5 Ways To Get Teens To Love Reading

Something happens to our young folk in that delicate transition between the twilight of childhood and the burgeoning teen years. Aside from the usual awkward physical changes there occurs something in many new teens that I consider much more concerning. Our kids stop reading.

Why an Online Shopping Sale Makes Sense When You Want To Buy Stuff for Kids

An online shopping sale is an interesting time to do your shopping. Leading online retailers will make available global brands and almost their entire range of products for your shopping pleasure. So, why hesitate in buying a good quality product simply because the price does not suit your budget!

Please Sir, I Want to Learn Some More

The steam, the sweat, the rattling coughs, and the Dickensian master striding about just waiting to pounce on you should your fingers falter but a little… OK, so workhouses weren’t cool. But then they introduced school.

Create the Future for Your Children Immediately From Today

When being young, we would set the goals for fortune and career and plunged into busy lives. Nonetheless, when being father or mother, our children’s happiness and future are the central focus of our long-term plan. Whether we should educate our children to become good learners with intelligence or good personalities and happiness will not be an easy question for parents.

Top 5 Things To Do This Week To Organize for Back to School

In order for your children to be organized once they are back at school, there are some things parents can do to encourage organization. Here are five, simple things to do to get the whole family organized for back to school.

3 Magic Tricks That Will Make the Kid Center of Attraction

Kids can be the center of attraction and eye candy of the whole party. Knowing one trick is fine, but what if the kid knows some nice magic tricks that he or she can put on a show.

Socrates Believed All The Knowledge We Need Is Already Within Us!

This article is about a revelation that I had while watching a Star Wars movie with my son. We all already have the “Force” within us, just like Socrates believed that we all already have the knowledge inside of us. Basically, we are all already enough. We don’t have to go anywhere special to succeed and be happy, we only have to look inside of ourselves!

Strategies for Motivating Teenagers

There are different phases of growth in a person’s life and teenagers being human beings, are no exceptions to the rule. Throughout the period of physical development of the body, teenagers are irritable and unruly and parents find them hard to manage. Instead of being worried, parents should get winning strategies for motivating teenagers.

Characteristics of Gifted Children

Is your child gifted? Parents can spend a significant amount of time, energy, and money on learning aids and educational tools for gifted and talented children. All children are unique and deserve the best possible education, but how can you tell if your child is truly gifted?

Common Mistakes Made By Toy Collectors

Collecting toys is done by many people, of many ages, all over the world. To the beginner toy collector, though, it can be a little confusing. Whether you’re a collector or just trying to find toys for kids during Christmas and Birthdays, try to avoid these mistakes.