January 16th is National Thank Your Mentor Day

Crash Course in Phonics

Reading out loud with your children is a good strategy for them to hear you read as well as themselves. The goal is to help the child read more fluently, teaching kids to read the way we speak.

Are You Ready For a Second Child? Tips For What Comes Next

Nobody can ever prepare an adult for what comes next. There are many circumstances that probably led to child number one, and the newness of every experience that followed. These life changing experiences allowed for mini victories, and improvements in our self-measurement of how we see ourselves as parents.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Kidkraft Play Kitchen

Getting a gift for a kid below three years old might be relatively easy. The scenario becomes a bit complicated when the child is a bit older and picky. A parent who is undecided about what to acquire might be surprised to find the solution in the Kidkraft uptown espresso kitchen. It is a wooden play set that has interactive features resembling the real house kitchen.

Positive Discipline: How You Can Educate Your Kids Through Positive Discipline

Through positive discipline teachers will invite pupils to discover how capable they are and to use their potential constructively. Teachers and parents don’t make kids comply to their wishes but they will guide them on how to behave.

What No One Told You About School and How to Deal With It

Having good education is crucial nowadays. It’s the basis of everything, especially if you want to have a good job. So you want to be well-educated, but you don’t want to study more than just few hours a day. It’s very simple actually, just follow next steps that promise improvement.

The Measles Outbreak, Pennsylvania, and the Need for Vaccinations

While back in 2000, the CDC was able to announce that measles had been eradicated in the U.S., that’s no longer true. In fact, last year, 644 cases were diagnosed nationwide, and now in not quite the first two months of 2015, 154 cases have been confirmed.

Don’t Shoot Blindly for Improvement!

We no longer have to guess how to improve. We no longer have to shoot blindly for improvement. There are many experts out there now available to us. So, basically, we really can do anything we want; if we really want it bad enough!

Importance of Play Among Children

Play’s importance is so great to youngsters that it has sometimes been called the work of childhood. Throughout history, kids have spent many happy – and actually very productive – hours at this seemingly insignificant pass time. Whether inventing imaginary scenarios with friends and siblings, taking pretend journeys with parents, playing tag at summer day camp or racing free in the neighborhood, play allows kids to develop in an incredible variety of ways. Kids at day camp have an amazing opportunity to spend happy hours in the sunshine playing with friends while also giving their creativity, health and social skills a big boost.

Teen Piercing: The Pros and the Cons

If you’re a parent in the 21st century you’ve got some serious business to do. Every teen wants to stand out from it’s generation and there are good and bad ways to do it. From different clothing style to music taste and serious things like tattoos, but what about piercings? Are they good or bad?

CANDI Means Constant And Never-Ending Deliberate Improvement!

This is an article about taking something that was already good and somehow making it even better! Dr. Deming and Anthony Robbins gave us two great words in Kaizen and CANI, now we have an even better modern-day word in CANDI!

End the Wait

Technology and Setting Controls or Limits

First time dating for teenagers is really no different than it was 50 years ago. It just has gotten more complicated with the added use of social media and electronic devices. Teenagers are not aware of the dangers of these devices and sometimes they have to be taught the hard way by setting parental controls or taking the elctronic devices away for long periods of time until trust can be extablished in the parent-teen relationship. This article will help you navigate some of the rough spots.

Getting Your Teens Involved in Charity

Today, more than ever, we find giving back to those in need and living selflessly more and more important. If you are a parent, grandparent or even older sibling, of a teen, you know the power of showing them that life is more than fun, friends and celebrities. It’s nice to take a couple hours a week to give to those in need, to make a difference in someone’s life and help someone else without any real benefit to ourselves.

What Will Give a Professional Advantage to Our Children in The Technologically Advanced Future?

When our children become adults, advanced machines will take over many works that people do today. They will have to be flexible, innovative and creative professionals. We need to develop those skills as we raise them.

Your Child’s First Year at Overnight Summer Camp

Sending your youngster off for his first summer away at sleepaway camp is a huge event for many parents. How will your little one ever survive without your protection and guidance? The answer is, probably very well after a bit of initial homesickness. Camp counselors are well trained in the art of making kids at ease with new friends and in unfamiliar surroundings, and while you’ve been suffering the pangs of paternal anxiety at home your camper has been off swimming, sailing and giggling around the campfire. Relax and make the big step easier for everyone by following a few helpful hints.

7 Ways In Which Coloring Pages Are Useful For Your Child

A big part of caring for a child is taking care to ensure the child’s all-round development. You’ll be surprised to find out that this can be achieved with minimal expenditure since there are plenty of resources available for parents and caregivers these days. Simple things such as coloring pages are available for free, or very inexpensively, and are extremely easy to obtain.

How to Make Money As a Kid – Step 1 – Idea

This is the FIRST step of the 3-step method for kids to make money. You start with forming a right idea, then planning your idea, and take action of your idea. Step one would teach you on how to picking a right idea.

Schools Help Students Get Their Feet Off The Ground, But The Rest Is Up To The Students!

This article reminds us that while it is important to graduate from high school or even college, our learning shouldn’t stop there. Every really successful person out there is on a mission to learn a little bit more every day for the rest of their lives.

On the Other Side of Drama: What’s Good About Teens?

I love being around teenagers. They have an energy and joy that’s contagious. When you can get past the drama, you can see their wonderful attributes and qualities, many of which we have lost as adults. Yes, teens can be emotionally reactive but they can also be emotionally alive. They laugh and play hard. When they are not stressed, they are carefree and living in the present. The simplest of things bring them joy. They know how to have fun and enjoy their life. They have crushes and fall deeply in love. They are excited about what they like to do.

Let Nature Whet Your Child’s Appetite for Life Science

Careers in the science fields are booming. Use your child’s intrinsic curiosity about the natural world as a stepping stone to the study of science. Take her outside and watch her interest blossom!

Yellow Ribbon Week – Good Intentions, Bad Idea for Schools

Don’t make the same mistake that thousands of school around the country are making. Find out the true meaning of Yellow Ribbon Week and why it’s such a bad idea.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America – Philadelphia Tribute Video and History

What You Believe Controls Your Behavior

Beliefs control your choices – But what do you believe? At the core of your being, what are the things you: accept on faith? have a strong conviction about? consider to be true and honest? mentally accept about something or someone?

The Bully And The Victim – A Perfect Storm

The bully and the victim; somehow they always find one another, drawn like moths to flames. The bully; the tormentor, oppressor and persecutor watches and waits, belligerent and ready to assail the prey at every opportunity. The victim; the target, the sufferer, the casualty of the brutality of the bully, hoping their tormentor fails to notice their existence lest it all begin again. How do they find one another?

Top 10 Sports After School Programs Near Pasadena, CA

Sports related after school classes have many benefits for kids. Active kids are healthier and get sick less often. They have stronger muscles and bones and are less overweight. Get your kids started by taking one of these great sports after school classes near Pasadena, CA. Here is our top 10 list of sports after school classes for kids near Pasadena.

Education Data Mining, Kids’ Privacy Rights, and Protective Measures Being Taken

Obama recently took to the bully pulpit again, this time proposing what he called the Student Digital Privacy Act. saying, “If we’re going to be connected, then we need to be protected.” Oh yes, says news editor Alison DeNisco, as she reminds us, “When students use technology in the classroom, every keystroke creates a trail of digital information.”

Security Comes From Improving Ourselves Every Day!

We often hold onto things of comfort too long. We are often afraid to leave our familiar shores for the unknown. Well, if we want to stop feeling scared and start feeling secure then we have to improve ourselves every day so that people are practically knocking down our doors trying to pay us for what we know!

Nobody Likes Me – Avoiding the Teenage Wasteland

Almost nothing is more painful than feeling like no one likes you; believing this can begin at home, at school or even in your own neighborhood. These feelings are much harder to deal with in your teen years where it seems everyone is posing for approval and popularity. So many events can contribute to these feelings but once you firmly believe it, what can you do, how can you recover from the pain and rejection these feelings have caused? Let’s look at some ways that may help you step out of this like a bad Halloween costume.

Projects To Complete With Your Son Or Daughter With Loom Bands

Numerous moms and dads would like to do arts and crafts together with their young children but sometimes are uncertain how to begin. Since there are so many possibilities, loom bands are definitely something to add to your art supplies to have on hand for a number of crafting ideas.

Is Your Child Ready?

In this article, you will learn simple strategies to set your child up for success in unfamiliar situations. Learn how to eliminate frustration and meltdowns before they start!

He’s So Fine – But Is He Great to Date – Safe Teen Dating

It’s exciting when you begin to notice boys; even more exciting when they begin to notice you! Suddenly nothing is more important than how your hair looks, what you have to wear and how it looks on you. You may see your friends in a brand new way as you notice their makeup, how they talk to boys and even more, what they say about them. What you may not hear is more important that what you hear. What kind of guy are you attracted to; is he a safe date? Can you trust him? It’s important to know the signs of a guy who may end up being more problem than promising.

The United States Academy of Pediatrics Affirms That Kids Must Be Positioned Rear-Facing Till Age 2

Inside a newly published article from the American Academy of Pediatric medicine (AAP), parents/guardians are informed to get their youngsters in a rear- facing location till they attain the maximum height and weight required by law or until they attain the ages of two years and beyond. However, the AAP also emphasized the need and importance of children riding in a booster seat that are easily belt positioned for their safety until they have attained a height of four feet and nine inches and aged between eight and twelve years old. The previous policy, from 2002, advised…

Special Thank You Video from Charles Pierson

Getting Your Child Ready for the Next School Year

After children have completed a difficult task, they need downtime and rest to recharge (even more so than adults). A long school year full of challenges, triumphs and breakthroughs definitely qualifies as a difficult task.

You Are Not Dumb or Stupid!

“You’re no good!”, “You’ll never amount to anything!”, “You are so stupid!”, “Are you dumb or what?!”, “How dumb can you be?!” How many times did we hear those words growing up? I am sure there were those children that never heard those words from their parent’s mouth but I bet there were more children that did hear them then didn’t.

There Is No Substitute For Hard Work!

Do we truly know what hard work is? Thomas Edison after failing 10,000 times to create a better light bulb before he finally succeeded does! Are you ready to get to work and really make a difference in this world?

How to Prepare for School Examinations

School life is both fun and hard work at the same time. However, as you grow older, you will always cherish and covet for that carefree life. In this article, I have gathered a few tips on how to prepare for school exams and emerge a champion. Read on…

Indoor Activities for Cold Weather

Think outside the box for indoor activities when it’s cold outside. What can you do that’s different or maybe even relates to or supports cold weather?

Life Skills Rule the Winners!

Have we ever thought why we can’t fix a car engine? The answer is simple. We are not mechanics. But what does a mechanic have that makes him fix the engine and not us? He has mechanical skills and proper knowledge to fix or regulate any kind of machine.

Child Abuse: Why Do Abused Children Idealise Their Parents?

Although there is no such thing as a perfect childhood, that doesn’t mean that everyone is treated in the same way. There are going to be some people who were treated well on most occasions and there are going to be others who had the opposite experience.

Ways to Make Your Child’s Birthday More Special

One thing many counselors who work at a day camp for kids see is that when it is a child’s birthday the event gets mixed into the day. While this is fine, especially since parents have plans for the weekend or even that night, the truth is that children’s birthdays are only very special to them for a certain number of years.

Knowledge Will Save Many Hours of Hard Work!

Hard work is what you need to get started. But, eventually, if you do the same thing everyday, you’ll get the same results everyday. So, this is when it’s time to speed up your progress through working smarter!

Long Term Athlete Development Versus Traditional Training

Long term athlete development (LTAD) is a newer theory designed to focus on the proper development of young athletes based on their current level and not their age. Traditional thinking focuses on winning and adapting adult style training dumb-down to younger ages.

Big Brothers Big Sisters PSA – The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete

Fabric Options for Kids’ Pajamas

Choosing a perfect pair of kids’ pajamas can prove to be a very perplexing task for parents across the globe because irrespective of factors like nationality or ethnicity, comfort of the child is an aspect that no parent would consciously compromise on. To this effect, it is imperative for the pajamas to be a comfortably good fit, not to mention adding a flavor of fun to the entire process of going to bed. Given the fact that children have sensitive skin, being aware of the myriad of fabric options available in the market always comes in handy for parents.

Why Secular Ethics Should Be Taught In Schools

Today’s business world spends a great deal of time and money on being ethical and grooming ethical leaders. Each and every outbreak of business scam has, time and again, highlighted the importance of doing business ethically. This brings up the question – should we not start teaching ethics at schools so that today’s children are groomed to think and act ethically. Read on…

Smart Kids, Better America

We hear way too much about how ‘uneducated’ kids are these days. Turns out, it ain’t necessarily so. In cities all over America, groups and organizations are taking it upon themselves to assure our kids are smarter than ever. I know. I work with such kids.

CANI – Means Constant And Never-Ending Improvement!

Tony Robbins created the word CANI, which means Constant And Never-ending Improvement! If we just practice this tiny little thing in one area of our life on a daily basis, we will surprise ourselves with how good we can become!

Top 10 Martial Arts After School Classes Near Pasadena, CA

There are many amazing after school classes which teach the martial arts to kids near Pasadena, CA. An after school class in the martial arts will help get your kid more active and fit. A martial arts after school class also helps bring them focus, confidence, and self-respect. This article lists the top 5 martial arts after school classes for kids near Pasadena, CA.

Identifying the Perfect Pair of Kids’ Pajamas for Your Child

Parenthood comes with its own blueprint of changes and while there is plenty of love all around, one commodity which is often in short supply is sleep. Children do take a lot of time to settle into regular sleep patterns but often the cause of their being unable to sleep is discomfort arising from improper sleepwear. This is where the importance of identifying the ideal or perfect pair of kids’ pajamas comes in.

Loving Your Child Is Not About Being Nice

Hearts and flowers, hugs and kisses. This is the image that comes to mind when we hear the word love. How well is that working when it comes to your kids? Does being nice, agreeable and generous result in responsible, respectful behavior? The answer to that is often ‘no’, especially when looking beyond the moment. Love and how it manifests have to change as your children grow, if you want them to grow up. Let’s take a look at a new definition of this complicated and evolving emotion.

5 Low-Stress Birthday Celebration Tips for Busy Moms

What’s the worst part about birthdays? Planning them for someone else! Although, for mothers this may not always be the case, some take great pride and joy in planning their little one’s special day. But any mom will tell you that there is a high degree of stress that goes along with it. From invitations, planning out food, choosing the right activities, there is always an ever-growing list of things to do to make sure the big day goes off without a hitch. Here are 5 tips to make planning your child’s next birthday less stressful.

A Peek Into the 21st Century Curriculum

It is the next evolution in the field of education with its wide ranging socio-emotional impacts. Many schools have taken up Life skills training as one of their main regulatory discipline.

How the PYP and MYP Prepares Students for the IB Program

The Primary Years Program and the Middle Years Program prepare students for future success in high school, whether in a traditional program or an International Baccalaureate program. Here is a look at a few of the benefits of each program.

Big Brothers Big Sisters American Graduate Day

Making Museums Fun

Not everyone likes museums, but they don’t have to be boring and stuffy. You can make them more enjoyable for you and the kids by following these 6 easy tips. Let the kids have fun and be sure to include time to teach them about what they are seeing at the museum.

Ask the Question: “What Can I Do for YOU?”

Children and teens can sometimes be suspicious of the motives of adults toward them. This simple strategy is useful to teachers, counselors and other child-service professionals in authentically gaining a youngster’s trust and confidence.

Creating Connections With Today’s Youth

A positive adult role model can make a world of difference to today’s youth, and building healthy and meaningful relationships with students can help to provide them with just that. Like in any relationship, trust is paramount in building a healthy student to mentor relationship, and there are several ways that you can become the inspiration for the youth you’re working with. Some ways to build healthy relationships with students or youth are:

How E-Readers and Tablets Stack Up Against Bound Books

The very existence of Barnes & Noble is now in question thanks, in part to the introduction of Amazon’s Kindle back in 2007. As it hovers near the edge, its shelves are not stacked high with games, toys, and puzzles, even as it markets its own e-reader, the Nook.

Parenting Tips – Explaining Religion to Your Child

Teaching religion to a child can be interesting. Here are a few tips I’ve learned with our children and grandchildren.

Innocent? Really?

So, the other day I was in an unavoidable situation where I was asked to look after a little girl for a few minutes (which ended up being half an hour) by her mother. She said she was going to be right back and asked me if I could have an eye on her little girl just in case. Then she told the girl to be nice and just took off.

Don’t Eat The Marshmallow!

Can future success be determined through a simple marshmallow test? Well, it already has. By delaying gratification in working toward the bigger prized we build our emotional intelligence and a brighter future.

Using The Simpsons to Enhance Literature at Every Grade Level in High School

Even though Homer, Marge and their three children have remained the same age as when the series began, “The Simpsons” just had its twentieth birthday. Its television debut happened on Dec 17, 1989, and no one dreamed then what a hit the show would remain for the next two and a half decades. I began my high school teaching career just few years before Homer and his family appeared for the first time, but I refused to watch the show until it was halfway through its first season.

6 Ways to Make the Best of a Road Trip Detour

Road trip detours can try everyone’s patience, parents and kids alike. Check out these six tips to get through the detour with more cooperation and less aggravation.

Old Friends From The Past!

This article is about taking full advantage of people who have walked the walk that we want to walk. There is a lot of help and mentorship out there if we know where to look!

Big Campeones – Peter Reyes

How to Get Children Singing in the Classroom

Giving children the confidence to express themselves through song – and finding that confidence within yourself – can be tough. These top tips will have them singing in the classroom with gusto, even if you’re not much of a musician yourself.

How to Organise a Carol Service for Children

Organising a carol service at your school or church is an excellent way to remind children why we celebrate this special time of year. This article offers some top tips on organising a carol service for children, helping you ensure that the day is a success.

How to Get Through the Big Holiday Meal With Your Kids

‘Tis the season that is really overstimulating for kids: candy and treats, parties, travel and gifts are all exciting, and it can all be overwhelming for small children. It’s difficult to predict where your child’s overstimulation will result in a meltdown, and parents all over the country silently pray that it won’t happen at the big holiday dinner.

When I Stand In Your Shoes: An Open Letter From a Mom to a Teen

Just because I don’t understand you, talk too much and don’t listen, think I know everything (which I definitely do not), can be demanding and harsh, expect too much of you, and don’t show an interest in what you are into, doesn’t mean I still don’t love you…

Don’t Be Distracted by Tabloid-Like Headlines!

We all share the same 24-hours in each day. These 24 hours are the one of the few things that are equal among all of us humans. Are you being distracted by trashy media and trashy tabloid headlines? Let’s get busy of what really matters in our lives, and leave behind the rest.

Kids – How to Handle Allowance

How do you teach a teen to manage money? Start with an allowance. Wait! It’s not THAT type of allowance…

To Bully or to Be Bullied That Is the Question

The rise of kids and teenage victims due to bullying at schools disturbs me. I do wonder if there are adult enablers that encourage bad behaviour at schools, where the bad kids or the bullies are protected as a way to put fear into the other kids. Is there any reason why another kid should have the audacity to terrorize his or her fellow mate who should be seen as equal? Why are kids carrying guns to protect themselves? Is there a need for a rise in violence if this can be addressed at schools? The mentality evident to me in the school playground or classroom has left me thinking. I do ask myself, “If I were a kid being bullied, how would I react to a bully?”

Back to School, Back to Health With the Right Bag

Buying the wrong bag, or even buying the right bag but wearing it badly can cause unnecessary and harmful stress to your child’s spine, leading to muscle strain and rounding shoulders. Keeping in mind that acute back ache can lead to chronic issues which become life-long battles, especially with young people as their bodies are still growing. Below we address some points which may contribute to the health of your child’s back and posture, directly relating to the way in which they carry their bags.

Object Lesson – Candy Cane Christmas

Candy Canes are everywhere. They are used as decorations on Christmas trees and are one of the most popular of all Christmas treats. I have heard several stories about the history and meaning of the candy cane. I don’t know if they are true, but I do think that the candy cane can teach us a few things about the true meaning of Christmas. And while we are at it, I’ve added a lot of Christmas Party game ideas you can play with Candy Canes as well.

Why Buy Playground Equipment?

Children, due to many different reasons, don’t have the time to play and enjoy themselves regularly anymore. And as much as they liked to do before the only best option for them to be entertained daily is to bring the playground tools to them. Today, we discuss how buying playground equipment for your residential setting can prove to be a great idea.