Kids’ Activities – Leave the Mobile Devices Behind!

In today’s world, it’s difficult to pry your children away from mobile devices, video games, and other electronics. If you’re looking for kids’ activities that are safe and require interaction with the great outdoors, here are some tips to help you find the best ones for your family.

How to Stay Calm When Something Scary Happens to Your Child

Our weekend was rather exciting. My 3-yr old was present at a bomb scare, and the next day a windstorm showered my loved ones with scattered glass. Many who read this, will probably first think thoughts of worry and fear, and imagine all the bad things that could have happened. Before you start worrying, please know that everyone is feeling good. And this feeling of all being well, is why I am writing here today. I am offering you these stories as a reminder to keep things in perspective and to stay focused on how you want to feel – even after stirring events.

Children Avoid What They Are Unsuccessful Doing

My second grader has decided that math confuses her and is too hard, so she hates math. And until she finally realizes that her inattention results in her frustration and inability to accurately complete the math problems, this self-fulfilling prophesy will continue to play out.

Let’s Call Homework Something Else

When I asked a kindergartner about her homework, she groused and complained, saying that she hated homework. That really surprised me. Where did a kindergartner get that attitude?

Great Kid’s Bedroom Ideas

If your kid wants to redecorate their bedroom, it is nice to let them have a degree of input into how they would like their bedroom to look. However, it is also a sensible idea to keep a reign on their ideas, so that they do not run wild with them. As a parent, you can help to guide your kid’s bedroom ideas, whilst preventing them from becoming unmanageable.

Practice C.A.N.D.I.!

If you practice Constant And Never-ending Deliberately Improvement (C.A.N.D.I.) you’ll get so good, so fast, that some of your friends and family won’t recognize you at first. Don’t despair though, they will eventually know that that is you standing up there, and be inspired.

Enlightening Children to Be More Physically Active

We live in a digital world where children have lost the urge to play outside and be active. Many children today would rather sit back and play NBA 2k15 on their video game console instead of going down to the nearest court and playing a game for real. Sports and an active lifestyle are integral part of growing up and can help shape us into the adults we become. For this reason, programs like Girls on the Run try to encourage children to go outside and be active.

Understanding Creativity and Being Aware of Prejudice In Order To Raise Creative Thinkers

What sort of prejudice is there against creative people? Does it influence how much we allow ourselves to be creative and how we raise children? In order to foster creativity we need to understand it better, and to see its qualities.

I Don’t Care Who Hears What I Say

If you don’t care who hears what you say then somebody else will. Your words will come back to haunt you when you least expect it. Freedom of speech is not the freedom to say what you want, but the wisdom to say what you ought. You can’t yell fire in Macy’s

Safety Tips for Summer Camp

Summer camp can provide plentiful opportunities for fun. Always remember, however, to keep safety in mind during children’s activities.