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How Natural Playgrounds Help in Children Growth

In a world full of digital advancement, it’s a privilege to access natural beauty and make the most of it. Playground structures in the modern times are more inclined.

Why Fun Learning Makes Happy Families

Children’s Museums are a great way to spend the day with your children or grandchildren! The museums offer many creative education games and learning toys that will keep the whole family engaged in learning. Learning and problem solving together helps release pleasure endorphins and strengthen family connections. Fun learning experiences help to create happy families.

Visualize the Future That You Want

You too can visualize the future you want! It’s as simple as daily daydreaming in order to help your wildest dreams come true! Just try it!

Criminalisation May Be the Only Way to End Bullying

Bullying should be considered a punishable crime because it is abusive to the victim, has negative repercussions on the education system and impedes societal progress. The authorities should definitely consider the criminalisation of bullying, especially if alternative measures such as counselling, stricter school regulations and gun control have not been fruitful.

How Can I Cope With Peer Pressure?

AT FOURTEEN years of age Karen was already a heavy drug user and regularly engaged in sex. At fifteen Michelle was arrested for vandalism and theft and charged with possession of drugs. By the time he was seventeen Jim had become an alcoholic and was living an immoral life. However, all three admitted that they did not really like the life they were living nor the things they were doing. “My conscience bothered me constantly,” confessed Michelle. Then why did she and the others act as they did? “Everyone I was with was into these things and that had a big effect on me,” related Karen. Jim agreed, saying, “I didn’t want to lose my friends by being different.” The powerful common denominator that pushed them toward alcohol, drugs, crime and sex was peer pressure. However, is all peer pressure bad? Can it be good? What is it that causes many individuals to submit to it?

A City on Stilts

“GRANDPA! The ground is shaking! Is it an earthquake?” Grandfather smiles and tells his teen-age grandson who is vacationing in Amsterdam: “No, Frank, this is not an earthquake. The truck that just rumbled by caused the ground to shake. The soil in this city is so unstable that sudden pressure of weight causes surroundings to tremble.” Frank breathes a sigh of relief: “I never experienced anything like this before. I was really scared.” “The city officials, too, have reason for concern, Frank. The heavy traffic that winds its way through the old city causes tremors. This does much damage to centuries-old structures that just weren’t built for this kind of thing.”

Be Happy Knowing What You Know

We don’t know everything, but we know something! Let’s stop running scared. And let’s use what we already have to be happy and successful.

Spiritual Awakening in Children – Is This Possible?

At times children seem untidy, noisy, and demanding. Some appear even empty-headed, selfish, and endlessly bickering. At the same time many of us feel a sense of vague longing for our own childhood. There is something about being a child that pulls at our heart strings. Probably this is to do with how in children the ‘here and now’ is central. They are said to live in the moment and have a natural energy and spontaneity about them. But do children show any signs of spiritual awakening? Do they have transcendent awareness?

Outdoor Mathematical Learning Through Syringes

Have you ever thought about increasing your kid’s cognitive skills such as mathematical learning through outdoor play? You must have used different types of modular playground equipment to keep your kids active and healthy.

Hiring an Au Pair Is Not a Simple Task

Is the thought of hiring a Nanny bringing up your worst fears? Are you waking up in the middle of the night worrying about leaving your child with someone who is a complete stranger to you? There’s no question that hiring a Nanny or Au Pair is a serious task, but it need not be a daunting one.

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What Is the Right Age for Children to Own a Mobile Phone?

Difficult decisions come in handy with parenting, and one of the important ones is when should you get your kid a mobile phone? No matter how much you want to save your kid from the negative impacts of the digital world.

It Takes Discipline to Get Better

Self-discipline is the best medicine to give oneself! It cures a lot of our problems and helps us live in a better, more successful world!

Kid Escape

Children being kidnapped is on the rise these days. Learn how to teach a child to stay safe and keep from being kidnapped.

Teenage Anxiety Dealing – A Must Read for Parents

Better be a teen of immense technological gadgets, electronic gears, games, cell phones and unlimited favors- still, he or she is not happy with life due to anxiety. This phenomenon is common and viral among teens nowadays around the globe, specially the developed countries.psychology.

When Things Seem Overwhelming, Look Up

We’re surrounded by things much bigger than ourselves and our tiny problems. Be grateful for that and remember all the miracles around us!

I Don’t Have Time to Die

Imagine not having time to slow down or ever die because what we’re doing is too important. We all can find this place and energy if we try!

Thank God for Fathers

Fathers are sometimes out of sync with the times. However, it’s better to have a father that is out of sync, than to not have one at all.

How to Choose a Toy According to Childrens’ Age

Are you going to meet a friend or a relative who has kids and are completely puzzled what to buy for them. Are you unaware of their likings and disliking?

The Need of Pretend Play in Child Development

Pretend play helps in not only shaping the personalities of an individual but also helps in developing other skills that I will be discussing in this article further. Read to know more.

The ‘Notey’ Way to Learning

‘India marks the first anniversary of Demonetization’, said the morning headlines of a popular news portal. A year already?

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Only If Schools Could Ring the Cashless Bell

What if we could pay school fees in installments and schools had something similar to credit or debit cards? What if?

Remember the Magic – B E N J A M I N’s Love Letter

That feeling of love that lives inside your tummy, your heart and your head is the key to your super power. You can share this power with everyone, everywhere and at any time.

Three Key Considerations When Buying A Child’s Toy Chest

Toy storage is a topic that is approached in a variety of different ways by parents and child caretakers. Without a toy storage system, a play space can become quickly cluttered leading to frustration of both children and caregivers alike. Whether you are a new parent, veteran grandparent or someone on the parental spectrum, at some point in the lives of the children you love, the idea of buying a toy chest is explored. This article discusses things to consider when purchasing a toy chest.

Break the Cycle

Break the cycle and lay the path to a new and better way. We can plant deep good roots and spout great family branches into a better future.

Keep Your Children Safe! ID, Online, Toys, People – Many Dangers

Our children are our precious parts of our families. Take care of them, and learn ways to keep them safe. The world is a different place now, and there are more ways that pose dangers to children, than ever before (and sadly, more new ways to come).

Contribution of Avvaiyar, the Grand Old Poetess to Tamil and an Alphabetical Garland to Children

‘Avvaiyar’ (also spelt auvaiyar, meaning the grand old lady) is a well-known Literary figure for Tamils. Tamil scholars usually treat her at par with Greek poetess Sappo of 6th Century B.C. She is categorised also along with recent lady poets Elizabeth Barrett Browning of Italy, Christiana Georgina Rossetti of England and the American poetess Emily Dickinson of nineteenth century. Her poems for school children are remembered by adults too, because they contain excellent moral teachings for all age groups. “A good poet incarnate will appear only once in thousand years”, so says a Tamil axiom. Scholars opine that in case of grand old lady poet Avvaiyar, she herself takes birth once in 1000 years. We shall consider the literary contribution of two Avvaiyars first in first century B.C and the second in 10th century B.C. Here, it is not considered as to which Avvaiyar wrote the poems under consideration, but they are classified as Avvaiyar Tamil Literature,because Tamils consider that there are not only two, but several avvaiyars. In conclusion, an “Alphabetical garland” is also given, perhaps for the first time in English, following the work of Avvaiyar in Tamil, known as ‘Aathisoodi’.

My Favorite Hour of the Day

To all the beautiful parents who would be able to relate to my sentiment as a parent. It is actually the morning time whereby I narrate previous night’s dream to my daughter in the form of a story while on our way to her school. Though, it’s a ten minute short drive from our place yet it’s the most pleasant and energetic time of the day!

We Are Supposed to Be Successful

After our basic survival needs have been met what’s next? Accomplishing something important of course! From surviving to thriving is human.

Extra Work Is Not Too Hard

What’s really hard is not doing the extra and then liviing with those poor results. Trust me, extra work is not too hard.

How to Save Kids From the Dangerous Side of the Internet

The internet has revolutionized the way we think and behaves nowadays. Apart from keeping us connected with people who are poles apart.

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How To Create Your Own Custom Lego Minifigure

This article is going to teach you how to customize your own Lego Minifigures. There are 3 phases of customizing Minifigures, these are picking a character, utilizing their traits that make them unique, and then customizing.

On Tech-Kids (Ages 3-9) Spending 2 Hours Daily on a Screen

Kids playing and child’s play have become lost terms of meaning when one is startled to find that Kids under 9 spend more than 2 hours on mobiles and tablets. This tendency of screen-addiction for kids between ages 3-9 shows a sharp rise in 2011-when kids of the same age group used to spend 15 minutes per day on their screens.

Out of Difficulties Grows Miracles

Things will go wrong often in our lives! Don’t fret it though. These moments give us opportunities to develop super human powers! Yeah!

Golden Tips for Your Teen’s Safe Online/Offline Activities

You’ve to install a powerful parental app that could easily control your teen’s device including access and usage of online/offline websites, apps, and games. That’s the bottom line.

Help Your Community

Helping your community actually helps you. You will gain skills and make great friends. Your community will become a better place for all.

Grandad, What’s a Business?

The world is full of businesses but do you know how important they are? You know there are very big ones like Apple, BP and Amazon and very small ones like your local shop or window-cleaner. Grandad explains how all these businesses contribute to our daily life as importantly as the air we breathe and the food we eat. Without businesses he believes we would still be living in caves or mud huts, we would spend all our time searching for food and water. There would be no schools, no doctors, no police, no government,no cars, no television, nearly nothing, This is one of a series of articles aimed by Grandad at grandchildren everywhere. Grandad has learned many things over his lifetime in business. These articles can give you a flying start in life.

The Right Age to Play With a Soft Toy

The babies either infant or a toddler, have different choices of toys according to their age groups. But the one toy that never gets crossed out from the list of the kids as well as adults is what we are going to find out here in this article.

How to Counter Online Threatening Games Like Blue Whale for Teens

In today’s digital age, the online access is easy for anyone, especially teens. They are free souls. They have their privacy, mobile devices, and tablets and the freedom that any teen wants nowadays. However, with liberty, there are dangers as well. It is far comforting for them to peruse dangerous and threatening games like Blue Whale online.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

When life hands us lemons we really do have a choice. We can grin and bear the sour moments or make sweet memories. What will you do?

How to Keep Children Aware With Current Affairs

Kids these days are least interested in reading and watching the news. All they care about is their video games and mobile phones through which they can chat and play games and do nothing more.

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How Kids Grow Physically and Emotionally By Playing Outdoors

Have you heard a famous adage “children learn how to learn when they play?” What comes to your mind when you see your kids playing outside? I am sure you think its fun when you see them jumping, laughing, swinging, climbing, and sliding, right?

Michael Bonner: The Children’s Champ

Show me a great teacher and I’ll show you someone who has the capacity to change lives! That’s the power the truly great teachers possess. Unassuming yet unwavering in their desire to leave an imprint on each child that crosses the threshold of their classroom. One such example is Michael Bonner, a 2nd grade teacher at South Greenville Elementary, who’s viral video landed him an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Over the past four years, Bonner has been molding impressionable young minds to think beyond their circumstance while fostering an environment ripe for learning.

Maybe It’s Time to Swim Upstream

Many people just go with the flow or the masses. Sometimes we need to go another direction, even if that means swimming against the current.

The Idea Behind The Concept Of Inclusive Playing

Playing outdoor games is a common activity among all children. Even though they have different tastes, but they enjoy playing out once they are exposed to fancy playground structures.

Is Your Child Involved in Bullying? Here’s What You Can Do

It’s never easy to hear that your child has been involved in bullying. You can never imagine that your child would intentionally try to hurt and dominate another person, specifically in the context of an imbalance of power. What makes things even more complex today is that bullying has gone beyond physical and verbal harassment into the realm of technology. So what should one do when confronted with the reality that their child has been indulging in bullying behaviour?

Enhance Learning and Fun on the Playground

Lots of open areas outside can give children the freedom to play and to explore. A wonderful way to enhance their learning and fun is with the use of school playground markings.

Early Learning Involves Play That Is Fun But Messy

Children are developing many skills at an early age. During those formative years, it is important for them to have freedom to be creative.

When Should You Buy Your Child A Cell Phone?

How to determine when to buy your child a cell phone. Includes some questions to consider regarding child responsibility and safety.

Why Do Kidnappers Drive White Vans?

This article is about child safety. How to prevent your child from getting abducted and why kidnappers drive white vans.

Just Do It!

Eventually life experience will teach us all that we cannot only survive, but also thrive. So, why wait. Let’s thrive now. Let’s just Do It!

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How to Protect Children From Bullying While Playing on a Playground

Did your child complain about being bullied at school playground? Didn’t it leave you in a difficult position as you couldn’t see what actually happened? Bullying in school is commonly observed and it puts parents in a difficult situation.

How To Stop Nighttime Coughing

How to stop nighttime coughing. How to prevent and cure coughing for children and adults.

Teach Your Teens These Cool Attitudes So They Won’t Be Bullied

Bullying is a big issue nowadays. But back in the day most of us were teased, yet it wasn’t a big deal. This article will give unconventional tips on how to be cool in dealing with bullies.

Halloween and Trick-Or-Treat Safety

This article discusses a variety of safety tips for children and parents on Halloween. Home preparation is also reviewed to prepare for trick-or-treaters.

Life Is A Do-It-Yourself Project

We have to pay the price for success in advance! We have to stop bragging about how we passed without preparing. We need to do the work 1st!

Surprise Your Kids With Inflatable Water Slides At Home During The Christmas Festival

With almost two months remaining in the arrival of Christmas, Christian community across the world has started making preparations of it. But, the problem which almost every family faces, especially at the time of Christmas is bringing the surprise gift for their children on the behalf Christmas father.

Trepidation and Fear of Driving Unassisted

63% of the world’s population are vehicle drivers, the majority being 17-year-olds, aiming to kick off their first bid, for self-reliance. However, in recent months, these statistics have reduced due to the expensive outlay. The reason for this, overpriced car insurance, road tax, servicing and running expenses.

Help Your Child Start School – Easily

Why do some children find it hard to start school? Early traumas e.g. birth difficulties, can create shock in the child’s nervous system and this can often underlie emotional instability in the child, even when they are much older. Kinesiology treatments can help to calm the child’s emotional reactivity and make starting school nice and easy.

The Changing Face of Parenting

As we have observed the world is changing at a very fast pace, and we have to be fast paced in order to survive. But are our kids facing the repercussions?

How Playground Equipment Is Advantageous

Despite being glued to the digital screens, children love spending time in playgrounds once they are exposed to the external environment. Apparently, playing and jiggling around is a leisurely time, but kids’ bodies go through the physical.

National Conversations – The Black Family Representation, Identity and Diversity

How Much Do Kids Need Outdoor Exposure?

Unfortunately, the fondest traditional childhood activity of playing outdoors has almost vanished in recent times. It is due to the modern technological advancements and ignorance of elders that kids these days don’t know what a fun outdoor games can be.

Oh Please, Not Another Article on Bullying

Everyone has been bullied at one time or another, if they say they haven’t they just didn’t recognize what was happening at the time. The RAND Corp did some research and it turns out that 17% of those bullied became bullies themselves – akin to the story of a kid who had his plastic shovel stolen in the sandbox in the 1st grade grows up and becomes a cop, who treats everyone bad. The trick is to not become a bully yourself, just because you were once bullied. Since bullying seems to be innate in this carbon based bi-pedal species, it’s time for people to get over it, and deal with it — move on because success is the best revenge — not apply the same to others when it comes to bullying.

Inflatable Water Slides: The Best Way To Enjoy Water Activities

In recent years water parks have emerged as one of the hottest places to enjoy water activities across the world, especially in the areas where temperature goes beyond 450 and more. An interesting fact about these water activities is that they not only offer relaxation from extreme heat, but are equally popular among people of all age groups, whether they are children, youths, or adults. Everyone likes to enjoy these activities without any restrictions.

6 Health Benefits of Being Social

According to the latest research, if you get connected and get out with friends, you can live longer. Moreover, you will be at a lower risk of getting Alzheimer’s. Read on to know some amazing benefits of being social.

How to Help Teenagers Get Over Their Fears

In a world where anxiety runs high for a wide array of reasons, it is not only adults who feel the pinch. Children, especially teenagers struggle with fears that can have a great impact on numerous facets of their life, from school results and relationships to physical and mental health. Studies have shown that teens experience fear even after the threat has been removed from their environment.

Get Up Off Your Back

This world will knock us down. The best thing we can do is to learn the lesson of getting up off of our backs right now! We can do this!

Influence of Peer Pressure Among Teens

As our kids grow older, they’re faced with some challenging decisions. Making decisions on their own is hard enough, but when other people get involved and try to pressure them one way or another it can be even harder. This is called peer pressure. People who are their age, like their classmates, are called peers.

If It’s Meant to Be, Then It’s Up to Me

Life is a do-it-yourself project! Plan on no one coming to help, and then we’ll finally have the fuel to get up, get going and get winning!

Buying Kids’ Clothes

From the moment a child is born, we are on the lookout for the clothes that make him or her look his or her best. The colours, the patterns and the models that suit them Buying clothes for kids can be challenging as well as exciting. There are a vast number of options available in terms of fabric, patterns and styles. While not giving in to unreasonably fussy behaviour, parents should take care to buy clothes that are comfortable for children. The quality of the fabric and dye, the patterns that interest your child and the image you wish to project while you take your child out are some of the other factors that can determine your choice.

Don’t Hope, Know

Hoping doesn’t always help us get what we want. Only knowing and doing gives us the best chance possible to succeed! So don’t hope. Know!

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4 Reasons Your Teen Could Benefit From a Life Coach

1. It gives them someone to talk to. Teens are going through so many changes. They are finding their unique identities, trying to fit in, all while the hormones are going crazy and they are dealing with the balance of parents and friends. Even the best of the best teens need an outlet other than friends to talk to. The Fix Teens must understand the importance of responsibility in the real world. Accountability also teaches integrity, or doing what you say you will do. Being responsible, accountable to your actions and having integrity can open an adolescents mind, doors to more opportunity and overall success.

7 Simple Tips for Choosing the Perfect Ride-On Toy

Ride-ons are fast becoming one of the most popular toys that kids ask for. Designed to stimulate the imagination and inspire creativity, ride-on toys can be as simple as a wooden rocking animal or as sophisticated as an electric motor vehicle. Bicycles, tricycles, and scooters, both manual and electric, also belong under the umbrella of ride-on toys.

How Well Do Teens Like Themselves?

Maybe being anonymous helps. It’s hard to brag about yourself. How many teens feel really good about themselves? One teen I talked with said she feels as good as possible for her. It is hard for most people to imagine feeling that good. She feels she has no room for improvement. Many people feel great, or GRRRReat like Tony the Tiger, at least some of the time. When you accomplish something special, when someone acts particularly thoughtful of you, or when someone tells you how wonderful you are, it’s easy to feel on top of the world at least for a little while.

Places to Sit Around a Playground

Don’t overlook playground seating when it comes to designing a new structure for the kids to enjoy. They may need a place to sit for a drink or to tie a show.

Getting the Best Equipment for Your School Playground

Take your time to get the best primary school playground equipment. Look for products designed to last and to give the children plenty of fun. They should be excited to use the equipment and to have a great time out there and burn off some energy. It is a wonderful way for them to unwind, to get some exercise, and to spend time with friends.

How Much American Parents Spend On Their Kid’s Education

There is no parent who does not hold true inclination to give the best education to their kids. They always want to give the best to their kids and for this, they always put extra efforts. In this connection, they always love going for high-end education. But do you really think that you need to go for spending that much money on your kid. No, there is no need to go for it.

A Little Nervous Energy Is A Good Thing

A little nervous energy in the form of a little stress can actually be a good thing. Try something new, feel it, and then do it anyways!

Cause of Teenage Insecurities

Insecurity arises from the lack of confidence and feeds upon a weak character. Even the most confident and outspoken people have some things about themselves that they are not completely happy or satisfied with.

Handling Generation Y (Millennials)

This generation is composed of children born between 1982 and 1995 to the late baby boomers. These young millennials mostly spent many hours on the computer, often the Internet, interacting with peers, doing school work, playing games, and even entertain themselves during their vacant time.

Cradle Song And Their Origin

A cradle song, or lullaby is a sweet and soothing piece of music, which is sung or played to little ones to lull them to sleep. These lullabies are often used to pass down cultural values and tradition. In addition, the cradle songs are also beneficial in developing communication skills and maintaining infants’ undivided attention.

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You Can’t Just Wish It Away

Life isn’t always fair. So, we can’t sit on our hands and wish unfortunate circumstances away. We have to do the work to make things better

How Coloring Pages Helps in Children Development

There is no doubt that coloring pages play a key role when it comes to children’s learning and development. It serves as an attraction catcher for the child and a means of having so much fun while learning.

Fly Your Butterflies In A Wedge Formation

We get butterfies when we try something new, someone is watching, or we’re in a competition. These butterflies can be coralled to help us perform better and win!

Summer Day Program – A Beneficial Step Towards Your Child’s Development

Summer day camp plays a tremendous role in child’s development. It is a great platform for children to learn about themselves, learn to be more independent, and improve their social skills. It builds an interest in several activities that can ultimately become a lifetime passion.

Delayed Gratification

Learn the secrets of delayed gratification through the social/emotional intelligence of working hard now for something better down the road. This habit is a game-changer!

Life Is About the Little Things

The little things in your life add up to most of your life. Appreciate the little things and do them the best you can in creating your path.

Solo Outdoor Games for Kids

Can’t you find a partner for children to play with them? Are you worried about your child’s physical health because he doesn’t have anybody to play with? Sometimes, it gets challenging to find another kid especially if your kid is a single child.

Millennials Want It All and They Want It NOW

From a woman growing up within Generation Y: The generation born between 1984 and 2004 (this is just a rough estimate, considering most generations are categorized in 20-year increments) is known disdainfully as the Millennials. Generation Y, otherwise known as Generation Me, is possibly the most disliked generation in our most recent history. The word “entitled” is most likely the first word that comes to mind when a discussion about the Millennials comes up in conversation, and rightfully so.

The World Favors Those Who Act Bravely

The Hollywood stars say if they could do it over they would have been braver sooner. Maybe we should act braver too so we too can succeed…

I Guess I’m As Ready As I’ll Every Be

We’re never fully ready! So, get ready and do it anyways so you can fully live your life. Don’t worry. Things have a way or working out.

NFL Social Justice PSA 2020

Can a Funny Children’s Book Be Educative?

Many humorous children’s books take a new look at an old story from history: a fun view of how we always imagined it ought to have been. This is nowhere more true than in that imaginary land of long ago called Merry England. New characters can be created, facing new challenges, but there have to remain a broad historical framework and cultural identity, and some retelling of actual events can consolidate the reconstruction. And as one reviewer said of such a children’s book: ‘With a different take on history, this book is a learning tool for the parent or reader to research/explain the true events.’

5 Reasons Why Toys and Playtime Are Important for Your Child

“Play gives children the chance to practice what they are learning.”- Fred Rogers. Play is an important part of every kid’s childhood.

Feel Lucky

Are you feeling lucky? You should be! It’s really good for you and good for all of your loved ones if you do decide right now to feel lucky!

Raising Your Teen’s Esteem

Being a teen is tough in today’s world. Parents need to work very hard to help build esteem in their teens so they will become responsible adults.

Enjoy a Fabulous Family Weekend Outing at a Trampoline Park of Choice

Weekends are a special time. They shouldn’t be wasted that easily. You can plan a family outing and come back recharged and fresh, so do your kids.

Selecting the Right Playground Equipment

There are endless options when it comes to school playground markings. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by that, embrace all that is being offered.

Thoughts About Kids Toys

Playing with toys is important when it comes to growing up and learning about the world around us. Give a kid a new toy — almost any toy — and chances are, you’ve got a happy kid. Kids love toys. If you have any doubts about that, just take a kid into a toy store. They will probably find several things that they feel they just can’t live without.

Offer a Fun Source of Learning and Exercise for Students

Many schools and parents are concerned about childhood obesity. Technology often plays a role in that and we should encourage kids to get outside and explore.

6 Tips for Talking to Sitters About Safety

When you hire a babysitter, your primary concern is your child’s safety. There are many hazards in the typical home, and as a parent, you’ve learned what your child is drawn to when it comes to these hazards. Because your sitter is new to your home and to your child, you might worry that he or she won’t know what to watch for. Also, while any babysitter should know about basic safety for young children, it’s possible that something will be overlooked. To keep your children safe and to ease your mind, it’s important to talk to your sitter about safety, both in general and as it pertains to your particular kids. Here are six tips for having these conversations about how to keep your children safe.

Outdoor Summer Camp Adventures That Kids Look Forward To

Summers take on a new level of excitement once your kids are old enough to go to camp, and parenting today requires coming up with new activities that pull your kids away from their electronics. At an adventure-based summer camp, your kid will never complain about spending time outside because they will be having too much fun testing their abilities with new challenges. During your search for a quality summer camp, look for these favorite outdoor adventures that kids look forward to all year long.