Self Esteem and Bullying

Bullying has become such a big issue over the last few years, but it has been a psychologically damaging issue that has been around for many, many decades. Your parents were probably bullied or knew someone who was. Their parents were bullied or knew someone who was, and their parents were bullied or knew someone who was.

Let’s Give Our Kids a Chance in Life – Keep Them Away From Using Alcohol and Drugs!

I remember one time I had to see literally “stars” when one punched me on my jaw while I was trying to stop them hitting each other in front of my class. I was a newbie teacher then, and never expected such a thing could happen to me. From then on, I avoided being a “sandwiched” between two fighting kids. I did not want to see the “moon, sun and planets” anymore… or worse, the “dark hole”!

How to Make Summer More Meaningful to Your Kids

Oh, the glorious days of summer, with balmy mornings perfect for biking down to the park, hot afternoons spent cooling off by the pool and idyllic evenings of barbecues and catching fireflies. At least, that’s how we parents may like to think of summer. Unfortunately, today’s kids are more likely to be found on the couch glued to various electronic devices than out and about in the sunshine. Take a few simple steps this year to make sure your children have a summer that’s both fun and meaningful.

Learning Emotions to Emotionally Learn

How can we help our children and students to learn, remember and internalize new knowledge? The key is connecting what they learn to their emotions. It is well known that we need to develop children’s emotional intelligence. That will free them to learn. But there is another side to this equation. Learning emotions is not enough. They also need to emotionally learn. That will help them not only to excel in tests but also to be confident in expressing ideas and thoughts, and relating their experiences. That is the key to being exceptional students and creative professional workers in the future.

Common Social Issues That Teens Face Today

It can be heart wrenching to see your teen exhibit behaviors that hurt. You need to understand that teens now face much more than their parents ever did. In this article, we explore the social issues they are contending with and how we can help them through.

The Benefits of Summer Camps for Children

In case you were sent to a summer camp during your childhood, you would be well aware of the benefits of such camps. In fact, some of the constructive effects of those camps are quite relevant to you even today, when you are an adult. This is what prompts many parents to send their kids to summer camps.

How to Get Children Using Fruit Juicers

For children who like creating recipes in the kitchen cold press juicers can be a fascinating gadget to use. Fresh fruit juice is a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks.

Friends From the Past!

Believe it or not, they aren’t just a bunch of old dead people. People from our past, or friends from our past, that fill our modern day libraries can teach us plenty if we let them. Let’s do ourselves a favor and get in the library and let them.

Is Vaccination A Good Idea?

Every parent in the world wants to do the best for their children; their prime focus is to keep their children safe from any kind of harm. But it’s sad that many parents are not aware of the fact that the best way of protecting their kids is by getting them vaccinated.

Lego Bricks As an Educational Tool

On January 28, 1958, a patent was recorded that would change family floors forever. On that decisive day, the Lego block was conceived. From that point forward, in excess of 400 billion Lego elements have been made (an unimaginable 62 bricks for each individual on the planet!), and give or take 7 Lego sets are sold every second.