Introduction to Children Consignement

Parents are indeed lucky to have children’s consignment. Children keep outgrowing their clothes and they get bored with the same set of toys. Frequently buying new items is an expensive proposal.

Moon Walk Rentals: Safety Tips For Your Child

Any event that involves children can be converted into a success with moonwalk rentals. Not only are they unique, but they also add to the attraction in any event. It serves as a best means of keeping children occupied for a long period of time.

Private School Verses Public School: The Debate Continues

There are many arguments about whether you should send your child to a private school or a public school. The debate will never end because everyone has their own opinions about education. Getting a good and safe education is a very important goal to accomplish in this day and age.

A Passion For Life

Passion swells in the eyes and moves one to greatness like a symphony being played to perfection. In whatever profession or creation, passion is the magic ingredient. One can be well educated, rehearsed and even well-bred, but without passion, he is just a robot in motion. Add passion and you have a masterpiece, a work of art, a life.

My Kids – Take 1! Ashutosh

This article is about my student who initially hated learning, but is now showing interest. As the days pass, we both are together working hard- to achieve ‘our’ goal- making him an independent learner.

Why You Should Have a Princess Birthday Party Performer or Character at Your Child’s Birthday Party

Why have a Character or Princess at your child’s birthday party? Is it really necessary? Is it expensive? In this article, I will lay out why you might consider hiring a princess performer to entertain at your child’s birthday party and what you should look for when hiring.

How to Organise a Christmas Play at Your School

Organising a Christmas play can be stressful. Find out how to organise a Christmas play at your school, for as stress-free a process as possible.

Reading at a Young Age – Pros and Cons

Cons? Can there be any negatives to children learning to read at very young ages? Only one, but it is a big one; enjoyment! Teachers, educators and parents should never lose sight of the pleasure of reading for enjoyment. If children’s learning processes are advanced enough to start reading at age 4 or 5, it is wonderful and should be encouraged. If they need a little longer to comprehend the decoding process of turning letters and symbols into meaningful words, then 6 or 7 may be the norm for them. Usually by age 7 children should be reading with comprehension.

Back-To-School Shopping, Jitters, and Tips

It is the second biggest shopping spree of the year, bested only by the winter holidays. Plus, it often triggers long to-do lists and the jitters, too.

Five Easy Steps to Parental Intelligence

Mothers and fathers can carry out five steps to Parental Intelligence that help to resolve behavior problems. An illustration is given where the overarching problems were revealed that were hidden behind the misbehavior.