Best Balance Bike – The Ultimate Guide

On the surface, choosing a balance bike might seem like a simple task. They are bikes with two wheels and no pedals, chains or sprockets. The bikes are mainly designed to put emphasis on balance and make the transition to pedaled bike riding an easy one. While they are simple in design, they are certainly not one-size-fits all.

No, You Really Can’t Teach An Infant To Read

I do believe in miracles and the extraordinary; therefore the idea of a baby beginning to read even at that tender age is not a complete impossibility in my books. But stepping outside the magical land of stunning exceptions, I do not feel we can really teach an infant to read, especially if it has no particular interest in doing so.

Kids’ Fitness: Get Active Every Day

All healthy tips for kids will tell you that physical activity in children should be encouraged, and why not? It helps children develop a stronger physique, stronger bones and keeps obesity at bay.

The Risks of Being a Loner in School

This article talks about the perils of a child being a loner at school. It also touches upon the reasons for it happening.

Kid-Friendly Event Planning Tips

Event planning for kids and families requires some extra considerations. Consider these important topics as you plan the big day ahead.

5 Ways to Thrive With Your Son This Summer

Are you already in summer survival mode? These tips fit any budget and every schedule whether you’re a stay-at-home or working parent. Boys yearn for active, exciting adventures that have some risk and physical challenge thrown in. Remember to include some downtime, too, and you’ll be thriving in no time.

Teen Paradigms

A paradigm is the way you see something. It is your point of view, your frame of reference or belief.

How Teens Should Handle a Bully

Bullying has negative, lifelong effects. About 20% of Canadian youths are bullied daily. Why do bullies bully and how should we react in a bullying situation.

Importance of Encouragement

The importance of giving young children encouragement at the right time. How can the right encouragement at the right time can affect a child.

5 Ways Your Children Can Benefit By Reading Stories

In today’s world of high-tech gadgets, books and toys are gradually phasing out. It is more common to see kids swiping open their parent’s smartphones than to come across kids admiring the colorful illustrations on the pages of a story book. It is good to keep your kids abreast with the latest technology, but it is equally important for them to read stories.