How Natural Playgrounds Help in Children Growth

In a world full of digital advancement, it’s a privilege to access natural beauty and make the most of it. Playground structures in the modern times are more inclined.

Why Fun Learning Makes Happy Families

Children’s Museums are a great way to spend the day with your children or grandchildren! The museums offer many creative education games and learning toys that will keep the whole family engaged in learning. Learning and problem solving together helps release pleasure endorphins and strengthen family connections. Fun learning experiences help to create happy families.

Visualize the Future That You Want

You too can visualize the future you want! It’s as simple as daily daydreaming in order to help your wildest dreams come true! Just try it!

Criminalisation May Be the Only Way to End Bullying

Bullying should be considered a punishable crime because it is abusive to the victim, has negative repercussions on the education system and impedes societal progress. The authorities should definitely consider the criminalisation of bullying, especially if alternative measures such as counselling, stricter school regulations and gun control have not been fruitful.

How Can I Cope With Peer Pressure?

AT FOURTEEN years of age Karen was already a heavy drug user and regularly engaged in sex. At fifteen Michelle was arrested for vandalism and theft and charged with possession of drugs. By the time he was seventeen Jim had become an alcoholic and was living an immoral life. However, all three admitted that they did not really like the life they were living nor the things they were doing. “My conscience bothered me constantly,” confessed Michelle. Then why did she and the others act as they did? “Everyone I was with was into these things and that had a big effect on me,” related Karen. Jim agreed, saying, “I didn’t want to lose my friends by being different.” The powerful common denominator that pushed them toward alcohol, drugs, crime and sex was peer pressure. However, is all peer pressure bad? Can it be good? What is it that causes many individuals to submit to it?

A City on Stilts

“GRANDPA! The ground is shaking! Is it an earthquake?” Grandfather smiles and tells his teen-age grandson who is vacationing in Amsterdam: “No, Frank, this is not an earthquake. The truck that just rumbled by caused the ground to shake. The soil in this city is so unstable that sudden pressure of weight causes surroundings to tremble.” Frank breathes a sigh of relief: “I never experienced anything like this before. I was really scared.” “The city officials, too, have reason for concern, Frank. The heavy traffic that winds its way through the old city causes tremors. This does much damage to centuries-old structures that just weren’t built for this kind of thing.”

Be Happy Knowing What You Know

We don’t know everything, but we know something! Let’s stop running scared. And let’s use what we already have to be happy and successful.

Spiritual Awakening in Children – Is This Possible?

At times children seem untidy, noisy, and demanding. Some appear even empty-headed, selfish, and endlessly bickering. At the same time many of us feel a sense of vague longing for our own childhood. There is something about being a child that pulls at our heart strings. Probably this is to do with how in children the ‘here and now’ is central. They are said to live in the moment and have a natural energy and spontaneity about them. But do children show any signs of spiritual awakening? Do they have transcendent awareness?

Outdoor Mathematical Learning Through Syringes

Have you ever thought about increasing your kid’s cognitive skills such as mathematical learning through outdoor play? You must have used different types of modular playground equipment to keep your kids active and healthy.

Hiring an Au Pair Is Not a Simple Task

Is the thought of hiring a Nanny bringing up your worst fears? Are you waking up in the middle of the night worrying about leaving your child with someone who is a complete stranger to you? There’s no question that hiring a Nanny or Au Pair is a serious task, but it need not be a daunting one.