Kids and the Constiution, or the Day My Kid’s Tried to Impeach the President

It all began when I took out the Presidential Cards that I made a few years ago in order to provide a “Knowledge Challenge” in honor of Presidents Day for my Passport Kids. I love the spontaneous learning that occurs during the conversations that these challenges inspire.

Adolescents Growing Up With a Family Dog: Maximizing Resilience in Adulthood

Do you have a teenager and a family dog? You see how much the dog and teenager mean to each other, how they play, how your dog waits for your teenager after school. But you may not have known what social, emotional and behavioral benefits that dog is providing. See how that dog is helping prepare your teen for life!

Advice for Graduating Seniors and Their Parents

One of the many casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic has been (or will be) the loss of certain rites of passage for the high school class of 2020. In no specific order, most have lost out on competing in their final year of spring sports, their proms, their graduation ceremony, Senior skip and/or prank day, grad-night outings or parties and in some cases, where students do not have access to Wi-fi or computers in their homes, the end of their school year.

Poor Little Alcoholic: A Childhood Lost, A Soul Shattered

Did you know that human beings are the only animal that use substances to change the way they feel? Many people who abuse drugs or alcohol have suffered some sort of childhood trauma. They start out seeking relief from emotional and physical pain. Most think they can stop before addiction sets in. Only too late do they realize the vicious cycle they’re now in.

Parenting Tips – Building Your Child Self Esteem

Knowing how powerful the impact of self esteem can be in the life of an individual, it becomes important to start building it in from childhood. A lot many times, parents assume that their kids will build this quality up by themselves, but such an assumption can be fatal and unrealistic taking into account that many people suffer from low esteem naturally, from their own uninformed parents too. The time to start that equipping is now.

Atoms and Molecules

Sugar is sweet and the sugar granules are small. Can we cut the smaller sugar granules? Yes! we can. Imagine the size of the smallest sugar particle that can retain the sweetness when you cut it. If you keep cutting, you will reach a particle that cannot be divided again without losing sweetness. That smallest particle of the sugar that retains all the qualities of sugar is the molecule of sugar. The sugar molecule again can be divided, but it will not be sugar again. Dividing molecules again into smaller particles is possible.In this article, I tried to make students understand the difference between atoms and molecules

What Can’t You Do? Helping Your Child Realise What They Can Do!

How do you expand your child’s capacity for a ‘can do’ attitude? Why is this important? Because when your child or teen says “I can’t… (eat that/do that/learn that)” it prevents them exploring what they can do. Hearing someone declare a limitation ahead of real time capability-testing can be frustrating because it’s a sloppy recall of a failure-memory rather than imagineering-success. If you believe their ‘can’t’ you accept their limitation. Yet trying to persuade them that they ‘can’ do it (they ARE capable after all) so often engages a battle that sends them into the justification corner. Helping children and young people experience more in life, not less, means they get to expand their mental map of what they can do with their brain. This example from our Happy Brain programme, coaches a 10 year old child through an experience of high value to them. Gaming is the child’s value. We’ll call the child Joseph.

How to Become the Smartest Kid in Your High School Class!

I’m a 74-year-old former teacher who now works part-time as a drivers’ education instructor for a private sector driving school located in the western suburbs of Chicago. Generally speaking, this driving school attracts 15 and 16-year-old, academically inclined students who prefer learning to drive outside of the school day. This private-sector option allows these students to load their respective class schedules up with honors classes (not driver’s ed) that, upon high school graduation, increases their odds of being accepted into the college of their choice.

Youth Sports Becoming More… “Complex”

Apparently our kids’ sports are not only driving us crazy, they are also driving the economies of local communities all over the U.S. According to Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal, youth sports complexes are being developed at a rapid pace, with over $550 million invested in such projects just in the last three years. So get ready to hit the road, with even more tournament destinations at your disposal. And don’t complain. After all, you did sign your kid up for a travel team.

Top 8 Benefits Of Coloring Pages For Your Kids

Coloring pages involve a simple activity that offers lifelong benefits for your kids. As a matter of fact, this simple activity is good for the development of your kids. In fact, coloring sheets or books provide educational tools that help prepare preschoolers.