Making Museums Fun

Not everyone likes museums, but they don’t have to be boring and stuffy. You can make them more enjoyable for you and the kids by following these 6 easy tips. Let the kids have fun and be sure to include time to teach them about what they are seeing at the museum.

Ask the Question: “What Can I Do for YOU?”

Children and teens can sometimes be suspicious of the motives of adults toward them. This simple strategy is useful to teachers, counselors and other child-service professionals in authentically gaining a youngster’s trust and confidence.

Creating Connections With Today’s Youth

A positive adult role model can make a world of difference to today’s youth, and building healthy and meaningful relationships with students can help to provide them with just that. Like in any relationship, trust is paramount in building a healthy student to mentor relationship, and there are several ways that you can become the inspiration for the youth you’re working with. Some ways to build healthy relationships with students or youth are:

How E-Readers and Tablets Stack Up Against Bound Books

The very existence of Barnes & Noble is now in question thanks, in part to the introduction of Amazon’s Kindle back in 2007. As it hovers near the edge, its shelves are not stacked high with games, toys, and puzzles, even as it markets its own e-reader, the Nook.

Parenting Tips – Explaining Religion to Your Child

Teaching religion to a child can be interesting. Here are a few tips I’ve learned with our children and grandchildren.

Innocent? Really?

So, the other day I was in an unavoidable situation where I was asked to look after a little girl for a few minutes (which ended up being half an hour) by her mother. She said she was going to be right back and asked me if I could have an eye on her little girl just in case. Then she told the girl to be nice and just took off.

Don’t Eat The Marshmallow!

Can future success be determined through a simple marshmallow test? Well, it already has. By delaying gratification in working toward the bigger prized we build our emotional intelligence and a brighter future.

Using The Simpsons to Enhance Literature at Every Grade Level in High School

Even though Homer, Marge and their three children have remained the same age as when the series began, “The Simpsons” just had its twentieth birthday. Its television debut happened on Dec 17, 1989, and no one dreamed then what a hit the show would remain for the next two and a half decades. I began my high school teaching career just few years before Homer and his family appeared for the first time, but I refused to watch the show until it was halfway through its first season.

6 Ways to Make the Best of a Road Trip Detour

Road trip detours can try everyone’s patience, parents and kids alike. Check out these six tips to get through the detour with more cooperation and less aggravation.

Old Friends From The Past!

This article is about taking full advantage of people who have walked the walk that we want to walk. There is a lot of help and mentorship out there if we know where to look!