The Top 5 Children’s Museums In The United States

Children are, increasingly, hard to educationally entertain. When it comes to children’s museums in the United States, there are only a handful that, over the years, children have positively responded to consistently.

The Floor Bed

Trust me, I’ve heard it all. I love your nursery, but where’s the crib? Well, there isn’t crib and let me tell you why.

Boys Trash Talk Their Neighbor – Watch What Happens!

Two kids walked by Leonard’s house and deem it worthy only of the burn pile. “It’s so nasty it should be burned to the ground.” One man overheard their comments and took matters into his own hands.

Five Ways Art Classes Can Benefit Your Child

Art classes have become almost nonexistent in today’s traditional school programs, as the focus shifts to the STEM disciplines. It is within the creative structure of the arts, however, in which young children truly learn the skills that will encourage them to become more well-rounded and creative thinkers.

The 5 Things Your Kids Will Remember About You

It’s no mystery- children are extremely impressionable. Busy learning about and taking in the world around them, they are open to a spectrum of ideas, thoughts, actions and reactions that far surpasses our own experiences in diversity and number. As parent, you are tasked with a dual role- you are charged with helping your child sieve his/her experiences and impressions, assisting them in making sense of the world around them as they go along; and you are also charged with being a primary source of information, ideas and impressions for your kid.

6 Strategies for Handling ADHD Meltdowns at Home and in the Classroom

An ADHD child in the middle of a meltdown in school or in public can leave a parent or educator feeling powerless, frustrated, and unsure of what to do next. If you are the parent or care giver of a child with ADHD or PTSD, or an educator then knowing how to manage meltdowns can make a big difference for both the child and yourself in keeping calm. Here are 6 strategies for dealing with a meltdown:

4 Ways Teens Can Overcome Anxiety

Teens experiencing stress and anxiety on a consistent basis can develop a bunch of problems that affect their physical and emotional health. Anxiety is an emotion can result in teens being vulnerable and believing negatively about themselves. There are 4 main areas that parents can talk with their teens about in helping to reduce the severity of anxiety.

The American Boy – Drugged

The American Boy is at risk of being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the statistics show that one-in-seven boys will be labeled with ADHD. A noted psychiatrist points to the possibility that they will be falsely diagnosed!

Provo Bounce House Rental Safety

Bounce houses can be a great addition to any child’s birthday party in Utah. That being said, bounce houses are not babysitters! Here are some great tips to keep your kids safe while bouncing on your Provo Bounce Rental.

Appeasement Doesn’t Always Work!

Why are we appeasing people whom we shouldn’t in these modern days? In these modern times do we really have anything to truly fear from the so-called bully? Let’s get together today and decide that we are all going to treat each other better, and the few that don’t will be stood up to and made to feel the pressure of all the good around them until their will is bent toward living a more civilized life!