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One Simple Way To Deflect Your Child’s Tantrums

Squealing children are a phenomenon no number of parenting books can prepare you for. The advice and ideas disseminated are more than fair, but it’s another thing to feel your own blood boil and try and keep a levelled voice while you child near spits his/her anger at you. I sometimes wonder if my children’s tantrums are past karma, or the glorious initiations into a new chapter of life as a mature adult and parent.

Greats From The Past And Their Secrets!

Do you like secrets? Well then you better read this article about Churchill, Roosevelt and Johnson!

Respect Is a Two-Way Street – Not Only Should Children Give Respect, They Need To Receive It Also

I recently read an article about a twelve year old. Not just your average twelve year old, but one who has a passion for politics and has set social media ablaze with his vigor and conviction. I am talking about young C.J. Pearson, whom I was very impressed by. What I was not amused nor impressed by is how adults have bullied this young man over his political views.

How to Teach Your Child About Healthy Competition – It’s Okay to Lose

Winning is a natural instinct. However some children do not understand that it’s okay to lose. This could set them up for emotional difficulties as they grow. This article can help parents to teach children that it’s okay to lose now so they are prepared when they are older.

7 “Me” Moments Every Mom Needs To Take

Are you a frazzled mum who has forgotten the sound of her own company? Taking some time out is a responsibility to yourself- one that is vital to not just your own well-being and sanity, but also just how well you perform on the job and off it. Here are 7 ‘me’ moments every mom needs to take.

Potty Training Techniques

This article is about the basic concepts of starting to potty train your child. Know what to look out for when your child might be ready to start. Differences in every child make it harder to realize when they are ready.

A Children’s Book: Filling It With People

In writing stories for sons in the early 1970s, the challenge arose of developing a group of central characters capable of capturing youthful imaginations and stimulating a desire to follow their further adventures. Personalities needed to be briefly but strongly sketched, as young minds cannot be expected to read through subtle novel-length character development, but it was important for the characters to have thoughts and feelings as well as actions. It was realised that the central characters in a children’s book may be nominally adult, but they are essentially children with whom young minds can quickly identify.

A Letter From The World’s Most Embarrassing Dad

Dear darling daughter, Let me start by stating the obvious – I love you. But for me to honor that commitment, I must honor myself as well – the I is just as important to uphold as the love for you is, else I wouldn’t be your dad at all.

Harvard University’s Making Caring Common Project

For the “Making Caring Common Project,” Harvard University surveyed some 10,000 middle and high schoolers from 33 schools across the country in 2013 1nd 2014. They also interviewed hundreds of parents, and the results may very well trouble you and force you out of your comfort zone.

12 Tips to Get Him Reading Then Keep Him Reading

Strong reading and writing skills are essential to your child’s academic success. Some boys and girls are reading voraciously by kindergarten. There are many more who won’t read until much, much later. Whether he is reading – or isn’t reading yet – how do you get him interested and keep him there?

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Children Under Stress

All children in the course of growing up encounter minor stresses: accidents and illnesses, the birth of a new baby, a move of house or school, and the inevitable demands of increasing maturity and self control. Most children react to these stresses with temporary behavior disorders, such as nightmares, bed wetting, temper tantrums or excessive fears. Serious difficulties arise only when the stresses are overwhelming or when the adults are too occupied to attend to the child’s signals of distress.

Mondays at Juvenile Hall

Being a spiritual advisor to a group of incarcerated teenage boys has its challenges. It makes you face your own doubts and tests your own faith. I leave them with a prayer for them and a request for prayers in return.

A Children’s Book: Aims and Aspirations

When I first settled to writing my children’s stories in the early 1970s, I had a definite purpose in mind. One-by-one my three sons left home in Kumasi, Ghana, to attend boarding school in England, and I felt a need to add something a little more substantial to their weekly letters. So I began padding out each envelope with a few additional type-written pages that contained a complete story in a familiar series. If the primary purpose was to entertain, there was always a hidden agenda to complement their formal education.

Youth Treatment Programs for Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Youth treatment programs are showing great promise for helping children and teens who suffer from pervasive developmental disorders or PDD. PDD can affect children in a variety of ways, but symptoms generally involve problems with socializing and communication. The most effective course of treatment involves a combination of behavioral and experiential therapies.

Making Your Child Be More Responsible

As we all know by now, there is no manual for parenting. If there was, it would be on a bestseller! Hopefully, this article can provide some assistance. As parents we are role models, caretakers and dispense advice, information as well as insert moral values. We do our best but sometimes make mistakes-we are after all, only human.

Tips for Preparing for Summer Camp

When your child is set to attend summer camp, you will need to prepare for this excursion. Learn valuable tips for shopping and packing to ensure that your youngster has fun.

4 Reasons To Stop Tricking Your Kids Into Eating Healthy

Does your child make the most creatively absurd faces on seeing even the slightest trace of veggies on his/ her plate? Don’t be alarmed, a kid warming up to veggies and greens is a rarer phenomenon than most parents would like. Yet this does not undermine how vital it is for them to consume these in healthy portions, and integrate them into their diet.

Would Your Child Walk Off With This Stranger?

Avid YouTuber Joey Salads brings an interesting social experiment to the fore with his online video. In it he reveals just how easy it can be to win a child’s trust and interest – all you need is an affable personality and an extremely cute dog to go with it! Joey exposes how, inspite of all the talks, warnings and threats, children can be easily abducted resulting in the staggering statistics that haunt us; in the U.S. alone over 700 kids are abducted every single day.

Don’t Stress – It’s Just a Birthday Party!

If you aren’t careful, planning a birthday party can get out of hand and take over your life in a negative way. Take a few helpful hints to keep the plans for your child’s big day in check and enjoyable.

You Don’t Have to Start Off As An Expert!

So many times the ‘start’ is what actually ‘stops’ us from living our best life. We are so more capable than we think we are, as long as we don’t feel like we have to be perfect, especially, in the beginning. So go ahead and get started. Make mistakes. It will be fun because you are learning new things.

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Best Balance Bike – The Ultimate Guide

On the surface, choosing a balance bike might seem like a simple task. They are bikes with two wheels and no pedals, chains or sprockets. The bikes are mainly designed to put emphasis on balance and make the transition to pedaled bike riding an easy one. While they are simple in design, they are certainly not one-size-fits all.

No, You Really Can’t Teach An Infant To Read

I do believe in miracles and the extraordinary; therefore the idea of a baby beginning to read even at that tender age is not a complete impossibility in my books. But stepping outside the magical land of stunning exceptions, I do not feel we can really teach an infant to read, especially if it has no particular interest in doing so.

Kids’ Fitness: Get Active Every Day

All healthy tips for kids will tell you that physical activity in children should be encouraged, and why not? It helps children develop a stronger physique, stronger bones and keeps obesity at bay.

The Risks of Being a Loner in School

This article talks about the perils of a child being a loner at school. It also touches upon the reasons for it happening.

Kid-Friendly Event Planning Tips

Event planning for kids and families requires some extra considerations. Consider these important topics as you plan the big day ahead.

5 Ways to Thrive With Your Son This Summer

Are you already in summer survival mode? These tips fit any budget and every schedule whether you’re a stay-at-home or working parent. Boys yearn for active, exciting adventures that have some risk and physical challenge thrown in. Remember to include some downtime, too, and you’ll be thriving in no time.

Teen Paradigms

A paradigm is the way you see something. It is your point of view, your frame of reference or belief.

How Teens Should Handle a Bully

Bullying has negative, lifelong effects. About 20% of Canadian youths are bullied daily. Why do bullies bully and how should we react in a bullying situation.

Importance of Encouragement

The importance of giving young children encouragement at the right time. How can the right encouragement at the right time can affect a child.

5 Ways Your Children Can Benefit By Reading Stories

In today’s world of high-tech gadgets, books and toys are gradually phasing out. It is more common to see kids swiping open their parent’s smartphones than to come across kids admiring the colorful illustrations on the pages of a story book. It is good to keep your kids abreast with the latest technology, but it is equally important for them to read stories.

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Getting Ready for Summer

Are you ready for summer, moms? I bet your kids are! It always helps to have a checklist of some sort, even if it’s in your head or stored in your phone. So why not start getting ready for summer with a summer checklist.

Summer Transition Tips

School is almost out. Yippee for the kids! Or are any of your kids a bit sad that school is almost over? While some kids really love summer, others are melancholy about leaving school. They may have had a teacher they really like or class mates they feel like they won’t see over the summer. What can you do as a parent to help your child with the Summer Transition?

When Bullying Gets Out of Hand

From the age of five and from then on for thirteen years we are in the educational system. For almost six hours a day, five days a week, for ten months out of every year. This is where true adaptations begin to unravel.

How To Choose The Ideal Preschool For Your Child

It is imperative for parents to take into consideration some pointers before deciding which Preschool is ideal for their child. Some things which will help parents in making the right decision. Take suggestions from other parents in your friend circle who have kids.

Benefits Of Letting Your Children Play Electronic Games

Do your kids play electronic games and wondering whether the games have any effects on your children? Here are some of the pros of electronic games: Development of Motor Skills – Research studies have shown that electronic games play a major role in helping your children to develop their motor skills. The studies have shown that the most effective games are those that make use of a joystick or stylus. Some of the motor skills developed here are hand-to-eye coordination skills and others

Try Even Harder to Read More!

Little things matter. Little things add up. Read just a little bit everyday and you’ll be surprised how much you have read over time.

How To Use Holidays To Teach Kids A Love of Diversity

How to use a holiday celebration and teach kids a love of diversity. How to make a child more tolerant of different cultures by using any holiday celebration. How to theme a holiday celebration and get a child interested in other cultures.

The Slenderman – Discover Him in Reel and Real

Around the globe children fear him, adults avoid him and movie directors love him. He is the most enigmatic character of the horror stories and scary movies.

5 Creative Ways To Find Fun Things To Do With Kids

Keeping kids occupied is always the difficult part of summer. There might be summer camps but most of them last a week or two and are scattered throughout the summer months. What do you do to find what your child might like to keep them from getting bored? Here are five creative ways to find fun things to do with kids.

5 Things to Expect When Your Child Has Dental Surgery

As a parent, you can help your child feel less anxious and more comfortable about having dental surgery by prepping them for what is about to happen. Usually, the more they understand what is going on the less their imaginations are running wild in the wrong direction. Here are 5 things to expect when you child has dental surgery.

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Early Childhood Reading Leads to Success Later in Life, But Problems for Ones Who Fall Behind

Reading makes your child smarter. If you do not teach your child to read now, you will miss a golden opportunity to help brighten a future.

How Much Time Should Kids Spend on Electronics?

Technology is an integral part of our society. Kids must learn how to use it appropriately, which includes limiting their screen time. As parent, you can establish proper expectations for your kids.

The Story of a Children’s Book

When the author flew to Ghana in February 1971, to take up a teaching post at the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, his three sons were 9 years, 6 years and 3 months old. As the years passed, one by one the boys left to attend boarding school in England and the father took to writing each a letter every Sunday morning. As often as possible, he tried to send a story with the letter and these proved popular not only with his sons but with their school mates. When the stories were sent recorded on tape, the tapes were misappropriated. Other parents urged the publication of the stories but the effort was postponed because suitable illustrations were not available. Now that grandchildren have read the stories, they are to be published in the hope that their children and many others will also enjoy them.

Stick Horses, A Child’s Favorite

All children have great imaginations. Too many times, they’re not using it being glued to electronics and tv. A stick horse will bring that creativity to a child that will turn the child in to a cowboy or cowgirl!

Reasons To Buy Your Child A Marble Roller

Marble rollers are a toy from “yesterday” but that doesn’t mean that kids don’t love them today! Quality marble rollers are a great way for kids to practice motor skills and enjoy playing with toys that don’t require batteries.

Graduation Ceremonies Should Return to High Schools

The trend for the past few decades have been for high schools to hold graduation ceremonies at venues far off of campus. Unfortunately, this trend should be reconsidered by most schools for reasons of finance, safety, and convenience. Every high school in my county in southwest Ohio holds its commencement exercise at a site at least 45 minutes from the campus.

Fun Spring Michigan Events for Children

With spring fast approaching, you can expect there to be many family-friendly Michigan events. Find out about some of the best activities to do with your children.

What to Do When Lice Come Calling

When it comes to lice, the creepy crawlers invade unsuspecting head more than ever when it’s warm like now and for the next several months. In other word, ’tis the season and it will play out even more when camps reopen for the summer, be they day or overnight. It’s all about close contact.

The Most Effective Way Of Teaching Our Kids To Spend And To Save Money

Many parents choose to give children a small amount of money for completing certain chores. By doing this, children are taught how to spend and to save money at a relatively early age.

Controversial Common Core: Costs, Implementation, Assessments, and Opt-Outs

Since the heady reform days of 2010 and 2011 when 46 states and the District of Columbia adopted the Common Core Standards, the landscape has changed considerably. In fact, at least twelve states have already withdrawn and problems mount with implementation and assessments along with the growing opt-out movement.

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Readers Are The Real Leaders!

One of our greatest Americans, Thomas Jefferson, was an avid reader. He was also one of our greatest leaders. His reading led to great leading! Are you reading?

2 Things Every New Teenage Driver Should Know Before Getting Behind the Wheel

Driving is not as easy as some people think. It doesn’t come natural and it’s not something you automatically know once you turn 15 years old. It takes time, practice, and studying before you have it down and then it’s still a challenge at times.

Most People Don’t Know This About the Slenderman Story

The slenderman is a fictional character that was created by a Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen in the year 2009. The character originated as an internet meme.

You Don’t Have to Be a Grown Up and Start Earning Money, Learn How to Earn Money As a Kid

Whoever thought that only grown-ups could earn money was wrong. Nowadays, even kids and teenagers can earn their own money through numerous ways. One thing that hinders many people to earn their own money is the thinking that for them to earn good money, they have to wake up very early in the morning and go to work. They work for the whole day and go back home very much exhausted and if that is the case, they have earned money. They tend to assume that you have to work hard and get tired for the money that you earn. This is not true because you can learn how to make money as a teen and it will not involve getting all tired and worked up every day.

Is It Just Because She’s a Girl?

Should the fact that my daughter is a girl, make a difference as to whether her male teammates judge her ability to play baseball based on that fact? or are we still living in a male dominated society?

Remember People’s Names!

What do you think you could gain from better remembering people’s names? Could it possibly make you a better president? Read this article to find out more.

5 Proven Techniques To Help With Feeding Your Kids Vegetables

Lots of folks have decided they would love to get their kids eating healthy. Large numbers of us have actually taken steps to give it a go. There are many workable routes that show promise in such a broad field. There’s no single method which fits everyone. The prudent action to take would be to have a look at all methods, select a mix which fits your preferences, and make a start on the paths of a few different methods. Survey the realm of feeding vegetables to your kids to be aware of what exactly is out there in the way of good info, find out about a few of its ins and outs, before committing to a final array of methods that you’re going to try for yourself. This is especially necessary to do when you first start off. Here then are 5 popular ways to feed your kids vegetables which you will want to take into consideration:

Can the Amount of TV Viewing Time Affect Your Child’s Weight?

Fact: Kids 8 to 18 years old spend on average 4 hours per day watching T.V and an additional 2 hours per day on the computer playing video games. Not only are kids not getting any exercise during these six hours per day, but most likely they are taking in more calories than they should through eating unhealthy foods while watching TV… ending up being a double-whammy.

Technology On Children Development

Children receive information easily. They do what they see. With the advance in technology, everyone can access anything at anytime, and so can children. So, do not be surprised if you hear a child cursing today. They probably see someone say it on the Internet and copy it.

Should You Dress for Yourself or for Your Boyfriend?

When teenage girls are trying to decide what to wear, the common question of, ‘Will boys like my fashion?’, always shows up. Wouldn’t it be great if they knew what boys were thinking about a girls fashion? Well we asked the boyfriends of our customers some key questions and the answers could help out many with their fashion decisions.

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Self Esteem and Bullying

Bullying has become such a big issue over the last few years, but it has been a psychologically damaging issue that has been around for many, many decades. Your parents were probably bullied or knew someone who was. Their parents were bullied or knew someone who was, and their parents were bullied or knew someone who was.

Let’s Give Our Kids a Chance in Life – Keep Them Away From Using Alcohol and Drugs!

I remember one time I had to see literally “stars” when one punched me on my jaw while I was trying to stop them hitting each other in front of my class. I was a newbie teacher then, and never expected such a thing could happen to me. From then on, I avoided being a “sandwiched” between two fighting kids. I did not want to see the “moon, sun and planets” anymore… or worse, the “dark hole”!

How to Make Summer More Meaningful to Your Kids

Oh, the glorious days of summer, with balmy mornings perfect for biking down to the park, hot afternoons spent cooling off by the pool and idyllic evenings of barbecues and catching fireflies. At least, that’s how we parents may like to think of summer. Unfortunately, today’s kids are more likely to be found on the couch glued to various electronic devices than out and about in the sunshine. Take a few simple steps this year to make sure your children have a summer that’s both fun and meaningful.

Learning Emotions to Emotionally Learn

How can we help our children and students to learn, remember and internalize new knowledge? The key is connecting what they learn to their emotions. It is well known that we need to develop children’s emotional intelligence. That will free them to learn. But there is another side to this equation. Learning emotions is not enough. They also need to emotionally learn. That will help them not only to excel in tests but also to be confident in expressing ideas and thoughts, and relating their experiences. That is the key to being exceptional students and creative professional workers in the future.

Common Social Issues That Teens Face Today

It can be heart wrenching to see your teen exhibit behaviors that hurt. You need to understand that teens now face much more than their parents ever did. In this article, we explore the social issues they are contending with and how we can help them through.

The Benefits of Summer Camps for Children

In case you were sent to a summer camp during your childhood, you would be well aware of the benefits of such camps. In fact, some of the constructive effects of those camps are quite relevant to you even today, when you are an adult. This is what prompts many parents to send their kids to summer camps.

How to Get Children Using Fruit Juicers

For children who like creating recipes in the kitchen cold press juicers can be a fascinating gadget to use. Fresh fruit juice is a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks.

Friends From the Past!

Believe it or not, they aren’t just a bunch of old dead people. People from our past, or friends from our past, that fill our modern day libraries can teach us plenty if we let them. Let’s do ourselves a favor and get in the library and let them.

Is Vaccination A Good Idea?

Every parent in the world wants to do the best for their children; their prime focus is to keep their children safe from any kind of harm. But it’s sad that many parents are not aware of the fact that the best way of protecting their kids is by getting them vaccinated.

Lego Bricks As an Educational Tool

On January 28, 1958, a patent was recorded that would change family floors forever. On that decisive day, the Lego block was conceived. From that point forward, in excess of 400 billion Lego elements have been made (an unimaginable 62 bricks for each individual on the planet!), and give or take 7 Lego sets are sold every second.

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Bedtime Reading: A Habit That Should Be Cultivated in Children

It is easiest to help your child develop healthy habits when he is below eight years of age. If a child is made to do a certain task on a routine basis he will eventually become habitual of doing so and will then continue following the routine over the course of his life.

How Many Kids to Invite to a Pre-K Birthday Party

So your first preschool birthday comes around and what do you do? Do you invite the whole class, do you invite a few of your child’s besties, do you celebrate it at school and call it a day or do you go all out and invite all 16-25 classmates PLUS other friends to the party?

No Gifts Please

So what should you do when receiving a kid’s birthday invitation with “No Gifts Please”? The first couple of times I saw this I went ahead and took a gift anyway because it felt odd to arrive empty handed. I took it upon myself to make the decision but the truth is that even though I went for the “something useful” rather than a flashy toy, I didn’t respect the request being made (I’m sorry!). But now that I have been around the birthday scene a bit longer and have had the chance to see this decision made by close friends I understand it.

Pretentious People – Why Do We Smile at Them?

Being pretentious can be due to seeking social acceptance, status or admiration. But it hinders authentic spiritual living.

What Are We Showing Our Children?

My name is Denise and I am speaking from my own experiences. I grew up with both of my parents. My mom was very passive and submissive to my dad. My mom was a loving mom not only to her children, but other people too. In turn, my dad was very abusive and abused alcohol. Growing up witnessing domestic violence in the home hurt very much. It affected the whole family negatively. I was afraid most of the time, because I did not know why or when my dad was going to be abusive.

Impressive Commercial Prospect of Organic Baby Gift Sets Redefining Eco-Friendliness

An impressive category of trendy gift sets for kids made from certified organic cotton has been launched into the retail market. Commercial prospect of these items is impressive.

How to Teach Children Toy-Making

When children are learning to sew, making their own playmate will be an interesting project for them. Discover how easy it is to do.

How to Choose the Right School Shoes for Kids

There is always a sense of excitement with kids when they are heading towards a new standard as they are surrounded by a fresh lot of books, stationery, backpacks, lunch accessories, uniform and much more. It’s a whole new world of learning, growing and exploring for them, which is always backed by your guidance and support.

Kids Headphones – The Reason to Buy Them, and Features to Look For!

In today’s modern times, loud noises that could potentially damage hearing have become more frequent. And there is a new threat emerging. While loud concerts, sporting events, noisy tools and machinery have been around for some time, the rise of personal mp3 players, and the headphones that are required to use them, mean that a person’s hearing can be damaged more easily than ever before. In particular, the increase in the amount of kids headphones that are available now makes this more of an issue.

Four Strategies That Can Help Your Impulsive Child Immediately

Did you ever have an experience where you were trying to count something and someone shouted other numbers at you to try to throw you off track? The highly distracted child has a similar experience all of the time. Any distraction can seem like someone is shouting random numbers. These children have trouble reading unless the room is quiet. Their attention spans are shorter.

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The Jade Stone

Maylin felt she had to prove herself being the only girl in her class. She stayed in the courtyard relentlessly practicing until her Sifu forced her to stop and go to sleep.

Reasons to Get Involved in Your Child’s School PTO

A PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is most often an independent group that creates fundraising activities to benefit the students. Usually consisting of parents and teachers who volunteer to form a board with appointed positions. They work together to better the school, the community, and the collective academic goal for its students.

Fun and Educational Books for a Kindergarten Classroom Both Students and Teachers Will Love

Kindergarten should be an enjoyable year of school for both the students and the teacher. Books that young children enjoy listening to and teachers enjoy reading should be a large part of the classroom curriculum. So where does education fit in the equation? Can your classroom include a library that has books that are both entertaining and educational? The answer to that question is something every great teacher needs to know.

Is Bullying Worse Now Than When We Were Kids?

Learn the many reasons why bullying is so prevalent now. And learn what we can do about it.

The TWO Big Mistakes Parents Don’t Know They’re Making

Parents are so committed to raising teens that are successful, happy, and healthy. Yet, when it comes to money skills, we are truly at a loss. How I know this is that the most popular response I hear when I tell people I teach parents to raise teens with effective money habits is, “Good for you! That is SO Important! Do you teach that in schools?

3 Things to Remember When Attending a Comic Con

It could easily be described as Nerd Mecca. Booths lined with fandom merchandise, celebrities waiting to sign autographs or take photos, and crowds of costumed fans eager to show their love for their favorite films, books and characters. Whether it’s a local affair or San Diego’s annual extravaganza, visiting a Comic Con is truly a fun and rewarding experience.

5 Benefits of Part-Time Work for Students

What does the word experience mean to you? What about opportunity? If these words hold any value to you, you should consider part-time employment. It’s your free ticket out of a limited school education, your opportunity to expand your skills in the workplace, and your chance to earn a stable salary! Don’t see minimum wage as a disincentive and look past the paycheck; here are five major reasons you should join the workforce.

Teen Mental Health

For parents who are concerned about their teens’ mental health, it may be of great benefit to get simple, succinct facts that will help you to make informed decisions to help your child. Mental Health professionals speak up about what are the facts, the laws contain inherent rights you may not be aware of. A concise resource for parents to sort through all the information on teen mental health

Teaching Children to Knit

Learn how to knit and pass the skill on to your children and you will find out what a good bonding activity it can be. Knitting can be useful, money-saving, soothing, meditative and even quite addictive.

Building Blocks Are Recommended Toys For Kids

Children love toys and do appreciate any kind they can get. However, practical toys such as building blocks are more advisable for children of different ages. They are also referred to as educational toys for the simple reason that they help children a great deal in developing different skills. Building blocks for children are of different kinds and are made using different materials most of which are safe for children considering that anything can happen during play. So, why are the building blocks recommended toys for the kids?

Mother’s Day Wish

How To Keep Your Child’s Room Organized

Every mother wants the best for her child. Besides ensuring that the child has all basic needs, a mother will also want her child to be comfortable and happy in his environment. One of the things you can do to make your child’s life better is to get his room organized. Kids can be messy, but you can teach them a few lessons on being organized by setting their rooms right and letting them handle a few chores to get it done the right way.

Fun Ways to Prepare Your Child for Early Reading

It’s never too early to encourage your child to read. Here are some ways that you can prepare your child for learning to read.

Celebrate Milestones With A Personalized Toy Box

Celebrate your child’s birthdays and big events with something special like giving them personalized toy boxes. Be uniquely different and practical.

Lessons From a Child’s First Birthday

He doesn’t know a party is brewing until it happens around him. He is suddenly surrounded by adults and other children. He tries to follow his somewhat older girl cousin as she careens around the house. He can’t walk yet be he can stand and then drop to his knees scampering after her the best he can. He sits playing next to another one year old visiting from Abu Dhabi with no idea where he came from or how he got there.

Five Essential Tips for Motivating Your Child in Sports

This article gives some important tips to the parents for motivating their kids in games and sports. As participating in physical activities is essential, this article can be useful for the parents.

Transforming Chaos and Pain to Humor

In life there will times when great tragedy confronts us. Learning to see the lessons hidden in the challenge over time helps to transform the difficult situation into perhaps eventual humor.

Are You A Helicopter Mom?

The term Helicopter Mom or Helicopter Parent is tossed around a lot these days, and as a visual, it almost speaks for itself. While some may see the doting mom as positive, supportive, loving and helpful, my clinical experience has shown this to be a poor tactic. Being a helicopter mom has few advantages as a parenting style, outside of safety. Kids and people as a whole learn very experientially, and it’s through our mistakes and/or barriers that we learn creativity and problem solving abilities.

Why Taking Care of You Makes You a Better Mom

You know this on some level. Who has not heard the airplane illustration about putting on your oxygen mask first before placing it on your child? Meaning, we need to take care of ourselves first, before we can take care of anyone else in our life. But I think it’s easy to get numb to that message. I think the problem is that taking care of you doesn’t feel very practical in our busy day-to-day life.

Much Despair About Wealth Disparity

Everyone knows that within a society, different people have different levels of material wealth and comfort. There will always be gaps between the “haves” and the “have nots.” Over the past few years, however, the levels of wealth and income inequality in the United States have increased dramatically, making these major political and social issues. Wealth is important because people rely on it to carry them through financial emergencies, fund retirement, provide an education for their children, or to start a new business. Wealth translates into opportunity and quality of life. Differences in income and wealth are defined by the terms “income inequality” and “wealth inequality”. These terms are increasingly used in politics, news, and academics, and have inspired controversy, debate. Let’s explore why…

Eating Healthy – How to Get Your Kids Involved

Most kids could live off of chicken nuggets and fruit snacks, but if they lived off that diet they would be lacking some serious nutrients! Here are a few tips on how to get your children to not only eat healthy, but to get involved in preparing healthy meals!