The Rebellious, Addicted, Prodigal Teenager: Where Is God? How to Hear God Speak Through the Pain

If you are the parent of a prodigal, no doubt your story is laced with heartache. There is nothing quite like the helplessness and frustration of witnessing a beloved child self-destruct and throw their very life away on the evils of this world. It is difficult for those without lost children to comprehend the emotional trauma a prodigal brings into our lives, or how desperate and alone we can feel. I pray that you, like me, are able to find joy and peace amidst the pain and despair of raising a prodigal. If you have found yourself wondering if God is listening, or cares about you and your prodigal, you may be asking “Where are you God?”

Prodigal Teens and Their Salvation – Praying for Your Lost, Rebellious, Wayward Teenager

Christian parents can be tormented by a prodigal child. Parents may wonder if this rebellious child can lose their salvation? Let God’s word bring you comfort.

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The Prodigal Child: Where Are You God? Praying for the Drug-Addicted, Suicidal, Rebellious Teenager

Where are you God? If you find yourself asking that question in regards to your lost, wayward, rebellious, drug-addicted child, you aren’t alone. Thousands of parents across this country are heartbroken and distraught over a beloved child’s painful choices. No doubt, you have poured your heart out asking God to intervene… to save this child. If He hasn’t answered yet, or if you find things getting worse, it can be difficult to hold onto whatever shred of faith and hope we may have left.

Prodigal Child: Your Wayward, Lost, Rebellious Teenager – When God Is Your Only Hope – Trust Jesus

Do you love a prodigal? Did that precious child that held so much hope and promise take a detour on life that has spun your life into turmoil and fear? You are not alone. My daughter. Beautiful. Smart. Funny. Full of Potential. Lost. Suicidal. Drug Addict. In jail. How can one person embody so many traits that are polar opposites of each other? How can it be possible that the child everyone was so sure would succeed, the one that held so much promise traded in her family, her friends and her future for garbage? That’s what it is. Garbage. Temporary highs, shallow relationships, needles and crime. And yet, she clings to that garbage with every fiber of her being. We become her enemy. The child I held in my arms, nursed back to health, whose small hand I held as she entered kindergarten and caressed her sweet hair each night during a story now hates me. This child. How did this happen? What can I do? How can she choose this pathetic path? I know she is sick. I pray. And pray. I never stop praying. It’s all I can do.

Rebellious Teenagers, Deviant Behaviors and Believing God Through the Hard Times

Rebellious teens in the home inevitably cause pain and frustration to the entire family. Prodigal children can ultimately leave parents feeling exhausted and hopeless. When all seems lost, look to God.

Prodigal Parenting – Praying for Salvation for the Rebellious, Drug Addicted, Suicidal Teen

Parents of prodigals often don’t know what to pray or how to pray for their lost children. Whether your child is mired in addiction, homosexuality, rebellion, or criminal activity, parents can pray in accordance with God’s will and be assured that the Lord hears our pleas and longs to answer us. If your prodigal hasn’t been saved or you aren’t sure, God wants to bring your grieving heart comfort and hope.

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Rebellious Teens in Crisis: Remain Calm, Seek the Lord and Control Your Temper With Your Prodigal

The chaos a rebellious child brings into our lives and into our homes is something only parents of another prodigal can understand. What can you do when your teen has pulled the rug out from under you? Too often we simply react. But, we must learn to slow down, assess the situation, pray and ask the Lord what to do. When we act before we pray, or act before we think clearly through the situation, we can do more harm than good. You have probably sought advice from friends, online, in a book or from a therapist because you love your child. You may have tried private schools, Christian counselors or new medications. So did I. But, I have no idea if anything was in God’s will because I never stopped long enough to ask. The few times I did ask, I certainly didn’t wait for His reply. During those dark years, I wonder if I did much of anything that God was calling me to do. Then God taught me how to wait on Him. God is constantly speaking, but we must learn how to slow down and listen to what He is saying… especially about our prodigal.