Count and Learn With Babushka: Educational and Fun Games for Kids

This is a very short article that highlights how Russian nesting dolls contribute to early childhood development by developing counting skills, logical decision making, color recognition and motor skills development. The great characteristic of nesting dolls is that children enhance these skills while playing with unique and traditional Russian toys.

5 Ways To Convince Your Kids That Historic Sites Are Cool

History is something more than what we read in textbooks. Try telling that to schoolchildren, who see anything historical as boring. Historical sites can be cool, and here are a few ways parents can teach them how history can be fun.

Results Vs Reality

Getting 12th standard’s state Board results a few days back myself, I saw today’s Facebook filled with statuses about the CBSE board results. Some had good results and some had great. There was not a single person who posted that s/he had an awful result.

The Benefits of Role Play Toys for Kids

Role play toys for kids are among the best toys you can use to help your child enhance and develop adult behaviour. These can include toy kitchens, dress-up costumes, doctor kits and provide the child with a great way to fully understand more about the world he lives in!

Don’t Hang It Up!

Some kid, and the best wrestling coach in the world taught me a valuable lesson that I will never forget! Don’t Hang up your shoes yet! We’re still learning…

Troubled Teen Girls and Authority Issues

Troubled teen girls often become resistant to authority, displaying disrespectful behaviors and defiance toward parents and other adults. Although most teens act out as a normal part of the maturation process, some levels of extreme behavior may warrant professional evaluation and intervention.

10 Ways to Teach Kids About Money

Money empowers people to make decisions, educate and motivate. Decisions on daily expenditure can have a great negative impact on kid’s financial future.

Fairy Tales That Take Me Back To My Childhood

Though the fact remains that we have no time machine, yet the travel to the past still exists. Sitting in a veranda, watching my 3 year old nephew shouting at the top of his voice throws me back to my childhood.

Gardening Could Be the Sharpest Educational Tool in the Box

When it comes to our children and how to educate them effectively, there are quite some methods. Learn about the numerous benefits of gardening.

Should You Vaccinate Your Children?

Should you vaccinate your children? This is a question that every parent is faced with almost as soon as their child is born because according to the CDC vaccination schedule, the first vaccine is given shortly after birth (HepB). This can sometimes be a controversial topic so let me fully disclose that anything contained going forward is strictly just my opinion on vaccinations for my children. I personally have vaccinated and will continue to vaccinate both of my boys because during my short stay in nursing school, I heard something that really stuck with me. “Why would you continue taking your child to a Doctor you do not trust?”. What does this have to do with vaccination? I fully trust everything that my boy’s doctor believes in and he, like most, believes in fully vaccinating his patients.