin’ Jehoshephat!-How to Host a Cousin Camp

Cousin Camp officially ended last Saturday. Yes, the much anticipated Cousin Camp–complete with annual (almost) tie dye shirts and sweltering summer sun.

The Advantages Of An International Nursery School

Parents, mothers especially, experience immense anxiety even at the thought of sending their kids to preschool. More often than not, it is mothers who have a need to send their children to playschool, due to employment, that realize the importance of what an international playschool offers. Mothers who don’t have to work may be more reluctant to sending their child to preschool, until they realise but don’t realize the benefits an international preschool has to offer.

When to Introduce Kids to Quilting

There’s no magical age for introducing kids to quilting, and for most quilters it goes without saying-children often take an interest in what their parents are passionate about. Whether you’re a parent, caregiver or have a close friend with a child, you need to match the skills and interest of the child to the right project. The good news is that there are many kid-friendly quilting activities.

Girls Dresses – Let Her Spread Her Wings In Dresses That Enlivens Her Charm

You can spruce up your little angel’s wardrobe from a wide variety of options that are available in the market. Dresses are one of the eternal favorites. Age does not matter when it comes to wearing a dress as dresses amp up a girl’s look instantly. Girly and trendy, dresses are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. Available in a variety of colors, patterns and designs, dresses are elegant and graceful. Whether you are taking your little one for a stroll at the park or on a family gathering, a simple and colorful dress is sure to bring that million dollar smile on your little girl’s face. Just like little girls, dresses are adorable. They give a pleasant touch to a girl’s persona and brighten up her look.

After School Care Creates Excellence

Every parent wants to give their child the gift of success. One amazing way to do that is to get them enrolled in an after school program. At 3:00, when others stare, lounging on the couch watching television and playing violent video games, the lucky ones are being encouraged away from boredom-induced attractions and negative possibilities of drugs, alcohol and other worse options, towards intellectual stimulation and creative play.

Meet Anthony and Michael: Hispanic Heritage Month and Why Cultural Representation Matters

The Flying Fairy Toy

A toy for a little girl has to be dynamic, exciting and has to spark her imagination. At the same time it has to be cute to gain her affection.The flying fairy has it all. Preteens just love this magical toy.

Useful Television

Television programs do a lot of harm to the students. I take strong exception to this verbal expression. Television programs are immensely useful and beneficial to the students.

Modern Day Parent Trap

Our children are so impressionable. When parents are divorced, our children typically wants their parents back together. Some plots and plans for their parents to get back as husband and wife.

Teens Who Want a Six-Pack Should Sprint

Many teens are concerned about health and fitness and especially fat loss. However, they face a wide range of problems achieving their fat loss goals due to their young age. A great way to safely burn off fat that is free, low-tech and enjoyable is SPRINTING. Running as fast as you can has recently been widely recommend by many online personal trainers and it remains one of the most surefire ways to get a six-pack in record time!

5 Things You Need To Know ‘To Get Back On Your Horse’

I live in Texas. Everyone in Texas rides a horse, right? (Well, maybe not in Houston.) One weekend I was visiting my sister in Austin. We went to see some friends who lived outside of Austin who had four horses on several acres of land. Her friend John asked me if I would like to ride one of their horses and I said, “OK if you can find me a nice horse.” It had been years since I had ridden a horse. He said, “Sure, I have just the horse for you. His name is Buckwheat.” Buckwheat looked like a nice enough horse. My daughter was 5 at the time and she watched her mommy get up on the horse. She said, “Mommy, are you going to be ok?” “Of course,” I replied.

All the World’s a Playground!

While walking back from our kite flying adventures yesterday, my little one tripped and skinned his knees and elbows. The sight of the grazed knee distressed him more than the actual pain. I belong to the ‘brush it off’ camp – skinned knees, bruises and bumps all come with the territory.

Is It Important to Be Tactful?

For young people tact may seem to be an out-dated concept. It may seem old-fashioned and unnecessarily laborious. But we can all learn the value of communicating with sensitivity and mutual regard. Tact has an important role in modern life.

What Diversity?

Despite describing the occasional unrealistic scenario, one of the main problems within the Young Adult Fiction category is the lack of diversity of protagonists. Reading is one of my passions, and as a person of a minority I wish to reflect upon the problems within Teen Literature, and how we can potentially solve them.

5 Tips For Eating Healthy At Camp

Summer camp is an exciting time for children. Parents may be concerned if their children have dietary needs or even if their children like to eat healthy whole foods. Here are some tips on how to make camp a fun and healthy experience.

My After School Program Was Very Exciting

Growing up, my mother and I had the best after school program ever! Not only could my parents rest assured we were in good hands until they finished work and errands, but we also made new friends and had an absolute blast running around with the other kids.

Opening Keynote: Artis Stevens | 2022 Bigger Together Conference

Introduction to Children Consignement

Parents are indeed lucky to have children’s consignment. Children keep outgrowing their clothes and they get bored with the same set of toys. Frequently buying new items is an expensive proposal.

Moon Walk Rentals: Safety Tips For Your Child

Any event that involves children can be converted into a success with moonwalk rentals. Not only are they unique, but they also add to the attraction in any event. It serves as a best means of keeping children occupied for a long period of time.

Private School Verses Public School: The Debate Continues

There are many arguments about whether you should send your child to a private school or a public school. The debate will never end because everyone has their own opinions about education. Getting a good and safe education is a very important goal to accomplish in this day and age.

A Passion For Life

Passion swells in the eyes and moves one to greatness like a symphony being played to perfection. In whatever profession or creation, passion is the magic ingredient. One can be well educated, rehearsed and even well-bred, but without passion, he is just a robot in motion. Add passion and you have a masterpiece, a work of art, a life.

My Kids – Take 1! Ashutosh

This article is about my student who initially hated learning, but is now showing interest. As the days pass, we both are together working hard- to achieve ‘our’ goal- making him an independent learner.

Why You Should Have a Princess Birthday Party Performer or Character at Your Child’s Birthday Party

Why have a Character or Princess at your child’s birthday party? Is it really necessary? Is it expensive? In this article, I will lay out why you might consider hiring a princess performer to entertain at your child’s birthday party and what you should look for when hiring.

How to Organise a Christmas Play at Your School

Organising a Christmas play can be stressful. Find out how to organise a Christmas play at your school, for as stress-free a process as possible.

Reading at a Young Age – Pros and Cons

Cons? Can there be any negatives to children learning to read at very young ages? Only one, but it is a big one; enjoyment! Teachers, educators and parents should never lose sight of the pleasure of reading for enjoyment. If children’s learning processes are advanced enough to start reading at age 4 or 5, it is wonderful and should be encouraged. If they need a little longer to comprehend the decoding process of turning letters and symbols into meaningful words, then 6 or 7 may be the norm for them. Usually by age 7 children should be reading with comprehension.

Back-To-School Shopping, Jitters, and Tips

It is the second biggest shopping spree of the year, bested only by the winter holidays. Plus, it often triggers long to-do lists and the jitters, too.

Five Easy Steps to Parental Intelligence

Mothers and fathers can carry out five steps to Parental Intelligence that help to resolve behavior problems. An illustration is given where the overarching problems were revealed that were hidden behind the misbehavior.

Opening Keynote: Artis Stevens | 2022 Bigger Together Conference

Tips for Your Kid’s First Trip to the Batting Cages

The game of baseball and its practice sessions have safety concerns, rules and guidelines to ensure everyone is safe and injury free. This article shares tips for safety and first trips to the batting cages.

Refreshing Summer Ideas for Untamed Bouncy Castle Fun

Having trouble mapping the extent of fun that someone gifts their child is one problem every parent would love to face. Bouncy castles are toys that bring similar experience to parents. For the kids,

Summer Day Camp Keeps Kids Learning

Summer day camp keeps kids learning even when school’s out. With nature hikes, swimming, sailing, theatrical skits, arts and crafts, field trips and various athletic activities, kids are constantly learning new skills, tapping into their creative sides and along the way learning a lot about themselves.

Fashion Conscious Baby Boys and Their Clothes

Children, especially babies, are sensitive and hence clothes should be bought with care. It is possible that your little baby boy might be sensitive to certain fabrics. Therefore keep this in mind when you buy clothes for them. In-fact, there are an abundant choices for baby clothes online, so much so that you will be spoilt for choice. When your little baby boy will wear these clothes he will look even more cute and adorable.

The Day It Didn’t Rain

Poppy was a coward cloud who refused to jump off the sky and make rain on the earth. Poppy’s fear kept him from helping other clouds bring rain to the earth. When something terrible happened to the other clouds, find out what Poppy did to save them and all of the Earth’s living things.

Don’t Look at Me That Way!

My daughter is a dancer and is keenly aware of movement. Because of this she has an interesting talent. She can identify and mimic all my families’ signature moves. It is hilarious. All of us have gestures that we tend to repeat like my nephew scratches his head before he puts on his cap. My sister and I tend to open our mouth wide when we have a big expression of surprise. But then there are gestures that speak volumes and are not entertaining. Let’s start with your daughter. This is easiest to identify. What are some of her nonverbal gestures that have you going from 0 to 100 on the ticked off scale?

When Young People Have to Make New Friends

Making new friends can be a daunting experience at any age. For young people it can be especially difficult, wondering how to fit in, if they’ll be accepted or acceptable. Here are a few tips to help at these times.

5 Ways to Make Going Back to School on Crutches Easier

Ways children going back to school on crutches can make the overall experience easier on themselves. With the help of friends and a few other tips, going back to school on crutches will still be hard, but it can be made as simple as possible.

Summer Day Camp Essentials

Long, fun-filled days out in the sun playing games, splashing around in the water and just hanging out with friends are what make day camp so special to kids. Make sure your child has an easy, carefree time at camp by being sure he or she has all the right essentials. Most camps will send a list of what kids should – and should not -bring. Following are some basics for your youngster to tote along. Be sure to label everything with your child’s name.

Liven Up Your Child’s Birthday Party With a Limo

Have a birthday crawling up for your little one? We have ideas that will make this year memorable. See how a getting a limo can easily transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Meet Jerome & Jaylen | 2022 Bigs and Littles of the Year

Tips for Buying Baby Shoes Online

When you become a parent you find that you have plenty of things that occupy your time. There is so much stuff that needs to be done in so little time. Because of this reason some tasks are completed in a hurry and this causes more mess that needs to be cleaned up afterwards.

What to Look For When Renting an Instrument For School

Playing a musical instrument is a big commitment. It requires both time and money. Leasing an instrument is much less costly up front than purchasing one. It also provides time to try out the instrument before making such a big purchase. Overall, renting an instrument is a great idea for beginners.

How To Reach Rebellious Teens and Get Them to Take Your Advice

Determined to afford their daughter the opportunities that they never had Jamila’s parents provided her with a good life hoping to guarantee success. This seemed to work until the high school years. Jamila became mesmerized by inner city life and became rebellious. Here Jamila offers advice that may have helped her desperate parents as well as may help other parents.

Nourish Your Dream to Get Always Ready

According to the finding of many research studies, normally kids aged from 4 to 5 have started to know how to express their dreams. At this age, most boys will dream to become supermen who have extraordinary magic, while girls dream to become pretty princesses. That is consequently the influence from children’s movies and fairy tales that they have seen or heard. Over time, children have gradually sought for themselves another image in order to pursue a new dream fitting into their perception at that age.

Success Can Start In Youth – Triumph Through Vision Creation

Success doesn’t just happen. Look at any major success story, and you’ll see that their rise to their status today, took years of hard work and a constant grind of forward progress. Vision creation has to start even at a young age, to reach your fullest potential.

The Importance Of Regular Preventative Care For Children

With the expansion of the Affordable Care Act, millions of children across the country now have regular access to medical care that they may not have been able to take advantage of before. While plenty of health articles for kids have been written that address specific issues such as childhood obesity, exercise, and eating right, few have been written stressing the importance of regular, comprehensive, preventative health care for children.

How to Teach Your Kids to Read

The process of reading or decoding letters into communicable words is the very essence of education. Without reading and comprehending words, all other advanced learning is either non-existent or extremely difficult. Therefore, making sure your children learn this skill at a young age should be a top priority for parents. Parents who love to read and are seen by their children enjoying books and other reading materials are already setting a good stage for their children.

How to Install an Infant Car Seat Properly

Babies are a joy. Baby car seats are not so much. Luckily, with concentration and a little effort, you can get an infant car seat installed correctly. But how important is it to get the car seat in correctly? Extremely. Most infant car seats come with four or five point safety harnesses, which keep the baby held tightly to the seat. However, if the seat is not well anchored to the vehicle it is traveling in, those harnesses don’t do much good in an accident or very sudden stop.

How to Prepare For Your First Prom

Generally speaking, prom is considered as an important social event. If you are going to prom for the first time, you need to prepare carefully to make yourself beautiful and confident. The preparations involve many things, such as your makeup, hairstyle, prom dress and many others.

Work On The Skills of Observation and People-Watching!

This article encourages one to be more like a thief and a police officer. Thieves intently study their environments and know when is the most opportunistic time to act, while please study body language and can tell when something is off. Get better at observation and people-watching and you are sure to have stronger leadership skills and more success in your life!

2022 Bigger Together Conference: A Look Back

Why It’s Good That There Is an Indoor Home Gym, While Guests With Kids Are Coming

Couples that have children, usually have a lot of friends that have their own children. Besides going out together in the park or getting engaged in some other outdoor activity, occasionally these couples go to each other’s homes. After all, it’s natural to visit someone’s home especially if you are very close.

10 Things All Children Should Learn in Kindergarten

The kindergarten year is packed with activities and lessons that children absorb in order to be successful throughout their entire school career. Today’s kindergartners are expected to begin the year ready and willing to learn. By the end of the year, here are 10 areas teachers are hoping new first graders have a handle on.

Values Are Caught and Not Taught

Values cannot be taught nor caught if we simply tell kids to do this and that by not living them. We should set a good example.

In The Midst Of Madness

Sometimes things happen that make me think we live in a very strange world. Take this as a for instance. We’re at a local park. A mother is pushing her small daughter on a swing. A father of another child is waiting impatiently nearby for his kid to have a turn.

Are You a Pleaser, Warrior, or Empowered Mom?

I learn a lot from my clients. Cheryl is a mother of 2 teenage girls and is a stay-at-home mom. She recently found marijuana in Riley’s (her youngest daughters) room. Cheryl was extremely upset and had a hard time focusing and getting anything done which is understandable. She called me to get some help. She told me that she had confronted Riley and she denied it. Riley said it must have been from one of her friends. Riley was really angry at her mom for not trusting her and telling her dad. She punished mom by not speaking to her for the next several days.

When Your Parents Divorce and It’s Time for Dad to Leave Home

Here’s an article covering some of the concerns you may have, with a few suggestions to help for when the time comes for your parents to divorce and for when your Dad decides to leave. A stressful, distressing time, but there is often help at hand.

Teaching Kids About Politeness

Teaching children about politeness is more than getting them to say “Please” and “Thank you.” It is a character trait, when well developed, that can open many doors. Without it, many doors can be slammed shut, both figuratively and literally.

It’s Through the Struggle That We Become Strong!

This article shares how we all struggle in life. And it’s okay to struggle in life. As a matter of fact, this article even encourages us to all look at the struggle as a good thing. Because it is a good thing. The struggle of life makes us stronger and better!

Tips for Shopping Online for Kids Clothes

The trend of shopping for kids clothes online is growing. This article offers you tips and advice that will convince you that shopping online is easy and hassle-free. It is easy for anyone to be hooked to shopping online because you can easily view entire collections of brands and stores without exhausting yourself physically. And if that was not enough, online stores offer great promotions to first-time customers and have regular sales. This makes shopping online really affordable and fun.

Learning the Alphabet Is the First Step To Reading!

Before embarking on the journey with a young child to decode symbols into words with sounds that actually begin the reading process, it is crucial that they recognize the symbols (letters). Knowing the alphabet and the sound’s letters make is the key to reading.

“Becoming We” | #BIGPride

5 Ways To Get Teens To Love Reading

Something happens to our young folk in that delicate transition between the twilight of childhood and the burgeoning teen years. Aside from the usual awkward physical changes there occurs something in many new teens that I consider much more concerning. Our kids stop reading.

Why an Online Shopping Sale Makes Sense When You Want To Buy Stuff for Kids

An online shopping sale is an interesting time to do your shopping. Leading online retailers will make available global brands and almost their entire range of products for your shopping pleasure. So, why hesitate in buying a good quality product simply because the price does not suit your budget!

Please Sir, I Want to Learn Some More

The steam, the sweat, the rattling coughs, and the Dickensian master striding about just waiting to pounce on you should your fingers falter but a little… OK, so workhouses weren’t cool. But then they introduced school.

Create the Future for Your Children Immediately From Today

When being young, we would set the goals for fortune and career and plunged into busy lives. Nonetheless, when being father or mother, our children’s happiness and future are the central focus of our long-term plan. Whether we should educate our children to become good learners with intelligence or good personalities and happiness will not be an easy question for parents.

Top 5 Things To Do This Week To Organize for Back to School

In order for your children to be organized once they are back at school, there are some things parents can do to encourage organization. Here are five, simple things to do to get the whole family organized for back to school.

3 Magic Tricks That Will Make the Kid Center of Attraction

Kids can be the center of attraction and eye candy of the whole party. Knowing one trick is fine, but what if the kid knows some nice magic tricks that he or she can put on a show.

Socrates Believed All The Knowledge We Need Is Already Within Us!

This article is about a revelation that I had while watching a Star Wars movie with my son. We all already have the “Force” within us, just like Socrates believed that we all already have the knowledge inside of us. Basically, we are all already enough. We don’t have to go anywhere special to succeed and be happy, we only have to look inside of ourselves!

Strategies for Motivating Teenagers

There are different phases of growth in a person’s life and teenagers being human beings, are no exceptions to the rule. Throughout the period of physical development of the body, teenagers are irritable and unruly and parents find them hard to manage. Instead of being worried, parents should get winning strategies for motivating teenagers.

Characteristics of Gifted Children

Is your child gifted? Parents can spend a significant amount of time, energy, and money on learning aids and educational tools for gifted and talented children. All children are unique and deserve the best possible education, but how can you tell if your child is truly gifted?

Common Mistakes Made By Toy Collectors

Collecting toys is done by many people, of many ages, all over the world. To the beginner toy collector, though, it can be a little confusing. Whether you’re a collector or just trying to find toys for kids during Christmas and Birthdays, try to avoid these mistakes.