Organizing the Best Birthday Bash for Your Child

Organizing a birthday party for your little angle or young prince can be an uphill task at times. However, if you go through this content the scenario can change.

Teach to Learn!

Sometimes we know how to just do something. We can’t always explain how we do it, but we can do it well, regardless. The secret on taking our performance to the next level is actually, believe it our not, teaching someone else how to do what we know how to do…

How TV Is Killing Our Kids

For the first time in modern history the youth of today will more than likely has a shorter lifespan than their parents. Historically, viruses such as TB, polio or the measles were the cause of early death in the under 18-age group. Today, the root cause is obesity as a result of inactivity.

A Boy’s Will Is the Wind’s Will

Alone With a New Grandson – Little Ben and I are having a staring contest. He will win. Nobody in the world can outlast the stare of a two-month old baby.

Recognizing and Understanding How Trauma Affects Children

Children can be amazingly resilient and adapt to changes in their life. However, recovering from a traumatic event is not as easy as parents would hope. It helps to take a closer look at how trauma can affect children and what can help them. There are many evidenced based approaches in mental health that can make a big difference in how children can recover from trauma.

There Is Nothing Greater Than Working With Kids!

While in high school and still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, teaching kids wasn’t high on my list. Fortunately, life has a funny way of giving you what you need. Now all these years later, I teach kids and feel very lucky that I do!

Summer Camp and Its Lifelong Benefits for Children

It’s easy to think of summer camp as just a place for swimming lessons, dodge ball, boating and arts and crafts, an easy solution to summer boredom for kids. Of course, all these things are true, and summer camp memories are made of canoe expeditions, swimming competitions, tie-dye t-shirts and rousing camp songs. However, while kids are having a blast playing games, making summer friends and learning new skills, they are also absorbing a host of vitally important life lessons that will last long after the last bus ride home from camp.

The Truth About Bullying: What the Adults Aren’t Telling You

Kids who are bullied often feel trapped. They feel trapped at school and they feel trapped by the person terrorizing them. But kids can communicate with adults. They’re not trapped and they can overcome bullies by being persistent with adults and by working to outsmart the bully.

Live Now and Learn Always!

Are you living your fullest life now? Are you a life-long learner? Don’t become that 90-year old rocking on their porch with a life full of regrets over the things that you didn’t do…

How Much Suffering Is The Job Worth?

George had been appointed Patron Saint and Minister for the Environment and had succeeded in pacifying all the monsters in England. Now he was being asked to help other countries achieve the same result but this inevitably involved a sea voyage. Suffering from severe seasickness, George was in such distress on a voyage to France that he was ready to give up his job and salary of three shillings and six pence a week.