PTA Fundraisers during Covid raises $30 thousand dollars

Great pandemic Fundraisers ideas for any PTA Organization OR Big Brother Big Sister Organization

Looking for some new ideas to raise money for your PTA during Covid? This case study can help your parents and teachers find ways to raise the funds they need for school. It will help generate some PTA fundraisers ideas to help your Parents and Teachers Association find the funds they need for your students.

In this story we discuss the Wanda Gray Elementary PTA in Springfield. Annually it sponsors a fundraiser to help the school purchase new supplies. Sometimes, it’s little issues they raise money for.

This year, though, the PTA club decided to take on a huge project. Imagine replacing the playground’s kickball field with a fake grass field.

And why is that?

Listen to what the kids say…

“It was usually muddy and unclean and difficult to play on,” says Silas Williams, a fourth-grader at Wanda Gray Elementary.

However, there was a minor stumbling block. Where would they get the  $30,000 to pay for it?

A local PTA campaign saves the day

The amazing thing is the school didn’t pay a dime of it.

“It was really the Wanda Gray families that knocked it out of the park,” Drennan says. “We prolonged our campaign for a week longer, and they just keep giving.” Only from families, we were able to raise a total of $25,000. The remaining five were provided by local businesses.”

York adds, “We even had kids donating.” “I recall one kid giving 67 cents and a thank-you card.”

Those 4th graders who were kicking it in the dirt now have a new and improved location to play every day thanks to the community’s help. According to Drennan, the field should survive well over a decade.

“It’ll be fantastic to be able to play on it,” adds Harrison Auge, a fourth-grader.

The lesson for your parent teachers association?

Here are some tips from this case study.

  • Get your community involved.
  • Get everyone excited about making a difference.
  • Every donation counts. remember one student donated .67 cents!
  • Have a ribbon cutting ceremony (or something similar) to acknowledge your donors, volunteers and supporters.

These ideas can be applied to any fundraiser your PTA sponsors. Works great for after school programs, music classes and school teams.

Additional online fundraising ideas for PTA’s

Think of popular items people in your community like to buy. Joe Wolpin, Of offers PTA fundraising ideas for Parents and Teachers Groups all over the country. Joe tells us that these are very popular because your friends and family are buying these things anyway.

  • Cookie dough
  • Candles
  • Popcorn
  • Gift wrap
  • Gourmet coffee

Did you know their are pta fundraising companies like have virtual programs that you can do by text, phone, email or zoom? Schools get free brochures that feature the fundraising merchandise. The volunteers simply show the items in the catalogs and let their friends and family pick the items they like. Most items are under $20 and the school PTA or PTO earns up to 50% profit. The parents and teachers do not have to pay any money to get started,

This is a great way to do fundraising during Covid. We hope it helps your school raise the funds it needs for your boys and girls at school.