The Importance of Your Children Reading Every Day

The importance of children having strong literacy skills. Reading with your children is a great start.

The Importance of Imperfect Progress

Every mom wants to see that her daughter is making progress. You hope to see your daughter moving forward and progressing in her academics, creativity, relationships, responsibility and maturity. This yearning is instinctual in moms and feels like it is written in our DNA. Because this feeling is so natural, you may not even be aware of it. And yet it is there, big time, and we spend a great deal of our energy assessing if our daughter is making progress or falling behind. We think about this numerous times a day. I love the idea of progress. This is one of my core values. I love it when I’m seeing my daughter moving forward in her life.

Pacifier’s History

A pacifier is a mother’s breast substitute for a baby. Its history goes back to ancient times, when the struggle for survival, obtaining the food and search for a shelter from wild animals was the only purpose of human life.

Always Ask Questions!

Socrates, who is considered the wisest person to have ever lived, never stopped asking questions and challenging people to think more deeply about their beliefs of themselves and the society that they lived in. I think we would be wise to follow Socrates’ example, don’t you?

Should You Buy Your Kid a Drone for Christmas?

Here you can get a better idea about what kind of drone to buy your kid at Christmas and whether or not you should even though you probably will. Help your kid to stay safe when flying and find drones for sale at cheap prices.

Essential School Stationery Products

They say back to school is cool but without the right stationery it is a battle for kids to be productive. Every school kid needs stationery for school and making use of all the great back to school specials will help your pocket. Thus it’s best to buy stationery long before the schools open.

About Keeping Up With Teenager Fashions

The teenagers of today not only have to keep up with the pressures of their lifestyles, such as demands for them to be singing, dancing and academic whiz kids, but also to maintain a fashion image that meets or goes beyond that of their peers! Going online is a great way to view what is happening in the Boutique world. Browse the latest stunning clothes from classy dresses to outright fashion statements. Teenagers need a time out, to relax and be encouraged to wear what makes them feel comfortable when with their friends. Whether dressed to kill or cool casual, as a teenager, you want that feeling of growing up and the clothes to match.

8 Reasons You Need To Raise Your Kids Like the French Do

Living in London, I spent my most peaceful years sharing flat with a phenomenal French lady. She was kind, gentle, caring, patient and intelligent- all the qualities I had not necessarily attributed to her French background as much to her individual personality. But when her family came visiting over Christmas, I saw a much different dynamic between each member than the one I was used to; dynamics that made breakfast a work of art and decision making smooth as silk.

Society’s Shift From Free Play to Sports

Most of us remember summers and days of freedom after school. Days were filled with adventure, imagination, the impossible becoming possible and coming home when the lightning bugs were all caught. We look around today and wonder, “Why don’t we see that in today’s generation of children?”

How Fairies Help Children Today

Can you still remember when you were a child and your mom read you fairy tales before you went to bed? Everyone in this world knows about fairies, with these beautiful winged creatures being a part of their childhood.