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The Value of Grandparents In Our Life

By getting to know our grandparents, we learn many valuable things about ourselves, our life, and the world around us. Talk to your grandparents. Ask them questions. They aren’t just grandparents. They are unique people with fascinating experiences.

How to Create a Home Office in Your Bedroom

You spend a lot of time studying in your room, so why not have a space carved out for it? Follow these steps to create your own home office right in your bedroom.

In Crisis Mode: Excessive Student Absences and Truancy

Under the Obama administration, billions of tax dollars have been spent “reforming” public education, yet student performance continues to lag. Meanwhile, not on its agenda are the effects of poverty, inadequate parenting, rampant absenteeism, and truancy, and much the shame.

One’s Outlook Determines One’s Outcome!

There are pessimists and there are optimists. Pessimists do indeed live a little bit in the ‘real world’ than optimists do. However, optimists are indeed better at creating the world that they want to live in. Which one are you?

Healing From Childhood Trauma: 7 Ways Parents Can Help Their Teen Develop Resilience

Childhood trauma is one of the biggest problems experienced by children and teens, which is often hidden in plain sight. Sadly, childhood trauma can go untreated and result in unhealthy choices and a self-destructive path as children enter adolescence and young adulthood. However, there are steps that parents can actively take in helping their teens to heal from their experience and develop the resilience to lead healthy lives.

Teach Children Environmental Education Through Fantasy and Adventure

Entertain and teach young readers by incorporating fantasy and adventure into their environmental education. Loveable characters and exciting plots encourage continued awareness in saving our planet.

Winners Endure It All And Still Do More!

We all go through rough times. These rough times are not reasons or excuses to fail and to not live the life that we are supposed to live. Rather, these rough times are reasons and soul-searchings to help us become the person that we are meant to become.

Reality Check On Bullying: How Teens Are Taking Their Own Stand

Zero tolerance for bullying has become a national topic of discussion among parent groups and schools in the wake of many teens feeling helpless with being relentless harassed at school and online at home. A recent incident of bullying is testing the reality of what intervention is needed in a split second.

Young Girl, Why Are You in Pain?

Born and wonderfully fearfully made, you don’t need to try and keep up with the trendy girls. Why do you put yourself in so much pain?

Cleaners and Doing Stuff

This is for my son and many teens out there who might be lost or don’t have someone to show them the way to a better and more healthy mind. This is something I learned along the way in life that is in my best interest to share with the kids.

Define Your Legacy – Creed & Big Brothers Big Sisters

Discovering Resilience: 3 Tips on How Teens Can Cope With Challenges in Their Journey

Failing grades, dating, peer pressure, and angry parents are all things that can leave teens feeling off-balance, anxious, and overwhelmed by what they think is out of their control. It’s during these intense moments that they can use skills that will unlock their natural ability to handle stress. Teens can discover that they have resilience within themselves to create and maintain balance in their lives.

Clothing Ideas for Toddlers Trending This Season

Toddler outfits come in various styles. But you should dress you child in an outfit that is in fashion lately.

Why There Is a Need for Child Counseling and Adolescent Counseling

Counselling helps to work upon their emotions, it deals with their confusion and most important it helps children unburden themselves by dealing with issues which are of concern to them though it might be quite trivial to others. It is very important for parents to work and prevent these stressors and to form a long and lasting relationship with their children.

Prioritizing Music Education and Its Link to Achievement

It calls to us from our radios, MP players, and smart phones, and with such staying power that we sometimes can’t get the tunes and lyrics out of our heads. And that’s only the beginning… In fact, numerous studies back up the notion that there is a link between music and academic performance that goes well beyond the oft-touted but as yet unproven Mozart effect.

Young Brains on Marijuana: Risky Business

Okay, okay, we all know: Road safety folks worry about marijuana-high drivers on the road right there along with intoxicated travelers, but worries shouldn’t end there. Indeed, last year French medical scientists concluded that, “The recreational use of marijuana may result in cardiovascular-related complications and possibly even death among young and middle-aged adults.”

Give to Get!

Why don’t we follow the sound advice of giving more in life to get more out of life? We get out of life what we put into it. We give to get!

Pumpkin Planters for Kids!

There are tons of ways to carve a pumpkin for a scary decoration, but pumpkins can also be used to beautify and create a fun fall planter project for kids! A fun and creative fall project to get the kids outdoors, learning and decorating with garden inspired ideas!

What Kids Can Learn From Martial Arts

What can children learn from martial arts training classes? Read them below.

Speech Training Versus Speech Therapy

As a practicing speech-language pathologist in private practice, I get numerous calls from parents asking me if I can provide their child with elocution lessons for enunciation of words. This is when I have to give the parents a spill about speech training versus speech therapy and why it is important to distinguish the two services.

Getting The Best For Your Preschooler

Preschool is generally early childhood education usually offered to children between the ages of 3 and 4 although the age allowance can differ from school to school. Some preschools have the children for a few hours on specific days on a part time basis while others offer full time classes for the children. At such a young age, the children get introduced to letters, shapes and numbers and they also have that chance to socialize, share and contribute to their play circles.

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Count and Learn With Babushka: Educational and Fun Games for Kids

This is a very short article that highlights how Russian nesting dolls contribute to early childhood development by developing counting skills, logical decision making, color recognition and motor skills development. The great characteristic of nesting dolls is that children enhance these skills while playing with unique and traditional Russian toys.

5 Ways To Convince Your Kids That Historic Sites Are Cool

History is something more than what we read in textbooks. Try telling that to schoolchildren, who see anything historical as boring. Historical sites can be cool, and here are a few ways parents can teach them how history can be fun.

Results Vs Reality

Getting 12th standard’s state Board results a few days back myself, I saw today’s Facebook filled with statuses about the CBSE board results. Some had good results and some had great. There was not a single person who posted that s/he had an awful result.

The Benefits of Role Play Toys for Kids

Role play toys for kids are among the best toys you can use to help your child enhance and develop adult behaviour. These can include toy kitchens, dress-up costumes, doctor kits and provide the child with a great way to fully understand more about the world he lives in!

Don’t Hang It Up!

Some kid, and the best wrestling coach in the world taught me a valuable lesson that I will never forget! Don’t Hang up your shoes yet! We’re still learning…

Troubled Teen Girls and Authority Issues

Troubled teen girls often become resistant to authority, displaying disrespectful behaviors and defiance toward parents and other adults. Although most teens act out as a normal part of the maturation process, some levels of extreme behavior may warrant professional evaluation and intervention.

10 Ways to Teach Kids About Money

Money empowers people to make decisions, educate and motivate. Decisions on daily expenditure can have a great negative impact on kid’s financial future.

Fairy Tales That Take Me Back To My Childhood

Though the fact remains that we have no time machine, yet the travel to the past still exists. Sitting in a veranda, watching my 3 year old nephew shouting at the top of his voice throws me back to my childhood.

Gardening Could Be the Sharpest Educational Tool in the Box

When it comes to our children and how to educate them effectively, there are quite some methods. Learn about the numerous benefits of gardening.

Should You Vaccinate Your Children?

Should you vaccinate your children? This is a question that every parent is faced with almost as soon as their child is born because according to the CDC vaccination schedule, the first vaccine is given shortly after birth (HepB). This can sometimes be a controversial topic so let me fully disclose that anything contained going forward is strictly just my opinion on vaccinations for my children. I personally have vaccinated and will continue to vaccinate both of my boys because during my short stay in nursing school, I heard something that really stuck with me. “Why would you continue taking your child to a Doctor you do not trust?”. What does this have to do with vaccination? I fully trust everything that my boy’s doctor believes in and he, like most, believes in fully vaccinating his patients.

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Organizing the Best Birthday Bash for Your Child

Organizing a birthday party for your little angle or young prince can be an uphill task at times. However, if you go through this content the scenario can change.

Teach to Learn!

Sometimes we know how to just do something. We can’t always explain how we do it, but we can do it well, regardless. The secret on taking our performance to the next level is actually, believe it our not, teaching someone else how to do what we know how to do…

How TV Is Killing Our Kids

For the first time in modern history the youth of today will more than likely has a shorter lifespan than their parents. Historically, viruses such as TB, polio or the measles were the cause of early death in the under 18-age group. Today, the root cause is obesity as a result of inactivity.

A Boy’s Will Is the Wind’s Will

Alone With a New Grandson – Little Ben and I are having a staring contest. He will win. Nobody in the world can outlast the stare of a two-month old baby.

Recognizing and Understanding How Trauma Affects Children

Children can be amazingly resilient and adapt to changes in their life. However, recovering from a traumatic event is not as easy as parents would hope. It helps to take a closer look at how trauma can affect children and what can help them. There are many evidenced based approaches in mental health that can make a big difference in how children can recover from trauma.

There Is Nothing Greater Than Working With Kids!

While in high school and still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, teaching kids wasn’t high on my list. Fortunately, life has a funny way of giving you what you need. Now all these years later, I teach kids and feel very lucky that I do!

Summer Camp and Its Lifelong Benefits for Children

It’s easy to think of summer camp as just a place for swimming lessons, dodge ball, boating and arts and crafts, an easy solution to summer boredom for kids. Of course, all these things are true, and summer camp memories are made of canoe expeditions, swimming competitions, tie-dye t-shirts and rousing camp songs. However, while kids are having a blast playing games, making summer friends and learning new skills, they are also absorbing a host of vitally important life lessons that will last long after the last bus ride home from camp.

The Truth About Bullying: What the Adults Aren’t Telling You

Kids who are bullied often feel trapped. They feel trapped at school and they feel trapped by the person terrorizing them. But kids can communicate with adults. They’re not trapped and they can overcome bullies by being persistent with adults and by working to outsmart the bully.

Live Now and Learn Always!

Are you living your fullest life now? Are you a life-long learner? Don’t become that 90-year old rocking on their porch with a life full of regrets over the things that you didn’t do…

How Much Suffering Is The Job Worth?

George had been appointed Patron Saint and Minister for the Environment and had succeeded in pacifying all the monsters in England. Now he was being asked to help other countries achieve the same result but this inevitably involved a sea voyage. Suffering from severe seasickness, George was in such distress on a voyage to France that he was ready to give up his job and salary of three shillings and six pence a week.

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Hitler and Racial Prejudice!

It’s always easier to point our finger at someone else when things are going wrong, especially if they look different than us, or seem to have climbed the latter of success ahead of us. What’s much more difficult is taking a long hard look at ourselves and not giving ourselves an easy out through being prejudice towards others.

5 Tips for Last Minute Dads Looking for Family Fun Activities

Okay dad, it’s time to put on your planning hat! But don’t worry, even if you’ve been procrastinating, you have plenty of options when it comes to last minute ideas for family fun activities. The first thing you want to do is a quick online search of area attractions.

YouTube And The Danger It Poses To High-Schoolers

YouTube, as we all know, is the world’s best video hosting website. It houses videos created by millions of users worldwide about a wide range of topics. People in advertising see YouTube as an excellent platform that they can use to generate free traffic to their websites and convert leads into sales. Also, it is a good outlet for video content creators to showcase their work and at the same time monetize it, creating an avenue for passive income.

Hitler Reminded Us That Power Corrupts!

In this article Hitler shows us how power corrupts. If you are an aspiring leader you must be careful not to lose yourself in success. Furthermore, the general population should always follow Socrates advice and never stop asking our leaders questions.

How To Surprise Your Kids With Some Live Entertainment

Kids love surprises. As long as the surprise is something they want to be surprised about. So here to inspire you are some surprises with live entertainment, which is something they don’t often see.

From Food to Flowers: How to Garden With Kids!

Age appropriate activities for gardening with children. Includes ideas, suggestions, & tips for encouraging little ones to explore their “green thumb”!

Gardening Compost for Kids

Get kids excited for gardening by creating your own compost! Easy steps and info on how to get started, why it’s a great project, and things to put in the compost!

The “Stop Sign” – An Easy, Bully-Stopping, Back-To-School Personal Safety Tip

It has been estimated that roughly 77% of all students are bullied either physically or verbally. As a parent, grandparent, martial artist, and human being, that statistic blows my mind! For the victims, the consequences of being bullied can be devastating, life-altering, and sometimes life-ending.

Get Ready for Back to School

It’s time to get ready to return to school. Follow a few simple steps, and you’ll be ready and organized. Then you can enjoy the remaining summer days.

Your Preschoolers and The Playground

While playgrounds are supposed to be fun for children of all ages, there are differences between what makes one safe and enjoyable for preschoolers and older students. After all, most preschoolers are only a couple of years past learning to walk and talk, so it’s important to keep their developmental level in mind when designing safe play areas. While older children might be playing elaborate games of team hide and seek or holding competitive foot races around the playground equipment during recess, preschoolers are still at a too-delicate stage of physical development for these rough and tumble activities. However, exercise and outdoor play remains an important part of helping younger children grow up to be healthy and strong. That’s not to mention the numerous emotional and social benefits of toddlers playing with their peers.

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The Importance of Your Children Reading Every Day

The importance of children having strong literacy skills. Reading with your children is a great start.

The Importance of Imperfect Progress

Every mom wants to see that her daughter is making progress. You hope to see your daughter moving forward and progressing in her academics, creativity, relationships, responsibility and maturity. This yearning is instinctual in moms and feels like it is written in our DNA. Because this feeling is so natural, you may not even be aware of it. And yet it is there, big time, and we spend a great deal of our energy assessing if our daughter is making progress or falling behind. We think about this numerous times a day. I love the idea of progress. This is one of my core values. I love it when I’m seeing my daughter moving forward in her life.

Pacifier’s History

A pacifier is a mother’s breast substitute for a baby. Its history goes back to ancient times, when the struggle for survival, obtaining the food and search for a shelter from wild animals was the only purpose of human life.

Always Ask Questions!

Socrates, who is considered the wisest person to have ever lived, never stopped asking questions and challenging people to think more deeply about their beliefs of themselves and the society that they lived in. I think we would be wise to follow Socrates’ example, don’t you?

Should You Buy Your Kid a Drone for Christmas?

Here you can get a better idea about what kind of drone to buy your kid at Christmas and whether or not you should even though you probably will. Help your kid to stay safe when flying and find drones for sale at cheap prices.

Essential School Stationery Products

They say back to school is cool but without the right stationery it is a battle for kids to be productive. Every school kid needs stationery for school and making use of all the great back to school specials will help your pocket. Thus it’s best to buy stationery long before the schools open.

About Keeping Up With Teenager Fashions

The teenagers of today not only have to keep up with the pressures of their lifestyles, such as demands for them to be singing, dancing and academic whiz kids, but also to maintain a fashion image that meets or goes beyond that of their peers! Going online is a great way to view what is happening in the Boutique world. Browse the latest stunning clothes from classy dresses to outright fashion statements. Teenagers need a time out, to relax and be encouraged to wear what makes them feel comfortable when with their friends. Whether dressed to kill or cool casual, as a teenager, you want that feeling of growing up and the clothes to match.

8 Reasons You Need To Raise Your Kids Like the French Do

Living in London, I spent my most peaceful years sharing flat with a phenomenal French lady. She was kind, gentle, caring, patient and intelligent- all the qualities I had not necessarily attributed to her French background as much to her individual personality. But when her family came visiting over Christmas, I saw a much different dynamic between each member than the one I was used to; dynamics that made breakfast a work of art and decision making smooth as silk.

Society’s Shift From Free Play to Sports

Most of us remember summers and days of freedom after school. Days were filled with adventure, imagination, the impossible becoming possible and coming home when the lightning bugs were all caught. We look around today and wonder, “Why don’t we see that in today’s generation of children?”

How Fairies Help Children Today

Can you still remember when you were a child and your mom read you fairy tales before you went to bed? Everyone in this world knows about fairies, with these beautiful winged creatures being a part of their childhood.

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The Top 5 Children’s Museums In The United States

Children are, increasingly, hard to educationally entertain. When it comes to children’s museums in the United States, there are only a handful that, over the years, children have positively responded to consistently.

The Floor Bed

Trust me, I’ve heard it all. I love your nursery, but where’s the crib? Well, there isn’t crib and let me tell you why.

Boys Trash Talk Their Neighbor – Watch What Happens!

Two kids walked by Leonard’s house and deem it worthy only of the burn pile. “It’s so nasty it should be burned to the ground.” One man overheard their comments and took matters into his own hands.

Five Ways Art Classes Can Benefit Your Child

Art classes have become almost nonexistent in today’s traditional school programs, as the focus shifts to the STEM disciplines. It is within the creative structure of the arts, however, in which young children truly learn the skills that will encourage them to become more well-rounded and creative thinkers.

The 5 Things Your Kids Will Remember About You

It’s no mystery- children are extremely impressionable. Busy learning about and taking in the world around them, they are open to a spectrum of ideas, thoughts, actions and reactions that far surpasses our own experiences in diversity and number. As parent, you are tasked with a dual role- you are charged with helping your child sieve his/her experiences and impressions, assisting them in making sense of the world around them as they go along; and you are also charged with being a primary source of information, ideas and impressions for your kid.

6 Strategies for Handling ADHD Meltdowns at Home and in the Classroom

An ADHD child in the middle of a meltdown in school or in public can leave a parent or educator feeling powerless, frustrated, and unsure of what to do next. If you are the parent or care giver of a child with ADHD or PTSD, or an educator then knowing how to manage meltdowns can make a big difference for both the child and yourself in keeping calm. Here are 6 strategies for dealing with a meltdown:

4 Ways Teens Can Overcome Anxiety

Teens experiencing stress and anxiety on a consistent basis can develop a bunch of problems that affect their physical and emotional health. Anxiety is an emotion can result in teens being vulnerable and believing negatively about themselves. There are 4 main areas that parents can talk with their teens about in helping to reduce the severity of anxiety.

The American Boy – Drugged

The American Boy is at risk of being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the statistics show that one-in-seven boys will be labeled with ADHD. A noted psychiatrist points to the possibility that they will be falsely diagnosed!

Provo Bounce House Rental Safety

Bounce houses can be a great addition to any child’s birthday party in Utah. That being said, bounce houses are not babysitters! Here are some great tips to keep your kids safe while bouncing on your Provo Bounce Rental.

Appeasement Doesn’t Always Work!

Why are we appeasing people whom we shouldn’t in these modern days? In these modern times do we really have anything to truly fear from the so-called bully? Let’s get together today and decide that we are all going to treat each other better, and the few that don’t will be stood up to and made to feel the pressure of all the good around them until their will is bent toward living a more civilized life!

Darryl’s Story – Big Brothers Big Sisters

One Simple Way To Deflect Your Child’s Tantrums

Squealing children are a phenomenon no number of parenting books can prepare you for. The advice and ideas disseminated are more than fair, but it’s another thing to feel your own blood boil and try and keep a levelled voice while you child near spits his/her anger at you. I sometimes wonder if my children’s tantrums are past karma, or the glorious initiations into a new chapter of life as a mature adult and parent.

Greats From The Past And Their Secrets!

Do you like secrets? Well then you better read this article about Churchill, Roosevelt and Johnson!

Respect Is a Two-Way Street – Not Only Should Children Give Respect, They Need To Receive It Also

I recently read an article about a twelve year old. Not just your average twelve year old, but one who has a passion for politics and has set social media ablaze with his vigor and conviction. I am talking about young C.J. Pearson, whom I was very impressed by. What I was not amused nor impressed by is how adults have bullied this young man over his political views.

How to Teach Your Child About Healthy Competition – It’s Okay to Lose

Winning is a natural instinct. However some children do not understand that it’s okay to lose. This could set them up for emotional difficulties as they grow. This article can help parents to teach children that it’s okay to lose now so they are prepared when they are older.

7 “Me” Moments Every Mom Needs To Take

Are you a frazzled mum who has forgotten the sound of her own company? Taking some time out is a responsibility to yourself- one that is vital to not just your own well-being and sanity, but also just how well you perform on the job and off it. Here are 7 ‘me’ moments every mom needs to take.

Potty Training Techniques

This article is about the basic concepts of starting to potty train your child. Know what to look out for when your child might be ready to start. Differences in every child make it harder to realize when they are ready.

A Children’s Book: Filling It With People

In writing stories for sons in the early 1970s, the challenge arose of developing a group of central characters capable of capturing youthful imaginations and stimulating a desire to follow their further adventures. Personalities needed to be briefly but strongly sketched, as young minds cannot be expected to read through subtle novel-length character development, but it was important for the characters to have thoughts and feelings as well as actions. It was realised that the central characters in a children’s book may be nominally adult, but they are essentially children with whom young minds can quickly identify.

A Letter From The World’s Most Embarrassing Dad

Dear darling daughter, Let me start by stating the obvious – I love you. But for me to honor that commitment, I must honor myself as well – the I is just as important to uphold as the love for you is, else I wouldn’t be your dad at all.

Harvard University’s Making Caring Common Project

For the “Making Caring Common Project,” Harvard University surveyed some 10,000 middle and high schoolers from 33 schools across the country in 2013 1nd 2014. They also interviewed hundreds of parents, and the results may very well trouble you and force you out of your comfort zone.

12 Tips to Get Him Reading Then Keep Him Reading

Strong reading and writing skills are essential to your child’s academic success. Some boys and girls are reading voraciously by kindergarten. There are many more who won’t read until much, much later. Whether he is reading – or isn’t reading yet – how do you get him interested and keep him there?

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Children Under Stress

All children in the course of growing up encounter minor stresses: accidents and illnesses, the birth of a new baby, a move of house or school, and the inevitable demands of increasing maturity and self control. Most children react to these stresses with temporary behavior disorders, such as nightmares, bed wetting, temper tantrums or excessive fears. Serious difficulties arise only when the stresses are overwhelming or when the adults are too occupied to attend to the child’s signals of distress.

Mondays at Juvenile Hall

Being a spiritual advisor to a group of incarcerated teenage boys has its challenges. It makes you face your own doubts and tests your own faith. I leave them with a prayer for them and a request for prayers in return.

A Children’s Book: Aims and Aspirations

When I first settled to writing my children’s stories in the early 1970s, I had a definite purpose in mind. One-by-one my three sons left home in Kumasi, Ghana, to attend boarding school in England, and I felt a need to add something a little more substantial to their weekly letters. So I began padding out each envelope with a few additional type-written pages that contained a complete story in a familiar series. If the primary purpose was to entertain, there was always a hidden agenda to complement their formal education.

Youth Treatment Programs for Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Youth treatment programs are showing great promise for helping children and teens who suffer from pervasive developmental disorders or PDD. PDD can affect children in a variety of ways, but symptoms generally involve problems with socializing and communication. The most effective course of treatment involves a combination of behavioral and experiential therapies.

Making Your Child Be More Responsible

As we all know by now, there is no manual for parenting. If there was, it would be on a bestseller! Hopefully, this article can provide some assistance. As parents we are role models, caretakers and dispense advice, information as well as insert moral values. We do our best but sometimes make mistakes-we are after all, only human.

Tips for Preparing for Summer Camp

When your child is set to attend summer camp, you will need to prepare for this excursion. Learn valuable tips for shopping and packing to ensure that your youngster has fun.

4 Reasons To Stop Tricking Your Kids Into Eating Healthy

Does your child make the most creatively absurd faces on seeing even the slightest trace of veggies on his/ her plate? Don’t be alarmed, a kid warming up to veggies and greens is a rarer phenomenon than most parents would like. Yet this does not undermine how vital it is for them to consume these in healthy portions, and integrate them into their diet.

Would Your Child Walk Off With This Stranger?

Avid YouTuber Joey Salads brings an interesting social experiment to the fore with his online video. In it he reveals just how easy it can be to win a child’s trust and interest – all you need is an affable personality and an extremely cute dog to go with it! Joey exposes how, inspite of all the talks, warnings and threats, children can be easily abducted resulting in the staggering statistics that haunt us; in the U.S. alone over 700 kids are abducted every single day.

Don’t Stress – It’s Just a Birthday Party!

If you aren’t careful, planning a birthday party can get out of hand and take over your life in a negative way. Take a few helpful hints to keep the plans for your child’s big day in check and enjoyable.

You Don’t Have to Start Off As An Expert!

So many times the ‘start’ is what actually ‘stops’ us from living our best life. We are so more capable than we think we are, as long as we don’t feel like we have to be perfect, especially, in the beginning. So go ahead and get started. Make mistakes. It will be fun because you are learning new things.

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Best Balance Bike – The Ultimate Guide

On the surface, choosing a balance bike might seem like a simple task. They are bikes with two wheels and no pedals, chains or sprockets. The bikes are mainly designed to put emphasis on balance and make the transition to pedaled bike riding an easy one. While they are simple in design, they are certainly not one-size-fits all.

No, You Really Can’t Teach An Infant To Read

I do believe in miracles and the extraordinary; therefore the idea of a baby beginning to read even at that tender age is not a complete impossibility in my books. But stepping outside the magical land of stunning exceptions, I do not feel we can really teach an infant to read, especially if it has no particular interest in doing so.

Kids’ Fitness: Get Active Every Day

All healthy tips for kids will tell you that physical activity in children should be encouraged, and why not? It helps children develop a stronger physique, stronger bones and keeps obesity at bay.

The Risks of Being a Loner in School

This article talks about the perils of a child being a loner at school. It also touches upon the reasons for it happening.

Kid-Friendly Event Planning Tips

Event planning for kids and families requires some extra considerations. Consider these important topics as you plan the big day ahead.

5 Ways to Thrive With Your Son This Summer

Are you already in summer survival mode? These tips fit any budget and every schedule whether you’re a stay-at-home or working parent. Boys yearn for active, exciting adventures that have some risk and physical challenge thrown in. Remember to include some downtime, too, and you’ll be thriving in no time.

Teen Paradigms

A paradigm is the way you see something. It is your point of view, your frame of reference or belief.

How Teens Should Handle a Bully

Bullying has negative, lifelong effects. About 20% of Canadian youths are bullied daily. Why do bullies bully and how should we react in a bullying situation.

Importance of Encouragement

The importance of giving young children encouragement at the right time. How can the right encouragement at the right time can affect a child.

5 Ways Your Children Can Benefit By Reading Stories

In today’s world of high-tech gadgets, books and toys are gradually phasing out. It is more common to see kids swiping open their parent’s smartphones than to come across kids admiring the colorful illustrations on the pages of a story book. It is good to keep your kids abreast with the latest technology, but it is equally important for them to read stories.