What Can I Do to Gain Leadership Experience? 7 Tips for Teens

This article outlines seven ways for teens to obtain leadership experience. While some are natural starting points, others command creativity combined with a little spunk. In either case, you’re bound to standout.

Science Experiments and Stem Activities for Kids

Did you know? STEM occupations are growing at 17%, while other occupations are growing at 9.8%. STEM is important because it pervades every part of our lives. Educating students in STEM subjects prepares them for life, regardless of the profession they choose to follow. Those subjects teach students how to think critically and how to solve problems – skills that can be used throughout life to help them get through tough times and take advantage of opportunities whenever they appear.

Adolescence in Crisis: What Parents Can Do

The most profitable investment a society can possess is a crop of discipline and God-fearing future leaders. This becomes a reality through proper attention, which creates an enabling environment for the youths to learn and to unlearn the good things and various vices respectively in the society. This concern for the youngsters is to be carried out through proper direction, and guidance, and even charities to them when the need arises.

Effort Is the Secret to Success

Effort wins in the long run. When tired and frustrated remember the muddy face of Teddy Roosevelt calling for the STRENUOUS LIFE as a must.

When Should You Send Your Out Of Control Teenager To a Residential Treatment Center?

Sending your child to a residential treatment center is an unbearably difficult decision for any parent dealing with an out of control teenager. Parents fear the unknown and that their child will hate them, but will they?

Tips to Build Mobile Apps for Children

This article is going to highlight a few effective tips on building mobile apps for children. Read on and know how to make a children’s app successful. Today, a kid using a smartphone is not a rare case at all!

Travel Tips for Your Family

Want to go for a travel with your family? but you don’t know what to take or not.Then read our this article,In this article we share all kind of tips that a family need when they going for a travel.

Tips For Going To The Beach With Babies

Summer is beach and pool time; of sun and umbrellas, of hammock but those that you have babies in house well you know that when initiating this time of the year it is necessary to take extreme care. If the increase in temperature, UV rays or water affects adults, what effect can they have on the little ones in the house? Today we want to transfer you a series of basic tips to go to the beach with babies.

Bully Busting 101 Part 1

The current Nanny State is making bullying worse. Learn what the individual can do to break free of being bullied.

Impact of Corporal Punishment on the Students in Primary and Secondary Schools

Corporal punishment continues to be practiced at unacceptable rates in Pakistani schools, at the same time that violence rates are rising. Corporal punishment in schools reflects a large gap between current education policy that bans Corporal punishment and actual implementation of this policy. Gap between policy statement and actual practices could be attributed to family-based or school-based factors. The research findings demonstrate that corporal punishment in schools is highly correlated to family acceptance by practicing corporal punishment at home and lack of parental reporting of corporal punishment practiced by teachers, in addition to the school acceptance through having school principals practice corporal punishment and tolerate teachers using it, failure to respond to parents’ complaints by taking action with teachers, lack of communication with parents, and inability to assign tasks to the social workers.