McDonough air conditioner contractor says to use the 20 degree rule

Have you ever heard the 20-degree rule for ac units?

JSC Enterprises is a contractor that does air conditioning repair in McDonough Ga.

Most air conditioning systems are intended to withstand a temperature difference of up to 20 degrees between the outside and interior air while maintaining a humidity level of roughly 55 percent.

That implies that when it’s 80 degrees outside, your air conditioner can easily keep your house at 70 degrees inside. Even if the temperature outside is 90 degrees, your air conditioner should easily reach 70 degrees.

According JSC Enterprises, if it’s 95 degrees outside, it’ll be nearly hard to get 65 degrees inside without the air conditioner working overtime and generating problems like high humidity. If your air conditioner is set at a large differential, you’ll probably run it all day and still not reach your intended temps. You’ll also be saddled with a massive energy bill. — Source


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