high school sports booster fundraisers

Looking for ideas for booster club fundrasing? How about selling fireworks for this July 4th celebration? That is what this booster is doing in Clark County, Las Vegas Valley.

Nonprofits are ready for a busy week of fundraising inside Phantom Fireworks booths throughout the city with the commencement of fireworks sales in Clark County.

All lawful sales and use of fireworks in Clark County are permitted up until 12:01 a.m. on July 5; after that time, they are prohibited until the New Year’s holiday.

One booth is raising money for the nonprofit JAM, a booster club organization under Parent Booster USA that aids in funding students’ extracurricular activities. It is situated on the corner of Craig Road and Tenaya Way.

The group has been working with Phantom Fireworks for 12 years to generate money, and during its most successful years, it was able to raise about $20,000 to assist students with the expenditures of their extracurricular activities. – Source