How Kids Grow Physically and Emotionally By Playing Outdoors

Have you heard a famous adage “children learn how to learn when they play?” What comes to your mind when you see your kids playing outside? I am sure you think its fun when you see them jumping, laughing, swinging, climbing, and sliding, right?

Michael Bonner: The Children’s Champ

Show me a great teacher and I’ll show you someone who has the capacity to change lives! That’s the power the truly great teachers possess. Unassuming yet unwavering in their desire to leave an imprint on each child that crosses the threshold of their classroom. One such example is Michael Bonner, a 2nd grade teacher at South Greenville Elementary, who’s viral video landed him an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Over the past four years, Bonner has been molding impressionable young minds to think beyond their circumstance while fostering an environment ripe for learning.

Maybe It’s Time to Swim Upstream

Many people just go with the flow or the masses. Sometimes we need to go another direction, even if that means swimming against the current.

The Idea Behind The Concept Of Inclusive Playing

Playing outdoor games is a common activity among all children. Even though they have different tastes, but they enjoy playing out once they are exposed to fancy playground structures.

Is Your Child Involved in Bullying? Here’s What You Can Do

It’s never easy to hear that your child has been involved in bullying. You can never imagine that your child would intentionally try to hurt and dominate another person, specifically in the context of an imbalance of power. What makes things even more complex today is that bullying has gone beyond physical and verbal harassment into the realm of technology. So what should one do when confronted with the reality that their child has been indulging in bullying behaviour?

Enhance Learning and Fun on the Playground

Lots of open areas outside can give children the freedom to play and to explore. A wonderful way to enhance their learning and fun is with the use of school playground markings.

Early Learning Involves Play That Is Fun But Messy

Children are developing many skills at an early age. During those formative years, it is important for them to have freedom to be creative.

When Should You Buy Your Child A Cell Phone?

How to determine when to buy your child a cell phone. Includes some questions to consider regarding child responsibility and safety.

Why Do Kidnappers Drive White Vans?

This article is about child safety. How to prevent your child from getting abducted and why kidnappers drive white vans.

Just Do It!

Eventually life experience will teach us all that we cannot only survive, but also thrive. So, why wait. Let’s thrive now. Let’s just Do It!