One Simple Way To Deflect Your Child’s Tantrums

Squealing children are a phenomenon no number of parenting books can prepare you for. The advice and ideas disseminated are more than fair, but it’s another thing to feel your own blood boil and try and keep a levelled voice while you child near spits his/her anger at you. I sometimes wonder if my children’s tantrums are past karma, or the glorious initiations into a new chapter of life as a mature adult and parent.

Greats From The Past And Their Secrets!

Do you like secrets? Well then you better read this article about Churchill, Roosevelt and Johnson!

Respect Is a Two-Way Street – Not Only Should Children Give Respect, They Need To Receive It Also

I recently read an article about a twelve year old. Not just your average twelve year old, but one who has a passion for politics and has set social media ablaze with his vigor and conviction. I am talking about young C.J. Pearson, whom I was very impressed by. What I was not amused nor impressed by is how adults have bullied this young man over his political views.

How to Teach Your Child About Healthy Competition – It’s Okay to Lose

Winning is a natural instinct. However some children do not understand that it’s okay to lose. This could set them up for emotional difficulties as they grow. This article can help parents to teach children that it’s okay to lose now so they are prepared when they are older.

7 “Me” Moments Every Mom Needs To Take

Are you a frazzled mum who has forgotten the sound of her own company? Taking some time out is a responsibility to yourself- one that is vital to not just your own well-being and sanity, but also just how well you perform on the job and off it. Here are 7 ‘me’ moments every mom needs to take.

Potty Training Techniques

This article is about the basic concepts of starting to potty train your child. Know what to look out for when your child might be ready to start. Differences in every child make it harder to realize when they are ready.

A Children’s Book: Filling It With People

In writing stories for sons in the early 1970s, the challenge arose of developing a group of central characters capable of capturing youthful imaginations and stimulating a desire to follow their further adventures. Personalities needed to be briefly but strongly sketched, as young minds cannot be expected to read through subtle novel-length character development, but it was important for the characters to have thoughts and feelings as well as actions. It was realised that the central characters in a children’s book may be nominally adult, but they are essentially children with whom young minds can quickly identify.

A Letter From The World’s Most Embarrassing Dad

Dear darling daughter, Let me start by stating the obvious – I love you. But for me to honor that commitment, I must honor myself as well – the I is just as important to uphold as the love for you is, else I wouldn’t be your dad at all.

Harvard University’s Making Caring Common Project

For the “Making Caring Common Project,” Harvard University surveyed some 10,000 middle and high schoolers from 33 schools across the country in 2013 1nd 2014. They also interviewed hundreds of parents, and the results may very well trouble you and force you out of your comfort zone.

12 Tips to Get Him Reading Then Keep Him Reading

Strong reading and writing skills are essential to your child’s academic success. Some boys and girls are reading voraciously by kindergarten. There are many more who won’t read until much, much later. Whether he is reading – or isn’t reading yet – how do you get him interested and keep him there?