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Learning at the Zoo

During summer many families decide going to the zoo is great summer entertainment. Most kids love to see animals and going to the zoo is the perfect place to do that. As a parent it’s fun to see your child’s eyes light up as they view an elephant for the first time or see their giggles as they watch the monkeys play.

Tasting Your Way Through Summer

Summer is almost here and you are probably starting to search for fun and free things to do with your kids. If you haven’t started searching yet, you will be soon! I have an idea for you. How about taking your kids to a Farmers Market? That’s not someplace we tend to think of to take the kids. It’s free and can be quite an adventure. Farmers Markets are open for the summer so add that to your summer fun list.

It’s Better Not to Jump on Anyone’s Fun

Bouncy castles are everywhere now – in birthday parties, wedding venues and even in corporate meets, however it is during summer that their use tends to get double. Summertime is when fun and excitement know no boundaries.

The Federal Government’s Push for Restorative Justice Puts Teachers at Risk

In light of reported discriminatory discipline policies in place in our schools, the Obama administration has been pushing to replace them with a program called restorative justice. The downside of this practice and attending government overreach is putting teachers in harm’s way.

Stretch Your Brain!

Once you stretch your brain you can never go back to the person you were before who was less than the person you are now. It’s sort of like trying to put toothpaste back into the tube. It just doesn’t work and now you have to deal with your new reality. I’d say a more enlightened mind is a good reality to be dealing with, wouldn’t you?

Play Therapy Makes a Difference

All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them. That doesn’t seem like a lot to ask for, does it? Yet, all around us, we see so many unhappy, and yes, damaged children. As society is advancing, as we are daily attaining new heights of success and evolution, something is certainly going terribly wrong. Otherwise, why would we see so many cases of childhood depression, student suicides, bullying, and other innumerable things that children of today are grappling with? Add to that the increase in cases of learning disabilities, autism, ADHD and one realizes how challenging it is to be a child in today’s world. So as parents, as teachers, how does one deal with this new, changing face of childhood? Seen this way, it looks like a dreary, dismal picture. Yet, it doesn’t need to be! Understanding the challenges children face today is the first step toward being in a position to empower and help them. Then comes acceptance of the differences in each one of our children. This calls for patience, for perseverance, and most important of all, tolerance.

Living With Headphones

Headphones or ear buds are as common to today’s teenager as a separate phone line was to teens of the 80’s. How can you communicate with your teen when they are constantly wearing headphones? I will show you 5 ways to communicate effectively with your teen while showing respect in a positive manner.

What’s New In Learning How To Learn?

Is your child struggling in math? Are they studying for hours in the hope of getting excellent marks? How would you feel if you showed them an efficient way to study using the latest research? How may this affect all of their subjects? Think about it! You are giving them a gift worth its weight in gold!

3 Ways to Help Your Teen Manage School Stress

Most teens (83%) say that school is a significant source of stress in their life. Learn 3 ways to help your teen manage school stress…

Personalised Children’s Books Make Underrepresented Kids Feel Included

Children love to see themselves represented in books. Whether it’s through seeing kids of their own gender, skin tone, hair texture, family configuration, or other traits, it is incredibly important for healthy psychological development for kids to know that they are represented. This is especially true of children who are typically underrepresented in mainstream media.


Is Your Child Performing Optimally at School?

The school term is over and many children have received their reports. Some will have done very well and some will have performed below the expectations of their parents and teachers. If your child has under-performed, are you sure you know why the results were poor?

Today’s Generation

Times have surely changed since the early 1900’s. Everything is so different these days from technology, to education, and even social gatherings. Back then, it was all about family and bringing the family together.

How Do You Choose A Good Piano Teacher For Your Child?

Finding the right piano teacher for your child can open up a whole world of skill and enjoyment. It can make a huge impact on your child’s development and emotional intelligence and confidence. So how do you find a good teacher? Here we review four essential questions.

We Can’t Think Two Thoughts At The Same Time!

Did you know that you can’t think two thoughts at the same time? This is a good thing because it gives you the power of choice. You can actually choose what to think about and then not have any room left over for what you don’t want to think about. Cool, huh?

Your Child’s 7 Summer Camp Must-Haves

Chances are, when you’re preparing your son or daughter for their first day at summer camp, you’re thinking of the essentials: snacks? Check. Sunblock? Check. Swimsuit and floaties? Check and check. But if you’re like most parents and also thinking of a zillion other things (like your own job, perhaps? How and when you’re going to get all the shopping and laundry done?), then check this handy, quick list of our 7 categories of absolute summer camp packing must-haves.

A Father’s Realization: The New “Birds & The Bee’s” Talk for Parents in 2016

As a father of a three-year-old, I had a realization after the Orlando terror attack. A realization that parents of this century will have to explain something our parents did not even have to think about.

Why I Write for Children

Ever since I read the famous Sapir Whorf Hypothesis: “the structure of a language determines or greatly influences the modes of thought and behavioral characteristic of the culture in which it is spoken,” I have realized the importance of language learning for young people, and how fundamental it is to child development, and learning as a whole. There are words, and thus, concepts, which cannot be directly translated from one language to another. One can approach the meaning through close paraphrasing, but something is lost in translation.

Fear Kills More Than Death Does!

Death kills you only once. Fear can kill you on a daily basis. Are you letting your fear kill off the best of you?

Stop, Look And Admire Before It Perishes

Let a child be a child and not act like some fashionable grown up. Let them enjoy the childhood within the lap of nature and not with some electronic gadget that makes them stay indoors and fails to connect with the surroundings.

The Alphabet! A Guide to Me! And a Guide to You!

The alphabet is a guide and order to communication. Anyone who would want to steal an alphabet letter, would be as disruptive as a person could be!

Give a Little Kindness – Big Brother Terence

5 Benefits For Young Children And Teens Participating In Dance Exam Sessions Within Dance Schools

What are the benefits of young children taking dance exams in Ballet, Tap and Modern dance? Is this an important factor for the development of young children and teenagers to take part in dance exams within their dance schools? What are the benefits gained by doing so?

How Vietnamese International Schools Are Failing Millennial Teens

Mid-budget international schools in Asia that are trying to become internationally-accredited are becoming stricter on a wide range of teen issues and in some cases are ignoring teen rights in a effort to look good on the outside, while at the same time pandering to traditional Asian values so they don’t lose parents as their customers. This has serious consequences for the teens who study there. The answer is to focus on values and build the self-esteem of teenagers by offering activities that teach them life skills and the attitudes necessary to achieve their life goals.

Safeguarding Elementary School Kids From Abduction

Nothing can be more tormenting for a parent than having a child abducted and not knowing how they are and where they are. Most cases of abduction for school going kids happen when they are on their way to the school and on their way back home from school. Abduction of kids has become very real and it is up to the parents and the schools to come up with safety measures to reduce the cases and to keep the children safeguarded at all times. Even the simplest measures on the way to school and while in school can go a long way in protecting the children.

3 Tips to Boost Self-Esteem in Today’s Youth

One of the more disheartening comments a parent or teacher is apt to hear from a child is “I can’t” or “It’s too hard.” These comments often hint at insecurities or low self-esteem. There may be a myriad of reasons why a child lacks confidence; sometimes it’s merely a matter of development and may come with age. Yet it’s important to nurture children’s self-esteem so that they can grow and thrive with a positive state of mind intact and ready to tackle future challenges in school and life. The following tips can help educators or childcare workers find ways to promote students to feel better about themselves and what they can accomplish.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites for Babies & Toddlers

This entire article revolves around the concept of buying products online for your kids and toddlers. You can opt for a large number of websites when you want to buy products for your little ones. Given are the top 10 websites for buying them.

Thoughts Really Do Become Things!

How aware are you of your thoughts? Did you know that your thoughts can actually become things? Did you know that what you think about is what you usually get in your life?

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Buying a Balance Bike

With so many balance bikes available, it is difficult not to feel overwhelmed by the choices. But don’t worry. We’ve made it easy for you.

Key Things To Consider In The Personalized Children’s Book You Want To Order

By choosing the right company that specializes in creating personalized story books, you can have one (or more) that your child will surely love to read. And if it’s your first time to have a personalized children’s book made, below are some of the important things that need to be considered in its creation.

Your Word and Your Reputation!

Your word and reputation are some of the most important things that you’ll ever have. Did you know that you could lose everything and still not lose everything if you still have your word and reputation intact?

5 Chores That Your Child Can (and Should) Do

Article featuring a list of 5 chores that every child should be able to do on its own. Getting pampered is a good thing, but excess of everything is harmful. Keep reading as this might be something of your general interest.

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Build the Imagination in a Child With the Right Doll House

Childhood memories that I have are focused around a doll house my mother made for me out of scrap boards and scrap material. Nowadays the internet gives us a broader chose for purchasing of doll house kits and accessories for the collector, the parent to give to their children, and anyone interested building one.

Why We Need Technology in the Classrooms

In this article I want to address the need for using technology in the classrooms today. I will talk briefly about topics and issues I think would improve if technology was used in classrooms.

Motion Creates Emotion

Get up and get physically moving and you will get your emotional and creative juices flowing… And who knows what will be possible then!

Why Synthetic Marijuana Is Killing Kids

A harmful message is sent to our younger generation as states pass the legalization of marijuana, offering it as a safe and harmless drug. The problem worsens when our young people believe synthetic marijuana is the same as natural marijuana.

6 Tips for the Perfect First Sleepover

As your child matures and becomes closer and more comfortable with friends, playtime after school will eventually lead to the inevitable request for a sleepover. Slumber parties can be a wonderful way for children to learn social mannerisms and independence, provided both you and your child know what to expect and are prepared. Sleepovers can also be a great deal of work for the host, so work smarter (not harder) and check out these 6 tips for a great first sleepover experience.

Go Trampolining and Give Your Kids the Best of Indoor Activities

Kids want non-stop fun for hours. They don’t want any restrictions to come their way while they are having fun. They want absolute freedom even without caring for any consequences that their non-stop fun might cause. Being naughty and innocent, kids sometimes go above the board and in the process, get themselves hurt badly. This is what worries parents the most and this is why kids are not given more freedom than needed. But then, parents can neither restrict their kids fully nor can they give them total freedom. They have to maintain a balance between letting kids enjoy as desired but don’t get enough freedom to get hurt.

How Laser Tag Is the Crazy Game in Vogue

Gone are the days when toys, bicycles, and basketballs were the sole gaming tools for children. Children now demand technology and sci-fi as their prime mates in the gaming time. Going with the vibe of the sci-fi, laser tag is a typical arcade style game, which is immensely popular with the kids as well as among their parents. This kind of game is a hit quotient in maximum birthday parties or multiple other college parties.

GOYB – Get Off Your Backside!

Motion creates positive emotion. Positive emotion with positive emotion creates positive results. Get up and get going and who knows what good things could happen!

7 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Child for a Sleepover

As school-age kids start to make friends with other children, many parents place importance on allowing their children to participate in social activities away from home. It strengthens their social skills, gives them a sense of independence, and broadens their horizons in terms of being exposed to different environments and different sets of rules. But many parents experience worry and anxiety about sending their kids to sleep away for the first time – whether it’s how well they’ll behave, whether they’ll be fed too much junk food, or whether they’ll wet the bed and be too embarrassed to have another sleepover. Whether it’s your first child’s first sleepover or you’re an experienced parent – some things just don’t get easier, and there’s always something new to learn. Here are seven easy ways to prepare yourself and your child for a night away from home.

Tips To Teach Your Kids About Money

Kids need to learn good money habits from the time they are able to put coins in a piggy bank. They need to learn them from responsible parents, not from the banks. Leave it to society and your kids will spend a lifetime paying off credit card debt at crushing interest rates. Break the cycle by honing in on these tips.

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Visit a Trampoline Park and Give Your Kids Plenty of Fun Activities

You can sit there for hours and watch your kid engage in a variety of activities. You can watch your kids having great fun.

Speak for the Children and Be Their Voice!

How many of you experienced firsthand being abused while you are still young by people you personally know or by strangers and have not got the courage to report it to authorities or to tell anyone about it? Have any of you witnessed people, young and old, bullied and abused but have done nothing about it to stop it? Do you know a child being bullied, abused, disrespected and yet you do nothing to help?

When One Door Closes, Another Opens!

Stop worrying about a door that has been closed on you. Instead look around for a new door to open. Life, after all, is a journey not a destination.

Beliefs Control Your Choices – What Do You Believe?

A belief is something you accept on faith… is something you have a strong conviction about… is something you consider to be true and honest… is mental acceptance of something or someone. A belief is also an acceptance of something good or bad / right or wrong. If you have a strong conviction that something is true… it becomes part of your belief system.

What Are the Benefits of Riddles for Kids?

As the kids grow it is necessary that their thinking ability needs to be fostered. Apart from the thinking ability it is essential to help them improve their creativity. Also, you need to ensure that their vocabulary and reading ability are taken care of. They must come out of their comfort zone where they are shy and find it difficult to socialize. These days’ children are more over the social media and internet. Let us break through all the boundaries and help them to develop and grow as great individuals of tomorrow. Riddles for kids help them to learn and improve their creativity.

Is Your Child Ready for a Chess Tournament?

Chess tournaments are an amazing opportunity for kids to gather with their peers to test their thinking and reasoning skills. First, tournaments are always exciting and it is common for parents to be nervous about whether their child is ready to handle the competition. As your son or daughter continues to develop their interest in chess, here are a few questions to consider that will help you gauge their readiness.

Anger Amongst Youth: Decline in Social Order

This article is an attempt to go through the reasons giving rise to anger among the youngsters. Check out this article to know more.

Every Storm Makes You Luckier!

Weathering storms makes us stronger and gives us a clearer cleaner vision of the future. This combination of results from making it through a storm makes us luckier.

Two Great Themes For A Kid’s Birthday Party

For anyone, but especially children, a birthday party is magical. Here are two great themes to make the celebration extraordinarily special.

Effect of Separation of Parents to Children

When parents decide to live apart, a child can feel as if their world has been turned upside down. However, the level of upset the child feels can vary depending on how their parents separated, how much they understand, and the support they get from parents, family and friends.

“Why I Like My Big” by BBBS Littles

The Standardized Testing Opt-Out Movement: Right – Or Wrong-Minded?

The Council of Great City Schools reports that our kids take about 112 standardized tests between kindergarten and high school graduation, equating to about eight annually. That, in turn, translates to between 20 and 25 hours of class time every year. The result: a collective parent and teacher uproar and the strengthening of what has become known as the Opt-Out Movement.

Info 101: The Every Student Succeeds Act Replaces No Child Left Behind

It’s said that, as much as things change, they stay the same, but that’s not entirely true of the Every Student Succeed Act, No Child Left Behind’s replacement, and the latest rewrite of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). That law, enacted back in 1964 as part of President Johnson’s Great Society Program, gave the federal government a say in our public K-12 schools that has grown ever since.

The Future of the Traditional Classroom in the Wake of eLearning Platforms

The future of the traditional classroom in the wake of eLearning platforms. This article addresses how the digital classroom is gradually taking over the traditional classroom and the future this holds. It however opines that digital learning will not completely replace the traditional classroom in the short run.

10 Indoor Fun Activities for Kids in Winter

It’s obvious that kids have no dearth of indoor games for winter and all they need to do is to select the best ones from the lot. If they pick the right games, they won’t ever feel like venturing out, ever, for sure!

Driving Test Instant Fails: Improve on These Mistakes

What should you do if you fail your first driving test? Read our comprehensive action plan to enable you best success when it comes to doing your driving test!

Give Your Kids the Amusing Way to Love Jumping

When your kids’ exams are over, they will definitely like to relax and have some great time. Why not arrange a party for them? They definitely deserve a break after the long tiring months of studying.

Recommended Sleeping Arrangements for Summer Camps

Though sleeping bags and mats are used, cots are a better option for several reasons. They can be more reassuring for first-time campers as they have more of a bed-like feel and tend to be more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.

5 Reasons You Should Get Your Child Some Personalized Books

Story time is a very important time in the intellectual development of a child. Personalized books can enhance the experiment. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

Despite the Hype, There Are Still Only Three Approaches to Scoliosis Treatment

The American Chiropractic Association’s website lists three approaches to scoliosis treatment. Missing from the list is “chiropractic.” However, many Chiropractors are offering promising alternatives to scoliosis surgery. When pursuing scoliosis treatment, it is important for parents to understand that the type of specialist they see is likely to determine which types of treatment will be recommended.

Riding the Bus to Summer Camp

The bus ride to summer camp is a unique experience for kids that sets the tone for a fun-filled day. As a parent, you can enjoy the benefit of knowing that your child has a safe way to get to and from camp and your kids will look forward to the extra time with their friends. However, you should know that the bus ride will never be an ordinary trip. Instead, camp bus drivers and monitors will enhance the experience by planning exciting activities that build a sense of camaraderie and promotes camp spirit.

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Kids Can Learn Chess at Summer Camp

Summer camp is often thought of as a place where kids conquer physical challenges such as hiking up mountains and learning to water ski. Yet, quality camps now offer a wide range of programs designed to provide a balanced experience that stimulates every aspect of a child’s development. Today, chess is increasing in popularity among kids of all ages and summer camp is the perfect place for them to develop their skills.

Why Kids Need to Experience the Outdoors

Kids today are spending less time outdoors due to an increasing focus on academics at school and the influence of technology at home and everywhere. Yet, too much time spent playing video games and a lack of recess at school is taking a toll on the childhood experience. Obesity, behavioral problems and low self-esteem are just a few issues that have been popping up during the past few years. Fortunately, spending just a few hours outside each day can provide kids with benefits that will enhance their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

What One Can Do, One Must Do!

Our brain is the best super-computer in the world. We need to be more confident in its abilities and get our there and start truly living our lives! We can live up to our potential.

I Trust On Me

Lessons from a 7 year old. The importance of trusting on yourself even when your afraid, embarrassed and sad.

Just So Stories in the Bible and Children’s Books

Commentaries on the Old Testament of the Bible often draw attention to just so stories, tales devised to explain how something came to be established as a geographical feature or a social or religious custom. These ingenious fictions might have been taken as true by many people for a long time. Two that are often instanced, are the story of Esther to explain the origin of the festival of Purim, and the story of Lot’s wife to explain pillars of salt near the Dead Sea cities of Sodom and Gomora. Just so stories are as old as literature, and they remain a common feature in modern children’s books.

Keeping Track of Kids

Parenting isn’t easy. Raising kids is tough work. It’s more difficult to do it the right way if you’re always worried about where they are and who they’re with.

Things to Consider When Choosing Raincoats for Kids While Gardening in the Rain

Gardening can be magical and fun for kids. They can see the magic happening right in front of their eyes as a seed germinates into a sapling and then into a flowering plant or tree. The garden can be a treasure chest that they can explore and discover things that last for a lifetime. Gardening is one of the best skills that we can teach our kids.

When Stop Means Stop: How We Can Crack Down On Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is on the increase and as it steadily rises in young people, so adults find themselves on the receiving end of web trolls, social media abuse, yet when there is more than one is three people falling victim at some point in their lives, why is it that 91% feel their not heard? I investigated how to get back your self esteem, feel stronger and get support after a cyberbullying attack.

Learning Disabilities – 4 Aides Given to Teens With Slow Learning

When a teen is identified as having learning disabilities, the school provides supports which help them function so that they can get an education despite their disabilities. There are various types of learning disabilities such as autism, Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Attention-deficit/disorder (ADD).

Connect Young Children With Nature

With the evolution of technology, kids today are more attracted to electronic gadgets compared to exploring the outdoors and nature. Here are a few ways you can do to help your kids restore relationship with Mother Nature.

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Dreaming of a Better India Through Our Children’s Eyes

Dreaming of a better society is much more important than success in career. We have to teach this lesson to our children. Children are ready to learn. Only our parents have to change their thinking process.

Be a Responsible Parent and Give Best the Activities for Kids

Being parents is surely not an easy job. It takes a lot to take care of kids and keep them happy for all times. Besides, one has to keep track of the acts and activities kids engage into, as safety can’t be ignored.

Physical and Educational Benefits of Trampolines

Trampolines are just simply loads of fun. The sheer joy of leaping high into the air from this bouncy surface has to be one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world. And… be forewarned… if you buy one for your kids, you just might find yourself bouncing around on it wearing an ear-to-ear grin. Best of all, playing around on a trampoline offers a whole bunch of physical and educational benefits for kids of all ages. But it’s important to remember that this activity requires adult supervision and netted trampoline safety enclosures are a great addition to keep jumpers from bouncing off and getting injured.

Violence in Children’s Books

A problem that all parents face in choosing books for their young readers is how to handle violence. Boys especially, as they grow older, develop an interest in stories of war, crime and adventure generally, that include violence to an extent that can seem gratuitous to adults. At the same time, a violent story at bedtime, especially one that has graphic detail, could lead to nightmares and a loss of sleep. Regrettably, violence is part of every day’s news, and children must grow to understand it, but the process can be gradual and guided by careful choice of reading material as well as by parental example.

How to Make the Children Listen

In spite of the pressure, you need to watch what you say to the little ones. You don’t just want to talk to them but also want them to listen to you. How to make them listen is a tough task, not only you, every parent is facing the same issue.

Print Books or E-Readers, That Is the Question

Face it: Electronic devices are not only alluring, they can be quite addictive, too, and e-readers are no exception. Their debut actually set off a collective bookseller panic attack a few years back that goes unabated to this day. Borders has already gone under, and Barnes & Noble shutters some fifteen to twenty stores across the country each year.

How to Find a Lost Child – If Only the Police Would Listen

It been a year and a half since a three-year old disappeared on the Central Coast region of New South Wales and the police are no closer to discovering what happened to him. The second day after he went missing on arrival home and turning on the television a news report showed the police as they conducted an area search around the place where he was last seen and some three kilometres into the surrounding bush. Suddenly the Spirit was upon me and a vision showed me the child under the road.

How To Get Kids Eating The Healthy Stuff In Their Lunchbox

Sometimes it’s next to impossible to get your children eating healthily. With my handy “How To” article, find out how you can do just that with almost no extra effort!

English Boys in Ghana in the 1970s

Keeping three boys entertained in Kumasi, Ghana, proved to be much easier than anticipated, largely because they found plenty to do for themselves. On arrival in Kumasi in February 1971, three sons ranged in age from nine years to three months. One by one they returned to England to boarding school and came back to Kumasi for the three vacations at Christmas, Easter and the long summer break. These were times before computers and computer games and there was no television or even telephone in the house on the university campus, yet the boys recall these days as being full of interesting activity.

Easy Sandwich Decorations Your Kids Will Love!

Packing your child’s lunch-box has become a standard, everyday task. There are only so many variations you can put on a sandwich, and kids tend to get bored of eating the same thing every day. Here are some amazing ideas on how to pack lunch-boxes your kids can’t wait to open!

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Happy Endings in Children’s Books

Most of the classic fairy tales and children’s books have happy endings, and this is no accident. Most people prefer a happy ending as it settles the mind and puts the book down in peace rather than in a turmoil of questions. There may be times when a book that raises many questions is stimulating, but these are not suitable bedtime reading. Children who are read to, or read to themselves, at bedtime, seek a satisfied and settled mind to lead them to pleasant dreams. In this, happy endings play an essential role.

The NRA and Violence in Children’s Books

In the USA, the right to bear arms, enshrined in the Constitution, is vigorously upheld by many people, and especially by the members of the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA). Faced with increased opposition from people concerned about the loss of life from criminal, deranged and accidental shootings, and aiming to stop gun violence with tighter controls on gun ownership, the NRA and its supporters have resorted to more and more radical methods, including some instances of armed resistance to law enforcement agencies. Perhaps most sinister of all, is their recent activity in rewriting children’s classic fairy tales featured on their family website, putting firearms in the hands of formerly innocent characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. This attempt at early indoctrination threatens to have a seriously detrimental effect on the development and welfare of America’s children.

A Job for High School Students That Pays $60K

If your high school student is looking for a job, look no further than your own backyard. Read about the most overlooked way to earn money for college.

Helping Young Children Appreciate History: Making History More Than Dates And Names

When your children go to school and begin to learn history, what do they understand? What do they really learn? Even the older ones, do they know the importance of history and how it has shaped their world today? Or is it just dates, names, and places cataloged in their heads to be regurgitated on a test? Bring it alive for them so they can learn the importance of their contributions to society as it impacts the future.

Fact, Fiction and Fun in Children’s Books

Many aspects of life are characterised by three defining factors, and in the case of popular children’s books these are often the combination of fact, fiction and fun. The fact usually comes from a real life setting, either contemporary or historical. This provides a background that is at least partly recognised by the young reader, either from life experience or from school lessons. Against this background is set a fictional element that is an impossibility, such as the widely familiar talking animals. The fun arises from the juxtaposition of fact and fiction, as well as from the characterisation and the story line.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Find Out What It Means to Me

This particular article is about the mutual respect that needs to exist between teens and adults. Just because they are an adult, doesn’t mean they are always right.

Effective Ways to Prevent Sunburn at Camp

Sleepaway summer camp means long happy days in the sun brimming with swimming, boating, hiking, rope courses and lots of other outdoor recreation. In all the excitement of packing up and heading off to camp, don’t forget to address the all-important issue of protection from the sun. Whenever kids are outdoors, they need protection from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, even on cloudy days. While we all need some sunlight, an important source of vitamin D, it’s been found that just a couple of serious sunburns can drastically increase the risk of skin cancer, including deadly melanomas, later in life.

Sex and Gender in Children’s Books

Most parents would agree that there should be no sexual material, explicit or implicit, in books written for children. When reading to a child, or with a child, such material can only cause embarrassment, premature questioning and unnecessary concern. The basic biological facts are best left to school teachers and school text books, and the emotional and relationship issues can wait for treatment in later years, perhaps in novels written for teenagers. But while books for children should create a world in which sex does not exist, the issue of gender stereotyping still needs to be addressed. In the past, many books were written specifically for boys, or for girls, though the traditional favourites can mostly be considered gender neutral. In the modern age, gender discrimination is widely deprecated.

Kids’ Artistic Choices at Summer Camp

Summer camp offers a bounty of opportunities for kids to let their creative spirits soar. Along with days of fun-filled waterfront activities, wilderness explorations and campfires, youngsters at sleepaway camp can try out all things artsy from theatrical performances to woodworking, painting and ceramics. Campers can choose to concentrate on a current passion for painting or explore a wide variety of new creative interests. Many camps celebrate these summer masterpieces at an end of camp art show.

Storing Your Children’s Artwork For Later

You feel a sense of pride when you see how artistic your child is with their arts and crafts. But sometimes the school over plays the artwork card and your home are overflowing with the designs. So instead, you as a parent can boost their self-esteem by framing, collecting said artwork, sending them a clear message that you’re proud of their work.

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Traditional Snow Days Vs Flexible Instruction Days in Pennsylvania

The small, wooden placard on the classroom door read, “I’m a teacher; let it snow,” and just about every kid in these parts makes a similar wish every winter. This year, it finally came true with the “historic” snow that fell on the weekend of January 23. The result: schools closed up shop that Monday and some even on Tuesday–and that’s a practice that is disappearing thanks to technology.

Validation: It Makes for a Less Stressful Walt Disney World Vacation

When a child starts escalating or melting down, it’s easy to get frustrated, especially when you are facing the same stressors of a Disney Park (long days, extreme heat and humidity, standing in line for hours, etc.). When you can, it is best to stay calm, let your child know you are listening to their concern, set appropriate limits, and offer choices. This allows the child to feel supported and heard but still sets expectations and allows you to move on with your day.

Higher, Take Me Higher!

Most youngsters thrive, but, as we all know, some struggle. It’s as if they are stuck in a basement and can’t find their way out to the sunshine and fresh air. A kind word and helping hand offered at just the right moment can make all the difference in the world.

When Should You NOT Hire a Tutor?

What to think about when your kid is struggling in school. Should you act fast and hire a tutor or should you wait and let him or her figure it out?

How to Choose and Use a Homework Timer

Time is a very difficult concept to grasp, even for adults. A lot of adults I know are having difficulty estimating how long things will take. Imagine how hard it is for your kids!

How to Help Your Child Improve Their Scissor Skills

Using scissors is one of the great challenges that every child faces somewhere along the line between holding a pencil and starting school. If you are brave enough to allow your child to use scissors at home, they will be getting lots of practice. But sometimes, that just isn’t enough to ensure that your little one’s scissor grip is at its best. We have put together a few ideas that will assist your child in developing strong fine motor muscles (essential for cutting and writing), whilst also giving them some fun activities to try.

When a Child Doesn’t Remember What He Reads!

Do you find that your child or teenager fails to retain information in the book or textbook chapter? Do you hear them say “I can’t remember what was said” a lot? If so, your child could have an issue with understanding or reading comprehension.

How to Build a Great Homework Station to Improve Productivity?

Here I have listed the three main rules that will make your child more focused while studying. Rule #1 – Face the empty wall. Kids are easily distracted on their own.

Your Teenage Daughter Is Pregnant: How to Handle It

Ideally, news about a pregnancy is received with overwhelmingly joy except a teenage pregnancy. Imagine a scenario: the family is at the dinner table on one of those jovial dinner moments, when your teenage daughter breaks the news about her pregnancy. It’s unbelievable!

Top Five Must Have 2016 Gifts for Girls

From tablets to building blocks, there are so many wonderful gifts for girls on the market. The best present is one that you and the one you give the gift to will both enjoy, helping to create a strong and fun friendship.