Dreaming of a Better India Through Our Children’s Eyes

Dreaming of a better society is much more important than success in career. We have to teach this lesson to our children. Children are ready to learn. Only our parents have to change their thinking process.

Be a Responsible Parent and Give Best the Activities for Kids

Being parents is surely not an easy job. It takes a lot to take care of kids and keep them happy for all times. Besides, one has to keep track of the acts and activities kids engage into, as safety can’t be ignored.

Physical and Educational Benefits of Trampolines

Trampolines are just simply loads of fun. The sheer joy of leaping high into the air from this bouncy surface has to be one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world. And… be forewarned… if you buy one for your kids, you just might find yourself bouncing around on it wearing an ear-to-ear grin. Best of all, playing around on a trampoline offers a whole bunch of physical and educational benefits for kids of all ages. But it’s important to remember that this activity requires adult supervision and netted trampoline safety enclosures are a great addition to keep jumpers from bouncing off and getting injured.

Violence in Children’s Books

A problem that all parents face in choosing books for their young readers is how to handle violence. Boys especially, as they grow older, develop an interest in stories of war, crime and adventure generally, that include violence to an extent that can seem gratuitous to adults. At the same time, a violent story at bedtime, especially one that has graphic detail, could lead to nightmares and a loss of sleep. Regrettably, violence is part of every day’s news, and children must grow to understand it, but the process can be gradual and guided by careful choice of reading material as well as by parental example.

How to Make the Children Listen

In spite of the pressure, you need to watch what you say to the little ones. You don’t just want to talk to them but also want them to listen to you. How to make them listen is a tough task, not only you, every parent is facing the same issue.

Print Books or E-Readers, That Is the Question

Face it: Electronic devices are not only alluring, they can be quite addictive, too, and e-readers are no exception. Their debut actually set off a collective bookseller panic attack a few years back that goes unabated to this day. Borders has already gone under, and Barnes & Noble shutters some fifteen to twenty stores across the country each year.

How to Find a Lost Child – If Only the Police Would Listen

It been a year and a half since a three-year old disappeared on the Central Coast region of New South Wales and the police are no closer to discovering what happened to him. The second day after he went missing on arrival home and turning on the television a news report showed the police as they conducted an area search around the place where he was last seen and some three kilometres into the surrounding bush. Suddenly the Spirit was upon me and a vision showed me the child under the road.

How To Get Kids Eating The Healthy Stuff In Their Lunchbox

Sometimes it’s next to impossible to get your children eating healthily. With my handy “How To” article, find out how you can do just that with almost no extra effort!

English Boys in Ghana in the 1970s

Keeping three boys entertained in Kumasi, Ghana, proved to be much easier than anticipated, largely because they found plenty to do for themselves. On arrival in Kumasi in February 1971, three sons ranged in age from nine years to three months. One by one they returned to England to boarding school and came back to Kumasi for the three vacations at Christmas, Easter and the long summer break. These were times before computers and computer games and there was no television or even telephone in the house on the university campus, yet the boys recall these days as being full of interesting activity.

Easy Sandwich Decorations Your Kids Will Love!

Packing your child’s lunch-box has become a standard, everyday task. There are only so many variations you can put on a sandwich, and kids tend to get bored of eating the same thing every day. Here are some amazing ideas on how to pack lunch-boxes your kids can’t wait to open!