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Traditional Snow Days Vs Flexible Instruction Days in Pennsylvania

The small, wooden placard on the classroom door read, “I’m a teacher; let it snow,” and just about every kid in these parts makes a similar wish every winter. This year, it finally came true with the “historic” snow that fell on the weekend of January 23. The result: schools closed up shop that Monday and some even on Tuesday–and that’s a practice that is disappearing thanks to technology.

Validation: It Makes for a Less Stressful Walt Disney World Vacation

When a child starts escalating or melting down, it’s easy to get frustrated, especially when you are facing the same stressors of a Disney Park (long days, extreme heat and humidity, standing in line for hours, etc.). When you can, it is best to stay calm, let your child know you are listening to their concern, set appropriate limits, and offer choices. This allows the child to feel supported and heard but still sets expectations and allows you to move on with your day.

Higher, Take Me Higher!

Most youngsters thrive, but, as we all know, some struggle. It’s as if they are stuck in a basement and can’t find their way out to the sunshine and fresh air. A kind word and helping hand offered at just the right moment can make all the difference in the world.

When Should You NOT Hire a Tutor?

What to think about when your kid is struggling in school. Should you act fast and hire a tutor or should you wait and let him or her figure it out?

How to Choose and Use a Homework Timer

Time is a very difficult concept to grasp, even for adults. A lot of adults I know are having difficulty estimating how long things will take. Imagine how hard it is for your kids!

How to Help Your Child Improve Their Scissor Skills

Using scissors is one of the great challenges that every child faces somewhere along the line between holding a pencil and starting school. If you are brave enough to allow your child to use scissors at home, they will be getting lots of practice. But sometimes, that just isn’t enough to ensure that your little one’s scissor grip is at its best. We have put together a few ideas that will assist your child in developing strong fine motor muscles (essential for cutting and writing), whilst also giving them some fun activities to try.

When a Child Doesn’t Remember What He Reads!

Do you find that your child or teenager fails to retain information in the book or textbook chapter? Do you hear them say “I can’t remember what was said” a lot? If so, your child could have an issue with understanding or reading comprehension.

How to Build a Great Homework Station to Improve Productivity?

Here I have listed the three main rules that will make your child more focused while studying. Rule #1 – Face the empty wall. Kids are easily distracted on their own.

Your Teenage Daughter Is Pregnant: How to Handle It

Ideally, news about a pregnancy is received with overwhelmingly joy except a teenage pregnancy. Imagine a scenario: the family is at the dinner table on one of those jovial dinner moments, when your teenage daughter breaks the news about her pregnancy. It’s unbelievable!

Top Five Must Have 2016 Gifts for Girls

From tablets to building blocks, there are so many wonderful gifts for girls on the market. The best present is one that you and the one you give the gift to will both enjoy, helping to create a strong and fun friendship.

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Packing Healthy Lunches For Kids

Healthy eating is the daily general wellness mantra. What you eat and how you do it determines how healthy you will be, other factors remaining constant. This makes it a bit tricky to pack lunch for kids going to school. You are required to pack food that is less likely to go bad and healthy at the same time. Here are a few tips that could be of great help.

Four Types Of Summer Camps For Kids

Finding activities to do when school is out of session can be hard. Here are four types of summer camps that can prove both educational and entertaining for kids of all ages.

Daily Personal Hygiene for Young Children

Young children love playing outdoors and getting themselves dirty or messy. However, most parents tend to worry about their children getting sick from the harmful bacteria and gems out there. To have worry-free about your kids health, learn some useful tips for instilling good daily personal hygiene habits in them.

Why Should Children Join A Sports Academy?

We all want our kids to play. Playing is an integral part of growing up. But children may face following problems if they play without adult supervision:

Let’s Play

The purpose of this article is to show how important and beneficial a child’s play is to their learning experiences. These experiences are inclusive and apply to all areas of their life rather than being exclusive to one compartment of their life. Friedrich Froebel was born in 1782. He was a German educator and the founder of the Kindergarten movement. He combined the experiences that he had gained from studying plants and trees to working as a mineralogist. Friedrich Froebel’s father was a minister which greatly influenced Friedrich’s religious beliefs. His concepts stressed the spiritual dimensions of a child and how spirituality, mathematics, and nature are all connected.

Giving Kids a Second Chance

Kids grow up, even those in Juvenile Hall. Given half a chance, they change as they mature. Putting them on trail as though they were adults and sending them to adult prisons, takes away that second chance we owe them.

The Great I AM

Some young people grow up well-loved, nurtured and helped to find their path in life. Others grow up wild, on their own to figure out where is their purpose. Yet, no matter your circumstance, you have a heart. You can hear (feel) God speak to your heart. He is the little voice that tells you right from wrong. Listen.

Books for Children at Bedtime

Many people have fond memories of a parent, an aunt or an uncle, reading to them, often when one was tucked up in bed for the night. Although the main objective was to entertain the young mind and set it in a fantasy land where sleep came easily, on reflection one realises that this nocturnal experience was a key element in one’s broader education for life. The choice of appropriate literature in this setting could signpost a moral pathway, mould emotional development, stimulate a life-long love of reading and initiate a lifetime of enjoyment.

Help Your Children Resist Peer Pressure

HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD CONQUER PEER PRESSURE – Peer pressure can be described as an influence that is either negative or positive that is usually installed to a person so that they can fit in with their peers. A person is forced to acquire certain values choices or even decisions so that they can be assimilated. Parents might feel powerless in some circumstances, but they are actually the best people to help their teens to resist troublesome peers.

The Peter Pan Effect in Children’s Books

Peter Pan is the famous character, created by J M Barrie in the early years of the twentieth century and remembered ever since as the boy who never grew up. In both plays and children’s books, Peter and his friend Wendy, as well as Captain Hook, the ticking crocodile and the Red Indians, have entertained generations of children who, unfortunately, unlike Peter Pan were destined to reach adulthood. Peter and all his friends and enemies, like all characters in well-loved books, remain fixed at their age of portrayal, and never advance in years. This is one sense in which all literary characters are Peter Pans, but more than that, all the principal characters in popular children’s books are really children who have never grown up.

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Kids And Cell Phones

Every where you look today you see nothing, but cell phones in everyone’s hands. Kids as young as eight years old or younger have cell phones now. It said that twenty one percent of kids eight years and younger use smart phones, and seventy eight percent from age twelve to seventeen have a cell phone.

Kat and the Bone

“In order for your circumstances to change, YOU must change.” Bullying is a common problem facing schools and neighborhoods. Unfortunately it usually does not end at graduation and carries into adulthood.

Where Do You Sit?

We admire character in some people. When someone takes a moral stance, will not tolerate injustice, or bears personal risk to organize and lead a noble cause, we admire them for that. Other people watch what we do. Our character is always on display.

The 3 Common Incursion Ideas for School Children

School incursions are fun experiences for children. They get to participate in several camps that allow them to learn several other things apart from their academics.

Can Curiosity Make Your Child A Better Learner?

It is everyone’s pride to see children explore their full potential, and begin achieving their dreams at a tender age. How encouraging is it to realize that our children could discover their own paths for success, and stay the full course, only by assisting them in handling their curiosity?

Indoor Fun for Kids of All Ages

Finding interesting things to do indoors with your kids can often become a challenge during the winter months. Read on for inspiring and fun games and crafts for kids of all ages. It’s amazing what you can come up with by using simple, everyday items and ingredients found in your home!

Use “PCP Technique” To Transform Your Children Into Fast Learners

Unknowingly parents and teachers make learning a tough job. If you want to transform your children into better and fast learners, use the “PCP technique.”

Digital Games And Kids – A Different Perspective

The “Wikipedia problem” which means children turning to internet for readymade answers is the new age phenomenon baffling teachers and mentors globally. There are almost equal numbers of teachers who consider technology to be a solution as much as a problem. While a common belief is that technology is hindering the students’ capacity to think and analyze, there is also a strong opinion in favor of video games and digital gadgets’ ability to engage students and enhance learning by using more than one sensory stimulators. In spite of the growing concern about the students’ deteriorating attention spans, institutions are incorporating them in the process of classroom learning.

6 Keys to a Successful Lock-In

Lock-ins are a staple for youth ministries or Girl and Boy Scout troops. When a lock-in goes well, it can create great memories. If it goes bad, it can become a disaster, quickly! When planning a lock-in, keep these 6 keys in mind to ensure it is a success.

Toddler Art Adventures!

There’s no doubt about it. Toddlers love messing around with art materials, whipping up wild and wonderful creations to be hung on the refrigerator with great pride. From handprint collages to whimsical valentine cards and fragrant playdough masterpieces, tots dive into art projects with great enthusiasm. But art is more than just fun; it’s also great for your preschooler’s fine motor skills, language development, imagination and inventiveness. Following are a few ideas for expanding your little one’s artistic horizons.

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This Winter, Be a Bit Extra Careful About Your Child

It is no surprise that children love spending time outside even when the weather is extremely chilly. With the arrival of winter their enthusiasm and energy both get heightened. But restricting them from having fun and playing outdoor games are truly equivalent to being cruel to them. It is like not letting them fully enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons and depriving them from its pleasures. Hence, it is better to maintain some safety measures and allowing them enjoy winter to their heart’s content.

Bullies: How You Can Help When Your Teenager Is In Trouble

Bullying can be a hard thing to understand especially if you were never bullied as a child. For your teenager however it can be very devastating. Not only does your teen feel hurt, but they can often feel alone, depressed, frightened and undermined. Bullying is not something that should be a rite of passage for anyone.

The Quiet Killer!

My daughter suffered from major anxiety when she was younger. After much patience, repetition and self assurance she has come so far, as this story of being the center of attention during a dodge ball tournament in her school gym will attest to.

Cartoon Classics That Make Rare Bounce House Themes

While the current collection of bouncy castle skin is ever-expending and diverse, there are some from back in time that needs revisit. Take a look.

School Lunch Ideas

It’s time to accept the fact that raising healthy children means they won’t be eating school cafeteria lunches, but instead will need to bring lunch from home. Here are some suggestions for how even the busiest parents can do it.

Kids Need Time, Not Gifts

In the ever getting busier world of today, time seems to be the single most critical element that seems to get compromised first. Most individuals have kids at a later age, as they are busy establishing their careers. As a result, the parents have lesser energy and more stress.

How to Help Your Child Through the Loss of a Pet

Managing loss and death is one of the most difficult aspects of life. As an adult you know that there is an end to life but the death of a family pet may be the first time a child goes through this difficult time. Normal reactions of a child are natural and curious. They look to adults to help guide them through the process of mourning, grief and eventual understanding. There are several ways an adult can help the child understand the loss they are seeing and feeling and help them through the grieving process.

How a Guy Named Conrad Taught Me How to Inspire Kids to Learn

LEARNING comes implicitly and in the strangest places when you’re in the Kingdom of God – open to what the Lord’s Spirit would seek to teach us through his disciples and others. Conrad is, I believe, a disciple (not that that always matters). I met him at a family occasion to celebrate the Wedding of one of my nieces. Conrad is on the other side of the family – an uncle of the groom. He’s a cab driver. He’s done that for two decades. Cab drivers, in my experience of them, know how to tell a yarn. There is an implicit entertainer in most cab drivers, for my mind. And that’s my preconception as I entered into dialogue with Conrad. God was soon showing me a new thing. This was the gist of what he told me:

Healthy Eating for Preschoolers

Developing healthy eating habits in children begins in early childhood. By exhibiting healthy eating habits, parents teach their children which foods are necessary for normal growth and development.

Best Back to School Basic Stationery for All Grades

Is it your child’s first year or last year at school? Stationery is needed to start a great year at a new school or at an old familiar school. All students and learners start off their school year with a requirement for stationery. As a retailer it is important to stock up on all the necessary items to help the customer find everything under one roof.

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Is It Safe to Send Your Daughter to a Coed Overnight Camp?

Going to overnight camp offers your daughter an amazing opportunity to develop her confidence and independence. Yet, it is normal to have some concerns regarding how she will be supervised at a co-ed camp where the campers mix with the opposite sex during their daily activities. Fortunately, your daughter is just as secure in a mixed group at camp as she would be at school, and she’s possibly even safer. Here are some of the ways in which co-ed camps ensure the safety of their campers that should help ease your concerns.

What Can Be Done About Bullying?

Bullying has become a problem of epic proportions. Bullying is not just limited to pushing on the playground anymore. Now bullying and shaming are done on the worldwide web through social media. Young people have been known to commit suicide after being shamed and even blackmailed. This article addresses that issue.

How To Keep Kids’ Attention

I am alarmed at the number of kids that get labeled ADD and ADHD. I know there are some legitimate chemical imbalances that may require medication but more than once I have confirmed through my experience with kids that there are some cases that are misdiagnosed. It is my hope that the adult(s) in charge will go to all other lengths before putting a child on medication that could be a detriment to their health in their developing brains and bodies.

Guide On Buying Bath Toy Storages

Babies are very adorable when they are splashing around in the bathtub. Many parents use toys to woe their babies into taking baths. To keep the bathroom organised and tidy you need to have bath toy storages.

Books To Encourage Boys To Read

It is well known that boys are slower to learn to read than girls. Becoming literate is a two-stage process. The first is the technical issue of learning the alphabet, becoming familiar with the sounds represented by each letter, and then associating each known spoken word with its set of characteristic symbols. Many people complete this stage but do not advance beyond it, as anyone who has worked in Third World countries where English is a second language will confirm. In native English speaking countries too, some people do not advance to the second phase: the stage where reading is pursued for interest and pleasure, becoming entirely fluent and involuntary. It is perhaps at this second stage, even more than at the first, that boys need more encouragement than girls.

3 Methods to Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension Skills

When it comes to teaching a child to read, there are many ways to help the child improve his or her reading skill. In this article, you will discover the 3 methods to help improve reading comprehension for your child.

Advantages of Sending Your Child to an Overnight Summer Camp

If you’re facing the prospect of your son or daughter’s first summer at sleepaway camp, you may be just a little nervous about whether or not it’s the right decision. Rest assured that for most kids who are ready to spend an extended period of time away from home, not only will they most likely have a blast, they’ll also enjoy the boundless benefits of this time-honored summer tradition.

Jacob and Emma’s Lifelong Lessons Playing With Wooden Blocks

Having children use wooden blocks to play with gives them an opportunity to start acquiring skills that they will use throughout their life. Building wooden blocks present challenges for children, which puts them in a position to seek solutions and solve problems.

Short and Interesting Stories of Hindu Monkey God Hanumanji

HanumanJi is one of the great heroes of Ramayana. He is a wholehearted devotee of Rama.

5 Awesome Haircuts For Little Boys

Little boys are on their way to becoming little men and you should let them be as fashionable as possible. One of the ways of letting your little boy be fashionable is giving him a great haircut. Here are 5 great haircuts for little boys:

Big Sister Renee and Little Sister Ryan

Pizza Buffets and Other Easy Ideas for Entertaining Groups of Kids

It is your night to host the neighborhood kids – what do you do? Most parents are faced with this very same scenario at least a few times a year. It can be a stressful situation when trying to plan activities for a whole group of children. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are several ideas to help you.

Info 101: No Child Left Behind Morphs Into The Every Student Succeeds Act

Headline news: The Every Student Succeeds Act is now set to replace the No Child Left Behind Law of 2001, becoming official with Obama’s signature on December 10. At the time, he called it “a Christmas miracle,” and it’s one that will impact every one of our 50 million public school students and 3.4 million teachers–parents and taxpayers, too.

The Homework Debate and Tips for Getting It Done, Too

We’re off and running now, so far into the school year already that, in just about one month, most school districts will close the books on the second marking period. And all along the way, parents and kids alike have been dealing with homework–often unhappily.

The Defining Moment

The path that leads from childhood to adulthood is not linear. Many of us are set on a path by others, and some of us find our own way. Ultimately, we all find our own way. That is both the joy and the challenge of being an adult.

Teens Seem To Be Just Saying No to Cigarettes, But Why?

Cigarette use amongst teenagers is down significantly, and if you ask a regulatory agency they will tell you it is because of their wonderful work curbing advertising pointed towards their next generation of smoking addicts. Sure, we can reason that those regulations have done some good in this regard, but it still doesn’t account for all of change, or does it? Well, let’s discuss this because the issue has once again hit the scene.

Are Teens Using Secret Apps To Hide Daring Sexting Pics?

If you have a young teenager with smartphone access, you may be surprised to hear about a trend to which these young youths are using secret apps to hide their sexting photos. There are a few ways which these pics can be hidden within a clock app, which would be the last place you would think about finding these private photos.

Day Care: Are You Afraid That Bad Behaviour In Other Kids Will Rub Off On Your Child?

Every parent wants to believe that he/ she would give the best care to his/ her kids. Indeed, no one can ever replace the love and care which you can only get from your parents. That unconditional, parental love makes a child feel wanted and valuable – someone who is of great value to the world.

Thoughts for a New Teen

Beginning the teen years is a life changing endeavor. A brand new teen is still shedding childish tendencies while working toward being an adult. They will be faced with hard decisions that can change their whole lives-good and bad. Getting a note from their parents, grandparents or other older adults can inspire the teen to not give in to peer pressure and avoid obstacles that they would have to live with forever.

Effective Ways Of Approaching Teachers

There is often a feeling of apprehension in students when they have to approach their teachers. This article will help students by suggesting them effective ways of approaching their teachers.

5 Top Things To Help Students Who Self Harm At Christmas

Christmas is generally a time for joy, giving, receiving and thinking of others. For some people however, Christmas brings about fear, trepidation and anxiety. As schools are about to break up for the festive season, some pupils in particular may be filled with dread and the thought of having to take time out with their families; namely pupils who self harm. Some schools may already begin to see signs of structural attachment to the school or attachment to members of staff in the form of increased self harming as the end of term approaches.

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4 Bouncy Castle Themes Still Topping the Popularity Chart

Bouncy castle themes have been on an ever-changing spree since the start. Take a look at what haven’t changed despite the changing times.

Study Now!

So few people are willing to do ‘extra’, so that’s exactly why those of us that want to win should be doing extra. Give yourself extra homework if you have to… Trust me… This is how you get ahead in this world!

Study for Finals

Studying for finals doesn’t have to be difficult. By following a few simple steps, you can prepare for your exams without stressing yourself out.

The Wood Go-Kart: Not Just A Simple Platform, But a Head Turning Wonder

Weekends are so precious to most of us and bonding with our kids is one way to build lasting relationships. A wood go-kart can be that means of getting your kids to light up. The problem is that a wood go-kart in your mind might be a piece of junk, a fleeting moment type of exercise versus a high quality project worth sinking your teeth into. This article discusses how wood go-karts have changed, and perhaps it will change your mind about the wood go-kart idea you have in your head.

Kids and Screen Time: The Stats, the Risks, and Parent Tips, Too

Parents are buying into the tech craze, right there along with schools–but it might actually be time to hit the pause button, instead. That’s because a recent Organization for Economic Cooperation (OECD) study found that we’re actually not getting all that much bang for our bucks.

10 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Positive Self-esteem is fundamental to a child’s emotional and psychological well-being. It significantly affects their ability to form meaningful relationships, and how successful they are academically and, ultimately, in their chosen career. In this article, we look at 10 things you can do as a parent to help increase your child’s self-esteem.

10 Simple Lifestyle Changes For Raising Healthy Kids

We always want our child to be healthy, active, and intelligent. Most of the parents depend on some nutritional supplements like Multivitamins, Protein powders etc… though unsure if those are really going to help or not. Here are 10 simple lifestyle & mentality changes those will definitely help you raise healthy kids.

When Little Ones Grow Alongside Their Brains!

As parents we often focus on the physical, because that is what is most apparent. But our children’s brains are growing at a rapid rate. The physical development is not the only process that is growing at warp speed, the brain is as well.

Winning Takes Away A Lot Of The Pain!

We all have to pay the price for success up front. Many of us don’t want to pay this price. Those that do and then succeed, tend to forget about the price they paid. The success itself makes the journey a little less painful.

Listen To Your Parents About These Five Things

No one wants to listen to their parents. Their parents didn’t even want to listen to their parents in many cases. However, parents have been around for at least a decade or so longer than their kids, and so they are going to have some life experience to bring to the table.

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It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

Mental health challenges in children and young people are on the increase and are posing huge problems for them, adults and the society as a whole. Children want adults to take the lead and guide them. The teacher or parent must first know and understand what the problem is or underlying issues that needs to be fixed in order to bring about a change. The other key thing is that a more positive outcome is more likely if the parent or teacher first make changes within themselves in order to gain the results that they desire with and for the child or pupil

Picky Eaters – How to Overcome Picky Eating Habits

Holiday dinners with family watching can be stressful for picky eaters. They are often left hungry and embarrassed. Parents feel judged and isolated. Here are some tips for making everyone happy.

Children, Our Priceless Investment!

All of us are interested in making investments. In our generation, there are even experts to guide us in making wise investments. Most of us are go after property, house, mutual funds, so on and so forth…

5 Clever Tips That Help You Save Money On Children’s Entertainment

Raising children in today’s society is no easy or cheap feat. With the technology available in this day and age, many children grow accustomed to elaborate and expensive sources of entertainment. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are five clever tips to help you save money on your children’s entertainment.

2015 Hazardous Toy Alert and Safe Shopping Tips, Too

The consumer safety organization W.A.T.C.H. (World Against Toys Causing Harm) reminds us that the toy industry is big business, indeed, bringing in some $2 billion in sales every year alone. The group also says that “… While there are dangerous toys being sold in retail stores and online, awareness this holiday season and year-round can truly save lives.”

How To Select The Right Water Slide For Your Family

Inflatable water slides are perfect toys for kids in summer. Find out how to select the right water slide for you and your family.

The Bully’s Side of the Story

Are bullies merely rowdy kids, or victims of dysfunctional families repeatedly encountering neglect and abuse? What’s your take?

Preventing Teen Pregnancy

As parents, in particular single parents, we want only the best for our children and becoming a parent in their teen age is not one of them. Consequently, parents are frustrated on how best to prevent their teens from getting pregnant. Other than locking our children in their rooms, what can a parent do to prevent their children from making such a living changing mistake?

The Role of Dietary Supplements in Providing Adequate Nourishment to Children

Children being picky eaters, receive inadequate nourishment from food. This nutrition gap hinders their overall growth and development. Dietary supplements contain adequate nutrition, which builds this gap in them.

Is Your Child Ready for the Summer Camp Adventure?

Is your seven or eight-year old clamoring to set off on the grand adventure of overnight summer camp? Kids get bitten by the sleepaway camp bug when they hear about cabin shenanigans, daring high ropes courses, canoeing on the lake and munching gooey s’mores by the campfire. How do you know if they’re really ready to head off into the wilderness for several weeks or longer? Ask yourself a few basic questions, and you’ll have some idea if your youngster is really camp-ready.

BBBS Presents The Impact of Mentoring

Driving Instructor I’m Not!

My recently turned 18 year old son passed his driving test on his first attempt back in July this year, 2015. Let me tell you the responsibilities for me in the year leading up to this event were not my favourite. Now as the mother and sole parent, I know I have many roles to play and many responsibilities to fulfill, I’m up for the challenges, that’s why I chose to become a mum!

Winning Is Like Science!

We have all taken at some point in our lives a science class in school, right? And we have all heard the scientific rule that an object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion, correct? Well, believe it or not, winning also follows these scientific principles!

3 Steps to Building Resilience in Teens to Overcome Bullying

Parents often hope that their children will learn and build strength or character from setbacks in life, but it may not be as simple if they have low self-esteem. Along with recognizing the symptoms of bullying that slip under the radar, there are steps parents can take in helping their pre-teens and teens to develop confidence and the resilience to overcome bullying.

Winning Is Easier Than Losing!

Since we’re already suffering on the path of defeat, why not invest a little bit of that suffering to put us onto the road of victory? Once we learn how to win, you’ll see life gets easier, and the on-going necessary work to keep winning doesn’t hurt as much as the work when one is losing.

The First Step To Success Is Schooling – Choosing The Best School For Your Kid

To ensure a high flying career for your child, you need to start at grass roots. That is why, choosing the right school for your child is so significant. There is a lot of ground work to be done, before narrowing down on a school for your kid. Here is a quick run down of some vital factors that go in to choosing the right school for your child’s bright future.

The Evidence for the Benefits of Active, Outdoor Play for Children

Evidence for the case that keeping active really does help kids learn. Without it, kids are missing out on learning important life skills and basic social skills – and it’s important for all ages…

Tips for Teenagers and Kids to Make Money Fast

These days, if you want the best clothing, make-up, technology, and cold hard cash, you’re probably going to have to get your hands dirty and do some work for your friends, family, and local neighbors. You’ll probably be excited to know that you aren’t going to have to spend a lot of money on these ideas, and you probably already have what you need to figure out how to make money as a teenager or kid.

Piano Lessons Benefit Kids’ Mental Capacity and Emotional Health

When your mother told you to practice your piano lessons because it was good for you, she perhaps didn’t realize just how true that is. New research shows that learning to play the piano or another musical instrument profoundly affects the brain and provides a variety of emotional and cognitive development advantages, compared to those children who don’t learn to play.

Is Tutoring Beneficial or Harmful to Your Child’s Education?

In the recent years, parents have used tutoring as a means of educating their children. A research conducted by Eduventures – an educational firm-revealed that in 2005 parents spent $3.75 billion on tutors.

World Changers 101: A Call for Teenagers to Live Radically for Christ

“When I grow up, I want to be a doctor,” I would say. Like many kids, the seven year-old “me” had my future set. Six years later, that dream came to a screeching halt, when, while sitting in a college biology lecture with a raging headache and sore note-taking hand, I decided that a left-brained career wasn’t for me.

Work out with Michael B. Jordan

The 2015 Suicide Epidemic Even Among the Young: Stats, Facts, and Resources

On average, an American takes his or her own life every 12.5 minutes, with some 40,000 dying at their own hand every year. Indeed, suicide is now the tenth leading cause of death in this country, and the second leading cause of death for our 10- to 24-year-olds. What’s more, suicide rates continue to climb and now, for the first time, account for more deaths than car crashes.

Luck Is on the Side of Those Who Just Do It!

Life favors the bold! Don’t get old and wish that you had had the courage to try new things. Don’t worry… you’re not supposed to have all the answers right now. In time… those answers will come to you… as long as you’re taking action!

Teaching Your Children to Be Money-Wise

Children become financially responsible when they are taught to handle money properly and have positive role models to follow. Learn how to help your children become money-wise.

Great Ideas for Talking to Your Kids – From Toddler to Teen

Helpful tips to talk to your kids in a way that fosters good feelings and gets great results! From toddlers to teens, open communication is the key.

Early School Start Times Jeopardize Kids’ Well-Being and Academic Performance

Those yellow school buses are rolling again, and, in many cases, that translates into many parents having to drag their older kids out of bed-sometimes long before the sun has had a chance to rise. The reason: early school start times, coupled with the fact that most teens can’t readily fall asleep until around 11 p.m. That then means that to get their minimum required 8.5 to 9.5 hours of zzz’s, they need to sleep in until at least 7:30 in the morning–and that’s just not possible.

Halloween Treat Bags and Favors!

Halloween Treat Bags and Favors; simple toys, no sweets! Pre-filled favor bag; all the work is done for you! We all love Halloween. The decorations, the costumes, the candy, the fun with family and friends. For those of you with kids you know how big the season is and how much there is to do; the costumes, the decorations, the parties, and of course sweets and treats. I’m sure you are already thinking about what to do with all that candy, and how to limit it, without limiting the fun.

Wisdom for Children

Children will learn better when they see adults walk their talk. Parents want their children to learn from their life experience. When children see that parents gain more wisdom from the challenges in life, they too will appreciate the wisdom that their parents teach them. Following are some of my favorite nuggets of wisdom that I speak to my children and do my best model to them. You will go through coveting the hip toys, gadgets and branded stuff. You will soon outgr

Good Job, Mom!

It was way after business hours when I was ready to go home. As I left the building and headed towards my car I heard a voice call out “Excuse me. Can you help us?”

George Helps The Secret Service

George and his servant, Jack, are being sent to Scotland on an urgent mission for King Freddie of England. They are taken blindfolded to the secret headquarters of the Secret Service for briefing prior to their departure.

Someone Has Already Written Down Everything You Want to Know!

With today’s technology and the Internet, we can now choose to be an expert in any topic we want, any time we want. Someone has already written down everything that we want to know. So now, we just have to want to know!