How Safe Are Our Children? Life in Schools

The article tells about the life of children in schools. It also tells about the problems they have to face.

Friendship Between Nandu And Vedant

Mama, why is Gauri restless today? Why is she lowing, is there something wrong with her? Asks Vedant anxiously to his Mother Meera. Yes, my son, she is in pain today, she is going to deliver a baby calf anytime. Said Meera.

Tips for Parents When Selecting the Right Kid Model Agency

Selecting a right model agency should be on the priority list for any aspiring model, and even more so for a kid model. Kids are in their formative years where they are easily influenced by what they’re exposed to and need the best attention and right exposure.

5 Great Activities To Engage In With Your Twins

Twins are often said to be fun but they can be cumbersome to raise especially if you don’t know how the activities to do together. To help you out, here are some of the best activities that you can engage in with your twins: Dancing at home If your kids are too little it can be draining and almost impossible to have fun with them in public places. One of the most effective ways of having fun with them in the house is by dancing.

Our Creator Doesn’t Create Junk!

Let’s stop telling ourselves that we aren’t good enough or smart enough. What we don’t know how to do yet, we can still learn to do. We can empower ourselves to do and be anything we want because our Creator doesn’t create junk.

Dicky and Blakey

Once in a very big and dense jungle there lived a deer named Dicky. He was a very attractive and healthy little deer. He had a friend, a crow named Blakey. They played whole day together and shared their food together. Blakey uses to bring fruits high up from the tree and Dicky use to enjoy eating the juicy fruits and the same, both of them had an excellent time spend together. Dicky was lucky to have a friend like Blakey. Blakey always helped Dicky from the dangers. Dicky and Blakey had a fine understanding; Blakey could smell the danger high up from the tree and inform Dicky to go on. Dicky was a young and fleshy deer and most attractive among all. His other friends invited him to play with them, but he always enjoyed the company of Blakey. Dicky was rather more childish and Blakey was wise enough to make Dicky recognize the danger.

How Children and Adults Can Benefit by Playing Games

Games both for adults and children are an excellent means to enhance a lot of physical and mental skills and bring with them significant advantages. It has a noteworthy educational influence than what maximum individuals are aware of. Most kids with developmental disabilities that normally do not react to their surroundings often are transformed completely when playing games.

Best Safety Measures To Safeguard Your Kids From Rabies

Rabies is a very serious viral illness that affects the brain and the nervous system. Anyone can get infected if bitten by an infected animal which carries the rabies in its saliva. Let us find out how to protect our families from rabies.

Fun-Filled Game Songs And Rhymes For Kids

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” So kids, go out and have some fun! Singing games still rules the playgrounds and kids enjoy singing the games songs and perform actions as per the verse of nursery rhyme. Young children from every pocket of the world celebrate their childhood through these refreshingly fun and joyful singing games.

Oh No, We’re Back to School!

Initially we might think this statement is coming from our children or from teachers who have had the summer off-No. This thought or statement is a frequent one that’s coming from parents. Suddenly we’re back focusing on our children’s schedule, their homework, their sports practices, their school events, and teacher/parent conferences.