Can a Funny Children’s Book Be Educative?

Many humorous children’s books take a new look at an old story from history: a fun view of how we always imagined it ought to have been. This is nowhere more true than in that imaginary land of long ago called Merry England. New characters can be created, facing new challenges, but there have to remain a broad historical framework and cultural identity, and some retelling of actual events can consolidate the reconstruction. And as one reviewer said of such a children’s book: ‘With a different take on history, this book is a learning tool for the parent or reader to research/explain the true events.’

5 Reasons Why Toys and Playtime Are Important for Your Child

“Play gives children the chance to practice what they are learning.”- Fred Rogers. Play is an important part of every kid’s childhood.

Feel Lucky

Are you feeling lucky? You should be! It’s really good for you and good for all of your loved ones if you do decide right now to feel lucky!

Raising Your Teen’s Esteem

Being a teen is tough in today’s world. Parents need to work very hard to help build esteem in their teens so they will become responsible adults.

Enjoy a Fabulous Family Weekend Outing at a Trampoline Park of Choice

Weekends are a special time. They shouldn’t be wasted that easily. You can plan a family outing and come back recharged and fresh, so do your kids.

Selecting the Right Playground Equipment

There are endless options when it comes to school playground markings. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by that, embrace all that is being offered.

Thoughts About Kids Toys

Playing with toys is important when it comes to growing up and learning about the world around us. Give a kid a new toy — almost any toy — and chances are, you’ve got a happy kid. Kids love toys. If you have any doubts about that, just take a kid into a toy store. They will probably find several things that they feel they just can’t live without.

Offer a Fun Source of Learning and Exercise for Students

Many schools and parents are concerned about childhood obesity. Technology often plays a role in that and we should encourage kids to get outside and explore.

6 Tips for Talking to Sitters About Safety

When you hire a babysitter, your primary concern is your child’s safety. There are many hazards in the typical home, and as a parent, you’ve learned what your child is drawn to when it comes to these hazards. Because your sitter is new to your home and to your child, you might worry that he or she won’t know what to watch for. Also, while any babysitter should know about basic safety for young children, it’s possible that something will be overlooked. To keep your children safe and to ease your mind, it’s important to talk to your sitter about safety, both in general and as it pertains to your particular kids. Here are six tips for having these conversations about how to keep your children safe.

Outdoor Summer Camp Adventures That Kids Look Forward To

Summers take on a new level of excitement once your kids are old enough to go to camp, and parenting today requires coming up with new activities that pull your kids away from their electronics. At an adventure-based summer camp, your kid will never complain about spending time outside because they will be having too much fun testing their abilities with new challenges. During your search for a quality summer camp, look for these favorite outdoor adventures that kids look forward to all year long.