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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Child’s Summer Day Camp Experience

A beloved American tradition, summer day camp offers kids plenty of fun in the sun with exciting activities from group games to swimming, boating and arts and crafts. Following are a few of the questions parents frequently ask about day camp.

Cyber Bullying Quotes That Will Change Your Perspective

Why do we need Cyber Bullying Quotes and Bullying Quotes? Everyone knows cyber bullying is wrong. It unfairly objectifies and humiliates innocent people and puts them at the mercy of more aggressive and distasteful people.

Saying NO to Bullying

Neighborhood, church or organized sports in communities can make a difference. By creating after school opportunities for youth, showing an interest in neighborhood youth and promoting safe environments to play as well as interchanging ideas will help. Welcoming new people to the area will remove many stigmas about being different that will assist in ending bullying at all levels in our towns and cities.

How to Counter the Devastating Effects of Verbal Bullying

No form of bullying should ever be accepted in our homes or schools. As parents, schools and communities come together against bullying tactics, this situation will be reversed. By working together, we can create an environment where our kids feel free to be who and what they are without worries or fears of abuse from their peers

Fail-Proof Tips to Beat Bullying

With the use of these Tips to Beat Bullying, you can beat bullying even without wasting a single ounce of your energy. Just know that falling victim to the act means that you are giving away happiness free of charge to the bullies. They are just human like you and can also be beaten, so go for it.

Are You Bullied By A Teacher?

Teacher bullies are no different from any other type of similar problem. The damage to a child bullied by a teacher causes can last for years in a child’s psyche, shaping how that young person develops and behaves with other adults in the future. While confronting a bully teacher can put him or her on notice, it may not necessarily change the behavior. Parents then often have to make a tough choice on how hard to fight the matter or whether to just protect their child from further harm. Most go with the latter. As a result, the problem can fester in a school for a long time.

Toy Box Safety: Ensure Fun Stays Safe

Who doesn’t remember hiding in one as a kid or even napping in it occasionally? Learn all about toy box safety features so you can make an informed choice when buying a toy box for your child or grandchild.

Through the Windows

Curiosity that my kids display is getting me closer to them. And I am loving it.

Back to School: What’s in Style for Guys This Year

Middle school boys are usually going for a specific “look” when they are shopping for back to school. This year’s trend is athletic wear and bright colors.

Transformative Leadership

Transformative Leadership is how we make ourselves as catalyst of change and to make a difference. As a student leader, I was able to attend different types of leadership seminars, trainings and conventions. I believe that the most effective and successful leadership style is transformative leadership which is about transforming people and the society as a whole.

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What Teens Today Should Not Forget

In the last eight years of teaching college, I have observed patterns and behaviors that distinguishes those who failed from those who succeeded. From these, there are five things I believe that teens today should not miss and forget, and parents as well should instill and build in their children.

Competition for Expat English Education in Global Cities Heats Up

Is it preferable for expat children to follow an international school curriculum with English language instruction, than to be educated in a local school while on an expat assignment? What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you on an expat assignment, where are your children attending school?

Top Tips for Kids’ Birthday Party on a Budget

Arranging a party for kids can be fun, daunting and expensive too. Kids these days want big scale parties which have led to ballooning budgets. So what do you do when you want to arrange a fun and exciting birthday bash for your little one – on a budget? Here are some excellent tips and ideas for parents who want to arrange an exciting and engaging party for their kids:

The Benefits of Educational Sites For Children

Early Learning websites help both parents and teachers with a child’s academic success. They create great products that are specifically customized for Toddler, Pre-school and Kindergarten children. Research suggests that children who begin reading at a young age are more successful in school. Both parents and teachers should consider going to these types of websites because they can offer support and help for children 2-10 years of age.

Say Thank You to People and Show Them That You Really Mean It!

This article is about the lost art of saying thank you to someone and really meaning it through bone language and tonality. By really being thankful, we can more easily find our way into gratefulness. And once we are thankful and grateful we are on the road to changing this world for the better!

How Does Bullying Affect People?

Reaching out to others for help is an essential part of healing from the effects of bullying. If more people asked themselves the question “how does bullying affect people,” they will often find the answers they are looking for. This can go a long way to help prevent future generations from being bullied as current and past generations have been. Bullying people is never alright and those who choose to do so would be wise to seek help immediately.

How To Avoid Cyber Abuse

Cyber abuse is a problem that is starting to become more prevalent in the world today as the Internet is becoming more common in the daily lives of everyone. This is when people need to know more about how they can avoid cyber abuse and what steps they can take to avoid this from becoming a major problem. Without this information, it is easy for people to be abused on the computer and never really realize what is causing the problem that is made up of their life. Without this, people can easily fall victim to the abuse that is present and start to feel bad about what they are doing on the Internet and think the abuse is coming to them based off of what they were doing online.

Discover Internet Abuse Laws

Catching internet hackers and cyberbullies has proven to be more difficult than originally expected. Once they are finally apprehended, they can be effectively prosecuted since the new and improved cyberbullying and internet protection laws have been drafted into law. Internet crimes can fall into several categories. Those that involve children and the interstate trafficking of child pornography are considered to be the most serious of offenses and fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things!

This article reminds us of the power of trying new things. And if we don’t think we have enough courage to try new things, then it directs us to borrow courage from others that are trying new things. Through doing new things we move closer to our true potential as a human being.

Help Your Children Become Confident Readers

Parents play an important role in supporting the reading development of their children which begins when the children are very small. If we make sure that reading is valued in the family, we increase our chances of ensuring that our children grow up as forever readers for both learning and pleasure.

Big Brother Tom and Little Brother Samir

Bullying Curriculum

Designing a bullying curriculum could be a great way to keep many kids informed about the way the system should be used. This could be a worthwhile consideration for educators who want to make the most out of these systems. It may be worthwhile for educational staff to host a meeting about the different types of content that will be included for the bully curriculum.

Anti Bullying Facts

Over the years bullying has become worse, and more evolved. Twenty years ago, bullying usually only occurred on the playground at school, on the school bus, or at the neighborhood park. Since technology has given us the internet, social networking, and Smartphones, bullying has become much more serious, and much more dangerous.

Bullying Incidents

Bullying Incidents, both online and in schools, has become a national epidemic. The popularity of the Internet and social media has spawned a new type of aggressive villain, the cyberbully. Now kids are pushed around in multiple arenas, at school, in social situations, and online. It is more important than ever for parents to be more involved in their children’s lives and to know with whom they associate and what they are encountering online.

Musical Motivators: How I Use Fun and Pride to Motivate My Flute Students

It can be challenging to get young music students to practice their instruments. Here are some tried and true ways to motivate them.

Sharing A Smile

You never know the difference a smile can make. A smile can save a life, maybe even yours.

Is Your Child An Author in the Making?

It can be very difficult to get a child to sit down to practice reading and writing at home. However, encouraging your son or daughter to write a book, that can be published and held in hand, might be the perfect incentive.

10 Things Kids Parties Mums Should Remember

Planning a party for your kid can be daunting, but with a few precautions it can be done without too much sweat and heartache. As long as you know how to plan the entire party, you won’t have to worry that much.

6 Ways to Build Character In Youth

Parenting is a full time job! At times we the responsibility of being the adult as well as the caretaker gives us time for forget our childhood experiences. At times we lose sight of those things that we needed most as a youth to empower us and encourage our growth. Today we will be discussing 6 ways to assist our children in building character as well as the dire need for each. Enjoy!

How to Effectively Use Tangible Rewards to Motivate Children

In any learning environment, it is essential that you can motivate children to learn. Reward is one tool that can help you to do this but it must be used effectively. In this article, I will share with you the four characteristics that this type of reward has to have before it can motivate children.

Tips for Buying a Good Learner Laptop for Your Kids!

These day’s markets are flooded with swanky toys including laptops made especially for children. As parents, you may wonder as to why your kids need to be exposed to so much technology at such a young age. This is where you need to correct yourself.

Joshua’s Journey – Episode 2

Local Factors: Top 3 Child-Friendliest Places in Fort Lauderdale To Take Your Kids

Most of the times, kids become the biggest consideration when buying a house – whether it is new or an existing home placed on listings and advertisements. In the last article, the top public schools in the city of Parkland in Florida were discussed. In this entry, another local factor influential in decision-making towards a home purchase will be explained.

How to Take Care of Baby Clothes?

When a baby is born into a family there is immense joy and a cause for celebration. A baby completes the family. When we welcome this new member into the family, special attention is paid to make every detail perfect.

Anti-Bullying: Time for Proactivity

Over five school shooting occurred last year across American soil in a trend that brought tragedy to many families. It’s time to take a stand now to diminish this violent trend or introduce a solution where no one will loss their life.

Empty Nest Adjustments – Heartache or Opportunity?

Many parents will be sending their last or only child to college this summer. The adjustment after many years of children at home is dramatic.

A Sudden Awakening:A Cautionary Tale For Today’s Youth!

I had made it to what I perceived was true success. I went from being a small-time girl from the suburbs of Jamaica Queens, New York to being a well-sought out, respected business woman. I lived in a prestigious gated community in Northern, New Jersey. I had a high-end collection of luxury cars and enough diamond jewelry and fur coats to fill up a store. In my mind I was set for life. Unfortunately, my success was shortly lived.

Preserving Your Child’s School Uniform for Longer

It’s a new school year, and this is probably the time of year that your children look their neatest and most groomed. Their uniforms are clean, labelled newly bought, and professionally labelled. Their shoes are still polished and shiny and there is the determination to create a new beginning.

Tips for When Parents Divorce

Many young people have to endure the distress of their parents divorcing. Even though they may feel relief at the prospect of there being an end to the rowing or stony silences at home it is often still a time of upset and apprehension. Let’s consider some ways to help when faced with this situation.

Video Bullying in Schools

Video bullying in schools is no longer uncommon these days since almost all students have a cell phone with them most of the time. However, when someone begins bullying, that person is usually going to make sure that no one is around to take a video. On the other hand, there are more chances that bullying in schools can be recorded through video by means of CCTV or by any person trying to support the bully or victim.

How Bullying Victims Can Forget the Haters

While children who are being bullied feel singled out as the bullying is ongoing, they can take steps that will help them triumph over the bullying actions and their bullies. They can learn how to forget the haters. This requires that survivors learn how to take certain mindsets and actions.

Teaching, The Hardest Job You’ll Ever Love!

You will learn how to become that much more effective as a school teacher by taking care of yourself first and foremost. Then, you will learn other realistic ways to ensure more successful students without putting pressure on yourself!

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Ways to Help Kids Improve Their Creative Writing

Children today are expected to learn more than ever. The list continues to expand across all subjects. Creative writing is one of those subjects that can be challenging to tackle but not impossible. When developing ways to help kids improve their creative writing, you will also dramatically enhance their literacy skills and reading comprehension.

The Importance of Pattern Recognition in Kindergarten Math

Lessons during the formative years of a child are by far the most crucial in his entire stay in school. It establishes the foundation of his cognitive abilities. This is the reason why every teacher would do everything that she can in making her subject as interesting and as informative as possible. She would make use of objects and materials that would engage the child as best as she can. In math, patterns have become a staple in every teacher’s curriculum.

5 Essential Ways for Parents to Help Their Kids Love Math

Math is hard. Math is a waste of time. I hate math. These are only some of the reactions we have when we need to deal with anything that is related to math.

Little Things Do Matter!

This article talks about the power of little things. Just look at a little baby. They are mesmerizing and know how to learn. A little bit at a time really adds up over a lifetime! Getting started today appreciating your little victories.

5 Hilarious Kid Quotes

5 year old kids say the funniest things to their teachers. Their parents would die of embarrassment if they knew!

Dinosaurs and Toys: Why They Make the Best Children’s Presents

Dinosaur toys come in all shapes and sizes. This is one person’s thoughts on why Dino’s make a great toy and a great memory.

Kindergarten Parents Are You Involved In Your Child’s Home Learning? If You Are Not, You Should

If you love to be part of your Kindergartner’s Home Learning, my hats go off to you and please share your best idea to make their home learning fun for moms, that for some reason cannot get the hang of it or think that just because they are in Kindergarten its only about coloring, cutting and pasting and weather they get involved or not in helping them learn, it really does not matter because they think that is what the teacher is for and it saddens me that a lot of parents think this way today. I don’t think they see, why it’s crucial that they start to take part of one of the most important years of their school and growing lives, this is the year of discovery for them in so many levels, it’s the year they learn how to write, read, add, subtract, science and so on and we as parents need to make sure we take part as much as we can, so we can help them be the success of tomorrow.

A Guide to Go Karts for Kids

Driving go karts is one of the most enjoyable hobbies imaginable. If you have kids who you struggle to motivate to get off the couch, buying them a go kart is one of the best ways to accomplish this feat. However, many parents are kind of clueless when it comes to buying a go kart for their children.

Dyslexia, How to Live and Succeed With This Gift

I remember my high school English teacher telling me, “I would never amount to anything!” I went from that experience and mindset to owning my own successful businesses; training others; and creating a foundation which will change the world. This is part of my auto-biography which will hopefully inspire my readers to believe in themselves and know that they are here for a purpose. Part of their life’s work is to find that purpose. What were you meant to be doing on this earth? How can you help change the world? Once you find your life’s passion you will work no more!

International Camps Gaining Importance Amongst Indian Children

More & more Indian children are travelling to participate in International Adventure camps. These camps provide immense opportunities to them to develop confidence,independence & gain international exposure.

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How To Select Your Baby Girl’s First Birthday Dress

It is a blessing for parents to welcome a baby into the family. A toddler’s first birthday is something that you will be cherished for life and it has to be a memorable party. The first birthday of your little angel holds a very important place in the heart of every parent. To make the birthday bash a perfect event, parents work hard and put in a lot of effort on the decoration, food, and most importantly the birthday dress of their toddler. The first birthday baby dress holds a precious place in the life of both parents and toddlers and therefore it is important that it should be beautiful and just right!

Dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus Rex Is a Dino Icon

Tyrannosaurus Rex is a real iconic figure. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

A Personalized Toy Box Is A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Consider a personalized toy chest. Practical and meaningful, quality pieces can last a lifetime, becoming a family heirloom.

THE PSYCHE OF A REBELLIOUS TEEN: What Parents Just Don’t Understand But Need To Know!

As we advance in age we often quickly forget the struggles we encountered as teens. Although many of us vowed decades ago not to become just like our parents, somehow fate caused us to embrace exactly what we once despised. Now with children of our own, their behavior appears foreign and we panic.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Baby Care Products

When a baby is born into the world, it brings with itself loads of happiness and equal amounts of responsibilities. A child in its initial few years need complete attention and care. The parents need to take care of several details like good nutrition, healthy environment, physical growth, mental development, cleanliness, an infection free surrounding and make the right choices in terms of the kind of food supplements given and the products used. Let us walk through the most basic requirements for a child during the first few years and the art of choosing the right products from the market.

Supervision at Playgrounds

Supervision is important for every parent no matter where the child may be. Parents like to be very cautious and it can be very hard for them to let children go and roam their own, and that is especially true when it comes to leaving them to play at playgrounds and parks. Today, we discuss how you can supervise your children without intruding in their openness and freedom in play.

Enhancing Style And Fashion Sense Through Fun

Girls are generally born with a liking for fashion. Every girl wants to look her best even when she is all grown. The female body is considered the most wonderful and hence dressing it up is important to look stylish and fashionable. It is for this reason that dress up games of girls are popular. They are games that can be played from home when girls meet up together to have some fun. This option can however be expensive considering that lots of accessories need to be bought for these games to be fun.

Bring Out The Chef In Your Child From A Tender Age

Cooking has for the longest time been an activity designed for women. Even though in the modern world more and more men are taking an interest in cooking, women are still the majority in the field. When growing up, girls see their mothers take up the roles perfectly well and they naturally want to emulate and learn the art of cooking from their mother. It is not a wonder therefore that even married women who do not know how to cook are looked down on as to have never learnt from their mothers. This natural instinct can actually turn into a successful career path for those who have a passion for it.

Crawl, Walk, and Then Run!

This article helps us all understand that we can all move forward toward our goals. So let’s not be discouraged if others seem to be ahead of us. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Slow and steady wins the race and builds momentum for our best life possible!

Sailor Moon Manga Online – A Cute and Adventurous Story of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

Sailormoon Manga online is an interesting adventure, comedy, action and romance story with some supernatural acts to interest the readers. Sailormoon Manga impressed children as the characters in the story are young and vibrant. Here you will get a glimpse of the series, story and adventures of Sailormoon Manga.

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True Power Is Knowledge Applied!

This article talks about the knowing-doing gap that most of us suffer from. The bottom line is that most of us pretty much know what to do when pressed, but unfortunately, most of us won’t take action and act like we don’t know what to do.

Improving the Lives of Others Improves Our Life!

This article introduces you to the universal laws or invisible forces that surround us. For example, a universal law is gravity. Drop a pencil and it will fall every time. Improve the life of others and your life will improve also. These universal laws happen whether you believe in them or not. I say let’s believe in them and use them to improve the quality of our lives.

Remedies to Career Stagnation of Senior Management Level Employees

Factually, many senior management level employees do face such ‘career stagnation’ after having worked relentlessly for over 15 years and having proved their mettle. ‘What next?’ is a question for many, giving them sleepless nights!

How to Dress Your Baby This Winter

With the winter fast approaching, don’t let the cold weather be a deterrent and keep you and your little baby cooped up indoors. You will at some point have to leave the house to carry on with your everyday activities and also to enjoy the fresh air and winter sunshine. However, your baby will need protection from the elements of the winter cold by having them wear appropriate baby clothes. But this stands true for both when indoors and outdoors.

Online Children Room Decor Is The Best Bet For Some Amazing And Useful Stuff

Why look anywhere else when you have access to the Internet? Why waste time driving from shop to shop to buy the best of things for your children’s rooms? Why be pestered by salesmen when you can go for shopping online children room decor? Very relevant questions but ones with extremely simple answers! Yes indeed, going online shopping is one of the best decisions that you can take when it comes to buying room decor items for your children.

How Online Shopping for Kids and Teens Is Delightfully Interesting for You

Online kids toys are now available in plenty of delightful choices for all ages When it comes to shopping for toys, as a discerning parent, you will certainly take into account all kinds of factors such as age appropriateness, safety, quality of construction and even the brand name. For a parent such as you, online kids toys shopping has all the answers! choosing to go with an Internet based business for children’s toys is an extremely good idea simply because it allows you to pick up the right kind of product from the convenience of your home

Buying Children Story Books Online Is A Great Way To Encourage The Reading Habit

The reading habit is one of the best habits for a child. The question of how to get children to appreciate reading in this age of technology is not easily answered. But when you decide to buy different kinds of children story books online, then you can give them a huge variety of reading material. Here is taking a look at some of the delights that await you when you go shopping online.

Partners In The Classroom

Please make sure you’re taking some time out for studies. Follow the time table I gave you..

Summer Reading Suggestions for Fourth and Fifth Graders

It is important to encourage your child to continue reading throughout the summer. For children in the fourth and fifth grades, this can be somewhat challenging, especially without the structure of a regular school schedule and homework.

Fun and Educational Apps for Kids

We’re all guilty of trying to appease our screaming child with a tablet. Here is a review into some fun and educational apps for children to replace Angry Birds and Mou. Apps are the new teachers.

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The Pied Piper of Violent Video Games

This article is about effects of video games which contain violence. It also suggests parents to what may be done in this regard.

Character-Building: Steps to Take

Lots of folks say that, while they can’t exactly define it, they know it when they see it. Character, that is. Few, though, would argue with author and talk show host Dennis Prager’s take on it: “Goodness is about character–integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat people.”

The Way Is Bard

Why Should We Still Bother With Shakespeare in the Classroom? It’s that time again. Anticipation building towards fever pitch. The culmination of a year of English study. Shakespeare.

The Importance of After School Activities for Children With ADHD

We all have our own way of receiving and computing information and for many children that is through activity that they find pleasure in. It is very important that parents understand the necessity of getting their children involved in after school activities because it is a big part of how they actually learn and they will benefit from the activity and it will show in the skills that they develop.

Everybody Loves A Good Story!

This article encourages us to learn the art and science of becoming a good storyteller. We can’t always explain why we love a story, but regardless, we all know when we have heard a good story that has somehow improved our lives. Become that storyteller and you can make the world a better place.

God’s Awesome Power in the Life of Your Wayward, Rebellious Teenage Prodigal: Hope for the Lost Teen

Are you a parent of a prodigal? Do you wonder where God is, if He is listening and if He cares about your child? Do you know how amazing your God is? Do you understand that He can do anything in the life of your child? If you are a Christian, there was a moment in time when you traded your sin for God’s forgiveness, your death for eternal life, and your pain and sorrow for everlasting joy. And yet, even as we are reminded of those things, we have a tendency to yawn in the mundane knowledge of what Christ has done for us! How sad that we often miss the incredible awesomeness of the one who created us, redeemed us, loves us and provides everlasting life to us. Friend, the God of the universe that breathed entire galaxies into being, Who poured the oceans from His very hand, Who gave the stars their light, Who dusted butterfly’s wings to bring flight, and breathed His very life into your lungs can do anything. Anything. By the word of the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. (Psalms 33:6)

The Rebellious, Lost Teenager: Remaining Patient While the Holy Spirit Is at Work in Your Prodigal

Parenting the rebellious, angry prodigal teenager is tough business. Are you and your teen constantly at odds? Does your very presence set your teenager off? If your teen is walking far from God it shouldn’t surprise you that your prodigal may become uncomfortable in your presence. You may be accused of being judgmental without saying a word. Sometimes they are both drawn to you and repelled at the same time. The Holy Spirit in you beckons to those in darkness, but the sin in their souls can simultaneously pull them away if they are not at the point of repentance. Know that darkness tries to flee in the presence of light, but we must remember “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world”. (John 4:4) John 16:8 tells us that the Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin. “And when He comes, He will convict and convince the world and bring demonstration to it about sin and about righteousness (uprightness of heart and right standing with God) and about judgment”.

Breaking The Bully Cycle – It Begins At Home

The nation’s bullying epidemic is no secret. But where are these bully’s coming from? What created a mind-set that says they must go out and punish another child? It may be closer to home than you think.

Mustard Through History

Have you ever considered not putting mustard on a hot dog? That is just unheard of right? Well, consider mustard’s history.

Kids Activities Your Family Might Not Have Tried

Children are constantly craving new adventures. Here are some kids activities you can try out on your youngsters.

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Dinosaur: Getting to Know the Gallimimus

The dinosaur Gallimimus is probably best recognised from the appearance in the 1st outing of the Jurassic Park films. Yes, they were the Ostrich like dinos which were seen flocking together in their attempts to evade a Tyrannosaurus Rex attack which sadly failed, as one of them wasn’t quite quick enough and ended up as T-Rex food. In reality this dinosaur was only discovered in the 1960’s / 1970’s and I’m afraid to say there hasn’t yet been any evidence to support that they herded as the film suggests, or even grounds to base that upon.

Tips to Select the Right Inflatable Obstacle Course

With so many options, choosing the right inflatable obstacle course for your event can seem daunting. However, here are a few tips to help you select the best inflatable obstacle course.

School Rules and Realistic Expectations

Understanding the school’s rules is very important for the safety of everyone. Understanding the teacher’s realistic expectations is very important for students. So, you as the teacher need to develop specific, fair guidelines to make students accountable for their actions and for their grades. In this way, they can become more successful in your classes.

Some Bad Aspects of Smart Phones, Especially for Kids

Followed by internet, smart phones have strengthened the notion that world is a global village. Despite having many benefits of smart phones, these have certain bad characteristics; owing to which these must not be easily accessible to the kids. Lack of Physical Activity: Though the computer has already snatched substantial time of physical activity from the kids, smart phones have added fuel to fire. Smart phones are easy to use and certainly a pleasure to work with.

My Very Own Cardboard Playhouse

Cardboard playhouses are a great way for kids to enjoy playtime. When it comes to giving gifts to children, most adults forget the simple pleasures of a cardboard box. So many of the toys given to kids today don’t focus on creativity.

Dinosaur: Getting to Know the Stegosaurus

A short note about the Stegosaurus. Dinosaur information in a short note.

Tips On Choosing Ride On Toys For Toddlers

Toddlers are young explorers who learn everything by doing. Play is important to every toddler as it gives him or her, an opportunity to develop and learn new things at his or her own pace by following his interest. Ride-on toys for toddlers vary from effortless rocking horses to kid-sized power-driven vehicles. All these toys offer a lot of benefits to toddlers as they grow.

Practical Advice for Kids Playing Car Games Online

Car games for kids are gaining popularity as more kids choose to engage in safe online gaming. Nevertheless, too much of everything can be poisonous. Therefore, it is the responsibility of either parents or guardians to make sure their kids are not spending too many hours playing.

Think Safety When Flying RC Model Aircraft

When it comes to radio controlled flying one of the most important things in all of the hobby is safety, and when I mean safety I don’t just mean your own, I mean other peoples as well. If you look at the hazards you face when it comes to radio controlled flying you have to say starting up your aircraft is right at the top of the list. The percentage of people who cut their fingers, slice their fingers or even loose a finger through not starting up their aircraft correctly is quiet high.

How I Used Summer Play to Improve My Daughter’s Social Skills

To my unsuspecting daughter, we were now deep in the midst of an interactive bedtime story. But in reality, we were also deep in the midst of a Plan of Action.

Joshua’s Journey – Episode One

The Rebellious, Addicted, Prodigal Teenager: Where Is God? How to Hear God Speak Through the Pain

If you are the parent of a prodigal, no doubt your story is laced with heartache. There is nothing quite like the helplessness and frustration of witnessing a beloved child self-destruct and throw their very life away on the evils of this world. It is difficult for those without lost children to comprehend the emotional trauma a prodigal brings into our lives, or how desperate and alone we can feel. I pray that you, like me, are able to find joy and peace amidst the pain and despair of raising a prodigal. If you have found yourself wondering if God is listening, or cares about you and your prodigal, you may be asking “Where are you God?”

Prodigal Teens and Their Salvation – Praying for Your Lost, Rebellious, Wayward Teenager

Christian parents can be tormented by a prodigal child. Parents may wonder if this rebellious child can lose their salvation? Let God’s word bring you comfort.

Encouraging Your Children To Be Creative Through Writing

A child begins to set his or her course for life when they are very little. Encouragement from an authority figure during the child’s formative years can set the tone for a lifetime of creativity and happiness. Encouraging your children to express themselves through writing is giving them a doorway to magic!

The Prodigal Child: Where Are You God? Praying for the Drug-Addicted, Suicidal, Rebellious Teenager

Where are you God? If you find yourself asking that question in regards to your lost, wayward, rebellious, drug-addicted child, you aren’t alone. Thousands of parents across this country are heartbroken and distraught over a beloved child’s painful choices. No doubt, you have poured your heart out asking God to intervene… to save this child. If He hasn’t answered yet, or if you find things getting worse, it can be difficult to hold onto whatever shred of faith and hope we may have left.

Prodigal Child: Your Wayward, Lost, Rebellious Teenager – When God Is Your Only Hope – Trust Jesus

Do you love a prodigal? Did that precious child that held so much hope and promise take a detour on life that has spun your life into turmoil and fear? You are not alone. My daughter. Beautiful. Smart. Funny. Full of Potential. Lost. Suicidal. Drug Addict. In jail. How can one person embody so many traits that are polar opposites of each other? How can it be possible that the child everyone was so sure would succeed, the one that held so much promise traded in her family, her friends and her future for garbage? That’s what it is. Garbage. Temporary highs, shallow relationships, needles and crime. And yet, she clings to that garbage with every fiber of her being. We become her enemy. The child I held in my arms, nursed back to health, whose small hand I held as she entered kindergarten and caressed her sweet hair each night during a story now hates me. This child. How did this happen? What can I do? How can she choose this pathetic path? I know she is sick. I pray. And pray. I never stop praying. It’s all I can do.

Rebellious Teenagers, Deviant Behaviors and Believing God Through the Hard Times

Rebellious teens in the home inevitably cause pain and frustration to the entire family. Prodigal children can ultimately leave parents feeling exhausted and hopeless. When all seems lost, look to God.

Prodigal Parenting – Praying for Salvation for the Rebellious, Drug Addicted, Suicidal Teen

Parents of prodigals often don’t know what to pray or how to pray for their lost children. Whether your child is mired in addiction, homosexuality, rebellion, or criminal activity, parents can pray in accordance with God’s will and be assured that the Lord hears our pleas and longs to answer us. If your prodigal hasn’t been saved or you aren’t sure, God wants to bring your grieving heart comfort and hope.

Four Things You Can Do To Prepare Your Young Student For Childcare

Getting a young student ready to enter a childcare facility for the first time is one of the best things a parent can do. Here are four things you can do to help your son or daughter develop the skills needed for school.

Ways To Help Troubled Teenage Boys

With each generation that passes, a greater percentage of teenage boys grow up to be lazy, worthless, non-contributors to society, liars, thieves, cheaters, need I go on? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Rebellious Teens in Crisis: Remain Calm, Seek the Lord and Control Your Temper With Your Prodigal

The chaos a rebellious child brings into our lives and into our homes is something only parents of another prodigal can understand. What can you do when your teen has pulled the rug out from under you? Too often we simply react. But, we must learn to slow down, assess the situation, pray and ask the Lord what to do. When we act before we pray, or act before we think clearly through the situation, we can do more harm than good. You have probably sought advice from friends, online, in a book or from a therapist because you love your child. You may have tried private schools, Christian counselors or new medications. So did I. But, I have no idea if anything was in God’s will because I never stopped long enough to ask. The few times I did ask, I certainly didn’t wait for His reply. During those dark years, I wonder if I did much of anything that God was calling me to do. Then God taught me how to wait on Him. God is constantly speaking, but we must learn how to slow down and listen to what He is saying… especially about our prodigal.