The Value of Grandparents In Our Life

By getting to know our grandparents, we learn many valuable things about ourselves, our life, and the world around us. Talk to your grandparents. Ask them questions. They aren’t just grandparents. They are unique people with fascinating experiences.

How to Create a Home Office in Your Bedroom

You spend a lot of time studying in your room, so why not have a space carved out for it? Follow these steps to create your own home office right in your bedroom.

In Crisis Mode: Excessive Student Absences and Truancy

Under the Obama administration, billions of tax dollars have been spent “reforming” public education, yet student performance continues to lag. Meanwhile, not on its agenda are the effects of poverty, inadequate parenting, rampant absenteeism, and truancy, and much the shame.

One’s Outlook Determines One’s Outcome!

There are pessimists and there are optimists. Pessimists do indeed live a little bit in the ‘real world’ than optimists do. However, optimists are indeed better at creating the world that they want to live in. Which one are you?

Healing From Childhood Trauma: 7 Ways Parents Can Help Their Teen Develop Resilience

Childhood trauma is one of the biggest problems experienced by children and teens, which is often hidden in plain sight. Sadly, childhood trauma can go untreated and result in unhealthy choices and a self-destructive path as children enter adolescence and young adulthood. However, there are steps that parents can actively take in helping their teens to heal from their experience and develop the resilience to lead healthy lives.

Teach Children Environmental Education Through Fantasy and Adventure

Entertain and teach young readers by incorporating fantasy and adventure into their environmental education. Loveable characters and exciting plots encourage continued awareness in saving our planet.

Winners Endure It All And Still Do More!

We all go through rough times. These rough times are not reasons or excuses to fail and to not live the life that we are supposed to live. Rather, these rough times are reasons and soul-searchings to help us become the person that we are meant to become.

Reality Check On Bullying: How Teens Are Taking Their Own Stand

Zero tolerance for bullying has become a national topic of discussion among parent groups and schools in the wake of many teens feeling helpless with being relentless harassed at school and online at home. A recent incident of bullying is testing the reality of what intervention is needed in a split second.

Young Girl, Why Are You in Pain?

Born and wonderfully fearfully made, you don’t need to try and keep up with the trendy girls. Why do you put yourself in so much pain?

Cleaners and Doing Stuff

This is for my son and many teens out there who might be lost or don’t have someone to show them the way to a better and more healthy mind. This is something I learned along the way in life that is in my best interest to share with the kids.