Why It’s Good That There Is an Indoor Home Gym, While Guests With Kids Are Coming

Couples that have children, usually have a lot of friends that have their own children. Besides going out together in the park or getting engaged in some other outdoor activity, occasionally these couples go to each other’s homes. After all, it’s natural to visit someone’s home especially if you are very close.

10 Things All Children Should Learn in Kindergarten

The kindergarten year is packed with activities and lessons that children absorb in order to be successful throughout their entire school career. Today’s kindergartners are expected to begin the year ready and willing to learn. By the end of the year, here are 10 areas teachers are hoping new first graders have a handle on.

Values Are Caught and Not Taught

Values cannot be taught nor caught if we simply tell kids to do this and that by not living them. We should set a good example.

In The Midst Of Madness

Sometimes things happen that make me think we live in a very strange world. Take this as a for instance. We’re at a local park. A mother is pushing her small daughter on a swing. A father of another child is waiting impatiently nearby for his kid to have a turn.

Are You a Pleaser, Warrior, or Empowered Mom?

I learn a lot from my clients. Cheryl is a mother of 2 teenage girls and is a stay-at-home mom. She recently found marijuana in Riley’s (her youngest daughters) room. Cheryl was extremely upset and had a hard time focusing and getting anything done which is understandable. She called me to get some help. She told me that she had confronted Riley and she denied it. Riley said it must have been from one of her friends. Riley was really angry at her mom for not trusting her and telling her dad. She punished mom by not speaking to her for the next several days.

When Your Parents Divorce and It’s Time for Dad to Leave Home

Here’s an article covering some of the concerns you may have, with a few suggestions to help for when the time comes for your parents to divorce and for when your Dad decides to leave. A stressful, distressing time, but there is often help at hand.

Teaching Kids About Politeness

Teaching children about politeness is more than getting them to say “Please” and “Thank you.” It is a character trait, when well developed, that can open many doors. Without it, many doors can be slammed shut, both figuratively and literally.

It’s Through the Struggle That We Become Strong!

This article shares how we all struggle in life. And it’s okay to struggle in life. As a matter of fact, this article even encourages us to all look at the struggle as a good thing. Because it is a good thing. The struggle of life makes us stronger and better!

Tips for Shopping Online for Kids Clothes

The trend of shopping for kids clothes online is growing. This article offers you tips and advice that will convince you that shopping online is easy and hassle-free. It is easy for anyone to be hooked to shopping online because you can easily view entire collections of brands and stores without exhausting yourself physically. And if that was not enough, online stores offer great promotions to first-time customers and have regular sales. This makes shopping online really affordable and fun.

Learning the Alphabet Is the First Step To Reading!

Before embarking on the journey with a young child to decode symbols into words with sounds that actually begin the reading process, it is crucial that they recognize the symbols (letters). Knowing the alphabet and the sound’s letters make is the key to reading.