Frequently Asked Questions About Your Child’s Summer Day Camp Experience

A beloved American tradition, summer day camp offers kids plenty of fun in the sun with exciting activities from group games to swimming, boating and arts and crafts. Following are a few of the questions parents frequently ask about day camp.

Cyber Bullying Quotes That Will Change Your Perspective

Why do we need Cyber Bullying Quotes and Bullying Quotes? Everyone knows cyber bullying is wrong. It unfairly objectifies and humiliates innocent people and puts them at the mercy of more aggressive and distasteful people.

Saying NO to Bullying

Neighborhood, church or organized sports in communities can make a difference. By creating after school opportunities for youth, showing an interest in neighborhood youth and promoting safe environments to play as well as interchanging ideas will help. Welcoming new people to the area will remove many stigmas about being different that will assist in ending bullying at all levels in our towns and cities.

How to Counter the Devastating Effects of Verbal Bullying

No form of bullying should ever be accepted in our homes or schools. As parents, schools and communities come together against bullying tactics, this situation will be reversed. By working together, we can create an environment where our kids feel free to be who and what they are without worries or fears of abuse from their peers

Fail-Proof Tips to Beat Bullying

With the use of these Tips to Beat Bullying, you can beat bullying even without wasting a single ounce of your energy. Just know that falling victim to the act means that you are giving away happiness free of charge to the bullies. They are just human like you and can also be beaten, so go for it.

Are You Bullied By A Teacher?

Teacher bullies are no different from any other type of similar problem. The damage to a child bullied by a teacher causes can last for years in a child’s psyche, shaping how that young person develops and behaves with other adults in the future. While confronting a bully teacher can put him or her on notice, it may not necessarily change the behavior. Parents then often have to make a tough choice on how hard to fight the matter or whether to just protect their child from further harm. Most go with the latter. As a result, the problem can fester in a school for a long time.

Toy Box Safety: Ensure Fun Stays Safe

Who doesn’t remember hiding in one as a kid or even napping in it occasionally? Learn all about toy box safety features so you can make an informed choice when buying a toy box for your child or grandchild.

Through the Windows

Curiosity that my kids display is getting me closer to them. And I am loving it.

Back to School: What’s in Style for Guys This Year

Middle school boys are usually going for a specific “look” when they are shopping for back to school. This year’s trend is athletic wear and bright colors.

Transformative Leadership

Transformative Leadership is how we make ourselves as catalyst of change and to make a difference. As a student leader, I was able to attend different types of leadership seminars, trainings and conventions. I believe that the most effective and successful leadership style is transformative leadership which is about transforming people and the society as a whole.