The Flying Fairy Toy

A toy for a little girl has to be dynamic, exciting and has to spark her imagination. At the same time it has to be cute to gain her affection.The flying fairy has it all. Preteens just love this magical toy.

Useful Television

Television programs do a lot of harm to the students. I take strong exception to this verbal expression. Television programs are immensely useful and beneficial to the students.

Modern Day Parent Trap

Our children are so impressionable. When parents are divorced, our children typically wants their parents back together. Some plots and plans for their parents to get back as husband and wife.

Teens Who Want a Six-Pack Should Sprint

Many teens are concerned about health and fitness and especially fat loss. However, they face a wide range of problems achieving their fat loss goals due to their young age. A great way to safely burn off fat that is free, low-tech and enjoyable is SPRINTING. Running as fast as you can has recently been widely recommend by many online personal trainers and it remains one of the most surefire ways to get a six-pack in record time!

5 Things You Need To Know ‘To Get Back On Your Horse’

I live in Texas. Everyone in Texas rides a horse, right? (Well, maybe not in Houston.) One weekend I was visiting my sister in Austin. We went to see some friends who lived outside of Austin who had four horses on several acres of land. Her friend John asked me if I would like to ride one of their horses and I said, “OK if you can find me a nice horse.” It had been years since I had ridden a horse. He said, “Sure, I have just the horse for you. His name is Buckwheat.” Buckwheat looked like a nice enough horse. My daughter was 5 at the time and she watched her mommy get up on the horse. She said, “Mommy, are you going to be ok?” “Of course,” I replied.

All the World’s a Playground!

While walking back from our kite flying adventures yesterday, my little one tripped and skinned his knees and elbows. The sight of the grazed knee distressed him more than the actual pain. I belong to the ‘brush it off’ camp – skinned knees, bruises and bumps all come with the territory.

Is It Important to Be Tactful?

For young people tact may seem to be an out-dated concept. It may seem old-fashioned and unnecessarily laborious. But we can all learn the value of communicating with sensitivity and mutual regard. Tact has an important role in modern life.

What Diversity?

Despite describing the occasional unrealistic scenario, one of the main problems within the Young Adult Fiction category is the lack of diversity of protagonists. Reading is one of my passions, and as a person of a minority I wish to reflect upon the problems within Teen Literature, and how we can potentially solve them.

5 Tips For Eating Healthy At Camp

Summer camp is an exciting time for children. Parents may be concerned if their children have dietary needs or even if their children like to eat healthy whole foods. Here are some tips on how to make camp a fun and healthy experience.

My After School Program Was Very Exciting

Growing up, my mother and I had the best after school program ever! Not only could my parents rest assured we were in good hands until they finished work and errands, but we also made new friends and had an absolute blast running around with the other kids.