The 2015 Suicide Epidemic Even Among the Young: Stats, Facts, and Resources

On average, an American takes his or her own life every 12.5 minutes, with some 40,000 dying at their own hand every year. Indeed, suicide is now the tenth leading cause of death in this country, and the second leading cause of death for our 10- to 24-year-olds. What’s more, suicide rates continue to climb and now, for the first time, account for more deaths than car crashes.

Luck Is on the Side of Those Who Just Do It!

Life favors the bold! Don’t get old and wish that you had had the courage to try new things. Don’t worry… you’re not supposed to have all the answers right now. In time… those answers will come to you… as long as you’re taking action!

Teaching Your Children to Be Money-Wise

Children become financially responsible when they are taught to handle money properly and have positive role models to follow. Learn how to help your children become money-wise.

Great Ideas for Talking to Your Kids – From Toddler to Teen

Helpful tips to talk to your kids in a way that fosters good feelings and gets great results! From toddlers to teens, open communication is the key.

Early School Start Times Jeopardize Kids’ Well-Being and Academic Performance

Those yellow school buses are rolling again, and, in many cases, that translates into many parents having to drag their older kids out of bed-sometimes long before the sun has had a chance to rise. The reason: early school start times, coupled with the fact that most teens can’t readily fall asleep until around 11 p.m. That then means that to get their minimum required 8.5 to 9.5 hours of zzz’s, they need to sleep in until at least 7:30 in the morning–and that’s just not possible.

Halloween Treat Bags and Favors!

Halloween Treat Bags and Favors; simple toys, no sweets! Pre-filled favor bag; all the work is done for you! We all love Halloween. The decorations, the costumes, the candy, the fun with family and friends. For those of you with kids you know how big the season is and how much there is to do; the costumes, the decorations, the parties, and of course sweets and treats. I’m sure you are already thinking about what to do with all that candy, and how to limit it, without limiting the fun.

Wisdom for Children

Children will learn better when they see adults walk their talk. Parents want their children to learn from their life experience. When children see that parents gain more wisdom from the challenges in life, they too will appreciate the wisdom that their parents teach them. Following are some of my favorite nuggets of wisdom that I speak to my children and do my best model to them. You will go through coveting the hip toys, gadgets and branded stuff. You will soon outgr

Good Job, Mom!

It was way after business hours when I was ready to go home. As I left the building and headed towards my car I heard a voice call out “Excuse me. Can you help us?”

George Helps The Secret Service

George and his servant, Jack, are being sent to Scotland on an urgent mission for King Freddie of England. They are taken blindfolded to the secret headquarters of the Secret Service for briefing prior to their departure.

Someone Has Already Written Down Everything You Want to Know!

With today’s technology and the Internet, we can now choose to be an expert in any topic we want, any time we want. Someone has already written down everything that we want to know. So now, we just have to want to know!