This Winter, Be a Bit Extra Careful About Your Child

It is no surprise that children love spending time outside even when the weather is extremely chilly. With the arrival of winter their enthusiasm and energy both get heightened. But restricting them from having fun and playing outdoor games are truly equivalent to being cruel to them. It is like not letting them fully enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons and depriving them from its pleasures. Hence, it is better to maintain some safety measures and allowing them enjoy winter to their heart’s content.

Bullies: How You Can Help When Your Teenager Is In Trouble

Bullying can be a hard thing to understand especially if you were never bullied as a child. For your teenager however it can be very devastating. Not only does your teen feel hurt, but they can often feel alone, depressed, frightened and undermined. Bullying is not something that should be a rite of passage for anyone.

The Quiet Killer!

My daughter suffered from major anxiety when she was younger. After much patience, repetition and self assurance she has come so far, as this story of being the center of attention during a dodge ball tournament in her school gym will attest to.

Cartoon Classics That Make Rare Bounce House Themes

While the current collection of bouncy castle skin is ever-expending and diverse, there are some from back in time that needs revisit. Take a look.

School Lunch Ideas

It’s time to accept the fact that raising healthy children means they won’t be eating school cafeteria lunches, but instead will need to bring lunch from home. Here are some suggestions for how even the busiest parents can do it.

Kids Need Time, Not Gifts

In the ever getting busier world of today, time seems to be the single most critical element that seems to get compromised first. Most individuals have kids at a later age, as they are busy establishing their careers. As a result, the parents have lesser energy and more stress.

How to Help Your Child Through the Loss of a Pet

Managing loss and death is one of the most difficult aspects of life. As an adult you know that there is an end to life but the death of a family pet may be the first time a child goes through this difficult time. Normal reactions of a child are natural and curious. They look to adults to help guide them through the process of mourning, grief and eventual understanding. There are several ways an adult can help the child understand the loss they are seeing and feeling and help them through the grieving process.

How a Guy Named Conrad Taught Me How to Inspire Kids to Learn

LEARNING comes implicitly and in the strangest places when you’re in the Kingdom of God – open to what the Lord’s Spirit would seek to teach us through his disciples and others. Conrad is, I believe, a disciple (not that that always matters). I met him at a family occasion to celebrate the Wedding of one of my nieces. Conrad is on the other side of the family – an uncle of the groom. He’s a cab driver. He’s done that for two decades. Cab drivers, in my experience of them, know how to tell a yarn. There is an implicit entertainer in most cab drivers, for my mind. And that’s my preconception as I entered into dialogue with Conrad. God was soon showing me a new thing. This was the gist of what he told me:

Healthy Eating for Preschoolers

Developing healthy eating habits in children begins in early childhood. By exhibiting healthy eating habits, parents teach their children which foods are necessary for normal growth and development.

Best Back to School Basic Stationery for All Grades

Is it your child’s first year or last year at school? Stationery is needed to start a great year at a new school or at an old familiar school. All students and learners start off their school year with a requirement for stationery. As a retailer it is important to stock up on all the necessary items to help the customer find everything under one roof.