Is Your Child Performing Optimally at School?

The school term is over and many children have received their reports. Some will have done very well and some will have performed below the expectations of their parents and teachers. If your child has under-performed, are you sure you know why the results were poor?

Today’s Generation

Times have surely changed since the early 1900’s. Everything is so different these days from technology, to education, and even social gatherings. Back then, it was all about family and bringing the family together.

How Do You Choose A Good Piano Teacher For Your Child?

Finding the right piano teacher for your child can open up a whole world of skill and enjoyment. It can make a huge impact on your child’s development and emotional intelligence and confidence. So how do you find a good teacher? Here we review four essential questions.

We Can’t Think Two Thoughts At The Same Time!

Did you know that you can’t think two thoughts at the same time? This is a good thing because it gives you the power of choice. You can actually choose what to think about and then not have any room left over for what you don’t want to think about. Cool, huh?

Your Child’s 7 Summer Camp Must-Haves

Chances are, when you’re preparing your son or daughter for their first day at summer camp, you’re thinking of the essentials: snacks? Check. Sunblock? Check. Swimsuit and floaties? Check and check. But if you’re like most parents and also thinking of a zillion other things (like your own job, perhaps? How and when you’re going to get all the shopping and laundry done?), then check this handy, quick list of our 7 categories of absolute summer camp packing must-haves.

A Father’s Realization: The New “Birds & The Bee’s” Talk for Parents in 2016

As a father of a three-year-old, I had a realization after the Orlando terror attack. A realization that parents of this century will have to explain something our parents did not even have to think about.

Why I Write for Children

Ever since I read the famous Sapir Whorf Hypothesis: “the structure of a language determines or greatly influences the modes of thought and behavioral characteristic of the culture in which it is spoken,” I have realized the importance of language learning for young people, and how fundamental it is to child development, and learning as a whole. There are words, and thus, concepts, which cannot be directly translated from one language to another. One can approach the meaning through close paraphrasing, but something is lost in translation.

Fear Kills More Than Death Does!

Death kills you only once. Fear can kill you on a daily basis. Are you letting your fear kill off the best of you?

Stop, Look And Admire Before It Perishes

Let a child be a child and not act like some fashionable grown up. Let them enjoy the childhood within the lap of nature and not with some electronic gadget that makes them stay indoors and fails to connect with the surroundings.

The Alphabet! A Guide to Me! And a Guide to You!

The alphabet is a guide and order to communication. Anyone who would want to steal an alphabet letter, would be as disruptive as a person could be!